Saturday, March 24, 2007

When President Kennedy in 1960 abolished involuntary admissions and mental health asylums, he hoped that Mentallyill persons and their rights will be protected and they will be able to come out of their illness in their own way with help of families and society.
The result is today mentallyill are languishing in prisons and with their rights severly curtailed due to the very reason of their sickness and not understanding what they DO.
If the richest country is treating the mentallyill in this way and what hope they have got in other less poor nations.
I want mentallyill and their carers to reflect on these issues seriously. The issue of mentalillness and disability is now controlled by LAWYERS who have no knowledge about the sickness and the pain which the families have to undergo

The following links are for carers and sufferes to see and think about solutions.

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