Friday, June 24, 2005

Drug MNCs/Healthcare of the world

The american Public own most of the Drug MNCs and it is their duty to make them earn profit by following some eithics.The drug MNCs own notonly their patents but also FDA and WHO( world health organisation ).It is a joke that WHO essential drug list contains a magical figure of 350 drugs!!!It doesnot go up or go down!!!Anyone who knows the discease Schizophrenia knows how important is drug CLOZAPINE in its treatment and it was discovered in eightees.But this drug is not in the essential drug list of WHO with regard to Mentalillness.Why?
Again the drug Major Jhonson and Jhonson introduced a drug Topramate for Epilepsy in USA. during phase trials it discovered that it produces a sideeffect INCREASED OCCULAR PRESSURE. It included this warning in the drug insert.The same drug was introduced in India but the drug insert didnot contain this warning.It was after aNon resident Indian OCD patient developed this sideffect that the drug major entered it in its druginserts LATER!!!Again this drug MNC issues a warning in its druginsert that EPREX must be injected intravenously when the drug was introduced in USA but conveniently forget to insert in its lauch in India.
Now we all know VIAGRA and its use and its profit.They enjoyed the profit for their labour in research as it should be.Now as its patent period is expiring the drugMNC is trying to evrgreen the patent by finding another use for it .Can you guess it? It is paediatric hypertension!!!!!.It is because the veins in penis and lungs seem to be identical!!!Again the drug whivch was originally cleared by FDA for DIABETICPAIN "LYRICA" is now being cleared for "epilepsy"!!!!
American President represents the CHRISTIANITY in the third world and same is the case with FDA which is respected in thirdworld.I ask my american friends to ponder over the role these drug MNCs play in third world.


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