Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indian Premier League and Indian Parliament

Indian Premier League and Indian parliament

When the cricketers were auctioned for Indian Premier league, there was this chorus from traditional cricket lovers that it is sinful
to auction players for money. Some said it is even immoral. They were aghast when Symonds fetched more money than Ponting.
But what counted was the Talent of the cricketers and more talented ones fetched more dollars.
Today we see parliamentarians being auctioned for 25 crores according to CPI's Bardhan. JMMs Shibu soren was offered coal portfolio
and some other portfolios for his flock. BJP countered it with CMs post in Jharkhand. JD(S) chief Deve Gowda wanted Bellary
mining to be nationalized. With Lad in their kitty, congress balked. The reddy brothers won the day for BJP and Gowda fell into BJP lap.
Samajwadi party was being wooed nearly 6 months earlier with very few in the know it seems. The left didnot understand the attack which Rahul Gandhi
was doing against Mayawathi for sometime now and also the CBI affidavit. What i found funny was that SP has betrayed the Left thrice
and the lament by Karat!!!!Amarsinghs statement about Shathriya honour when he paraded the BJP MP Brij Mohan singh will put the
acting by our heroes in Bollywood to shame who save shathriya honour. Meanwhile Mukesh Ambani was put in place with threat of windfall tax
on RIL refinery.( may be he was funding BJP surreptitiously).
I remember the time about 12 years back when JMM MPs were purchased by PV Narasimha rao for 25 lakhs each. In one interview
the JMM MP honestly said that he purchased a flat in delhi for 15 lakhs, sent 5 lakhs to his mother and busted the remaining 5 lakhs in
red light area of Delhi and on booze and scotch. But now we know Coal minstry in Delhi is more lucrative than CM's chair of Jharkhand.
Also years of Marx is no match to the perks of Lok Sabha speakership office.
An open auction with Preity Zinta,Mallayya,Ambani brothers taking part would have made the parliamentarians getting their due instead
of the cap of 25 cores now being talked about.
By the way i read in one blog the following questions being posed to the parliamentarians about the DEAL AND 123 AGREEMENT!

1) The future US cooperation with India will be governed under the provisions of the US National Laws, the Hyde Act included - allowing the US President access to information that will enable him to report back to the US Congress on different aspects, including the uranium mined and utilized, of India’s nuclear program.

2) The 123 Agreement imposes a “permanent ban” on India for conducting nuclear tests;

3) The Deal forces upon New Delhi the hitherto unacceptable CTBT regime which ironically even the US has refused to ratify;

4) This agreement recognizes the superior authority of the US President, US Congress, US Govt. Agencies, International Organizations, nuclear cartel etc upon India while reducing the Indian Republic to a subordinate and an inferior position.

5) India will have no case in the World Court should the US terminate this cooperation under any real or imaginary pretext;

6) The US will have right to seek the return of all nuclear items and materials and costs thereof;

7) The previously imposed embargo against India will remain in tact; Remaining under sanctions on fuel reprocessing, enrichment and production of heavy water for equipment and technologies

8) Under the direction of Washington India will work to prevent the spread of enrichment and reprocessing technologies to the so called third world;

9) India will not be allowed to build stockpiling that will help it to ride out any future sanctions and/or embargoes;

10) The US will not compensate India for having unilaterally broken with impunity the accord of 1963;

11) India’s civilian nuclear establishment present and future among others will remain perpetually under the IAEA inspection regime; Requiring India to allow access to IAEA and US inspectors, with a potential for espionage and sabotage;

12) The Deal’s qualitative and quantitative checks would substantially limit the size and sophistication of India’s weapons programs;

13) The US retains veto power in permitting India reprocessing which it did not have in the agreement of 1963;

14) Capping of India’s production of fissile material;

15) Requiring India to follow a foreign policy "congruent" with the US of which the isolation of Iran is an integral part;

16) Joining the illegal Proliferation Security Initiative;

17) Given India's security needs and hostile expansionist neighbors, India will need Nuclear Tests and a more dependable nuclear deterrence policy. At this point in time India still doesn’t have minimal, let alone, credible deterrence
18) The staggering costs of the mandated separation of civilian and defense nuclear facilities will effectively render them dysfunctional. The 'breadth of facilities' that India has decided to surrender to the so-called international safeguards is shocking as it includes elementary as well as 'fundamental physics and other research institutions'.
I know Dr.Anil Kakodkar supports the deal as well as Dr.Abdul Kalam and i respect their views though i have been a skeptic about the deal.But these two
are patriots whom i believe. Hope and pray as an Indian they are correct.
Open auction for our nuke deterrence compared to North Koreans could be quite good if our parliamentarians are not upto the reserve price.

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