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Suddenly Indians are wondering what hit them. They were comfortable with Bush but now this so called new Messiah of world Barack Hussein Obama, a black man to boot is asking India to do unthinkable things. Please read the New York times article below. It is very cleverly written.It asks India not to enhance its arms build up as it will lead to arms race with Pakistan while its arms merchants are at present in India selling their wares the F18 Super Hornet and F16 in Bangalore( Indians must understand these fighter planes throw flowers on Pakistan!!!). USA has found that it can influence India's policy through its supporters in Politics, Industry,media and now they have learnt to infiltrate the Foreign office Bureaucracy and may be soon in Indian Armed forces and US can influence in a way that Indians can be fooled to sacrifice their NATIONAL INTEREST with verbose garbage.They have to be told that they are the Biggest democracy and their knees go limp(more than a fair maiden's). When a rider comes that they are home to biggest Muslim population and are SECULAR they just go bonkers. So Indian democracy has no meaning for Obama is sending shivers through the spine of our politicians and seminarists who were comfortable with Bush.
Barack Obama in Moscow on 7 July said that "America cannot and should not 
seek to impose any system of government on any other country, nor would we 
presume to choose which party or individual should run a country ... State 
sovereignty must be a cornerstone of international order. Just as all
 states should have the right to choose their leaders, states must have the 
right to borders that are secure, and to their own foreign policies."
Hillary Clinton in Washington on 15 July explained further "Our approach to 
foreign policy must reflect the world as it is, not as it used to be. It 
does not make sense to adapt a 19th century concert of powers, or a 20th 
century balance of power strategy ... Smart power translates into specific 
policy approaches in five areas. First, we intend to update and create
 vehicles for co-operation with our partners. Second, we will pursue
 principled engagement with those who disagree with us. Third, we will 
elevate development as a core pillar of American power. Fourth, we will
 integrate civilian and military action in conflict areas. And fifth, we
 will leverage key sources of American power, including our economic
 strength and the power of our example ... The architecture of cooperation
 we seek to build will advance all these goals, using our power not to 
dominate or divide but to solve problems."

The new US approach to the world is being shaped with Its 
pillars may be described as follows: 
the "concert of powers" of the 19th century and the "balance of power" of
 the 20th century are no longer acceptable in global politics. The
 establishment of "spheres of influence" of some major power at the expense
 of other states is also not to be tolerated.
The 21st century should 
become a century of "multi-partnerships" for the solution of global 
problems. Every country capable of transformation in line with the 
realities and needs of the 21st century is a potential partner.
The US will end "democratisation at gunpoint" - the responsibility for the
 promotion of democratic values rests with the leadership and population of
 any given country. States are sovereign in domestic and foreign
 policy and their path of development.
 The political systems of Individual states must be built on consensus and compromise.
 There is no more division into "our sons of bitches" and "not our sons of
 bitches." All states are equal, free to make their own decisions but
 responsible for their own actions.
Well this perfectly matches the wishes of rulers of Pakistan and China.Democracy,human rights are just dirty words which will be used against weak nations like India,Myanmar,SriLanka but not against China,Pakistan or that biggest Democracies of Middleast Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
The Chinese government attaches great importance to the dialogue between China and the U.S. on enhancing energy, climate change and environment cooperation," the state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua quoted State Councilor Dai Bingguo as saying. "Despite differences between our two countries in the basic national conditions, stage of development, historical responsibilities and our respective capacities, there exist conditions, common will, the necessity and broad basis for enhancing China-U.S. dialogue and cooperation on these areas." China’s recent evaluation that the United States is overextended with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with a perceived U.S. weakness in the wake of the financial crisis, could imbue Chinese policy makers with the confidence to be more assertive on the international stage in ways that may be consistent with American interests.From one Single hyper power to one super power with multiple great powers is what Chinese perceive.They are happy to be equated with Russia now but will give grudging recognition to South Africa and Brazil but not to India. They want re hyphenation of Pakistan with India immediately.Obama will summon Manmohan just like he summons Zardari,Karzai,Aso.Ofcourse Obama does not even summon Erdogan or Hugo Chavez!
1. China is a one party government. So also is USA where Obama's democrats are ruling. India is a rainbow of rulers even withing UPA.
2. In China party bosses pick Politicians who rule. Ditto with USA. In India the role of party bosses is slowly eroding in Congress,BJP
3. In China Judges are appointed by Political bosses. Ditto with USA. In India the politicians have no say in appointment of Higher judiciary. In fact the the judges of India are even immune to declaration of assets which Indian Politicians have to do before their election.
4. Chinese Government Statistics are manipulated. USA does the same as the case of recent bubble bursts in Fanny Mae,Freddie Mac,AIG,GM shows. Indian statistics are much more
reliable in comparison.Sathyam may be an aberration.
5. Chinese communists are corrupt.So also US politicians. so also Indians
6. Chinese manipulate commodity prices by pumping money. USA is doing the same and is the major reason for speculation in commodity prices. Indians are pumping money into pockets of government salaried class and farmers by writing off loans. Chinese are now the biggest buyers of gold surpassing Indians.
Call to take responsibility for one's own actions is seen by Pakistan as early withdrawal symptom of USA from Afghanistan.Its F16s are bombing tribal areas in the name of hunting Taliban and killing women and children fits easily with Reaper drone attacks in wazirstan. Chinese have also killed nearly 190 Uighur and have arrested 1000 for ensuring stability. The photo above shows a Chinese engineer working feverishly to broaden the realigned KARAKORAM HIGHWAY,But Indians action in Kashmir or Manipur are human rights violations.
Why Indians are muzzled to support Gillani (who is backed by ISI)while a Zardari , who is much more friendly to India was given a dressing down in full public view at G8/G20 dialogue.
Zardari may be is on his wayout with NRO being resurrected by the Chief Justice of Pakistan at the prodding of USA.What changed in between the two summits that we are supporting an ISI backed man instead of a friend?


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