Saturday, November 07, 2009

Suicide Terrorism and MUSLIM UMMA

The following link gives the story of the shooting in American military base
The American nation is in such a trauma, they are censoring the news, a sign of fear.They are not telling that the killer prepared carefully for the attack.He also distributed the Holy Quoran to some of the neighbors before the attack. He also donated his furniture for free to whomever wanted it. He shouted "Allaho Akbar" before firing.The first spin was that he might be suffering from PTSD which is not true as he was not posted outside USA ever.In fact his posting to Afghanistan is his first overseas posting. Now some experts are saying that he might be suffering from "Secondary syndrome', due to his interviews with returning war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan .Another baloney! America has to face up to suicide terrorism.
The following you tube videos will educate the Americans to the threat their nation is facing.
I am pasting from a blog post in which a Pakistani Brigadier has given guidelines to his country's police personnel to recognize a suicide bombers. But these guidelines will apply only to those poor boys who are recruited for the cause for money or due to family circumstances and ready to die.
"""Security forces have released some guidelines as how to identify a suicide bomber. They are normally young boys of age bracket 18 to 25. They generally wear new shalwar qameez with new shoes. They normally have fresh haircut and freshly trimmed beard. They look heavy in their appearance due to the suicide jacket underneath their shirt and they have red eyes due to sleepless night. They normally are observing fast and reading under their lips. They go straight to their target and don’t listen to anybody. Before the attack, they are accompanied by their handler who points out the target just before 10 to 15 minutes of attack.""
Only Muslims can be called innocents and all non-Muslims are legitimate targets according to this cleric.See the following BBC clip.
The following chat of Fox news in which the brother of the Killer gives his views is very illuminating.

    """NADER HASAN: And I want to make sure everybody understands, he is a good American, and we are shocked. We just found out on the news that he was being deployed. He never even told us, because we’ve known for the last five years that was probably his worst nightmare. He deals with stories. He would tell us how he would hear things, horrific things.

    But even before things from the war that was probably affecting him psychologically, he was dealing with some harassment in some of his—with some of his military colleagues and, you know, to the extent where he was—he hired a military attorney to try to have the issue resolved, pay back the government to get out of the military, if that was it. But he was at the end of—you know, trying everything to try to make everybody fair and reasonable and him get out of the situation. So I’m really—you know, I’m shocked, and I’m baffled. And if anybody wants to try to suggest it has something else to do with being afraid of wanting to go to war, that’s—that’s it.

    SHEPARD SMITH: And when was it that he became disenchanted with the idea of being in the military?

    NADER HASAN: You know, I don’t think he was ever disenchanted with being in the military. I think he loved, and he was the one, like I said, who insisted on going into the military, even against his parents’ wishes. It was the harassment that I think was getting—was what got to him, was him being referenced from his Middle Eastern ethnicity, even though he was born and raised here and went to high school here in northern Virginia in Roanoke, Virginia, and went to Virginia Tech and, you know, never been in trouble. You know, just normal, played sports and, you know, never got in any trouble."""

    It seems the Army major killer was even defending suicide bombers to his colleagues by equating them to a soldier who saves his fellow soldier by embracing a live grenade. Basically he is getting brainwashed into MUSLIM UMMA slowly.

    This DISAFFECTION is created very subtly by making America look like a monster because it supports Israel.Being an American soldier he has to obey his nations constitution

    which may require him to bomb even Saudi Arabia,Iran etc due to American security or economic interests. But he is slowly brain washed to believe that loyalty to

    any nation is evil.Democracy is evil and western society is evil. His loyalty should be to Allah only which slowly turns into loyalty to all Muslim nations at the expense of his own nation. So killing his brother soldiers becomes easy.

    In India also this DISAFFECTION is created by political parties with vested interests. Everyone knows about 1984 Anti/Sikh riots.But a Sikh youngster of today does not know how Bhindranwale was created, what was the mayhem he was creating, how even a killer was made Jadhedar of Akhal takht. How some Sikhs celebrated the killing of Indira Gandhi by lighting Diyas

    which provoked the Hindus.Some congress leaders might have also played their part in the riots but the killing of Sikhs in Delhi, and surrounding areas was spontaneous outburst of

    anger of Hindus.Same is the case of Godhra riots. the burning of 55 Hindu pilgrims by some Muslim tea vendors and the TV footage created a Hindu backlash and the riots.Whether

    Gujerat Government played a part in the riots is now before apex court.They must have played a part by turning blind eye to the breakdown of law and killing of Muslims.But continously harping on these old wounds creats only DISAFFECTION.We in India have many fault lines and creating DISAFFECTION is easy.But the BJP pointing out 1984 riots whenever it is cornered by Congress about Godhra riots is only creating DISAFFECTION amongst the affected and it is a handy tool for the enemies of our nation.


Anonymous said...

Good sir, I just received your kind comments on my blog. I must thank you for visiting my e-journal. I read this post of yours and it disappoints me that yet another man succeeds in portraying Islam in a very negative light. It hurts me. But that is how life is.

I do, however, earnestly hope people realize that terrorism is not advocated by Islam but only by its misinterpreters.

I plan to frequent your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

And by misinterpreters, I imply: Terrorists, people who kill in the name of Islam. Not you, Sir. :)

captainjohann said...

Hi Mehreen,
Thanks for your visit and kind comments though you donot agree with me. By the way " i am not another man". I am a person.If I am misinterpreting then there are plenty of women also who do this!!!
You may say that Terrorism is NOT advocated by Islam. But then why Muslim nations alone have OIC? Why should it bother you a Pakistani that Bush is killing Iraqies for oil? It is the job of Iraquies to oppose americans and they are doing it fine.There are some Iraqui christians also who oppose Bush.
Palestenians and isrealies were fighting long before even islam or even Christianity was why is it Israeli occupation becomes the problem of islam or OIC countries?
I am happy you will visit my blog often because i love to have honest opinion. By the way my nose is short!!!!!