Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ladies Public toilet

What is the one issue which I will like to see implemented in India? This question was posted by a blogger group.I thought over it for some time and came to this idea of "Ladies Public toilet" as the one area which is deficient in modern India.One can always see on the highways when one travels by bus or train, village ladies getting up from relieving themselves.As my mother was diabetic i know her need for frequent urination and so the need for a Ladies urinal and various ways my father used to become a screen along with young me on the highways.Now when my only daughter being on heavy dose of anti/Psychotics, she also faces this problem and I am an expert in finding ladies Urinals at unlikeliest places in Bangalore.The Mushrooming malls around Bangalore are a great help but when I think of ordinary village women folk and others especially senior citizens suffering from diabetes or Prostate problem then the issue becomes one of public nuisance for other Citizens while it is a life and death issue for those sufferers. To solve this issue one has also to find water in and around highways and so water is a major issue of resource to solve this problem.When Indians do not have clean germ free drinking water throughout India, the question of ladies toilet takes back seat. As a village boy who grew up among the Temples of Tamilnadu, I wonder now how royal ladies of yore could control themselves as it is normally the custom for royals to worship along with commoners in Temples (No ticketed VIP darshan those days).We have a Temple pond called (Teppa kulam) in the center of almost every temple where everyone takes bath before going for worship which is a daily routine amongst Tamils in village.We young kids are not allowed to bathe in the pond and those who know swimming might have urinated in the pond itself.Most of the Temples in North are located on the banks of the river while Tamilnadu does not have so many rivers and so the Teppakulam is the answer for washing before worship. When i visited Hampi ruins recently I was fascinated to see a Toilet seat amongst the ruins (carved out of black stone) which is exhibited in the Hampi national museum.
I do not know where and at what location this was excavated but shows that at least royals had this type of toilet.In Bangalore infrastructure development means flyovers which are not normally used as most of the traffic goes by the side or below the flyover. Signal free corridor to Airport is the Manthra but none talks about Signal free corridor to Kempegowda Bus station or City Railway station or to even any major City Hospital. They talk about ambulances on Highways and so many new fascilities and I hope ladies Toilet for the Public also forms part of the thinking amongst the Indian Highway planners


Sujatha Sathya said...

very true Sir
this is a major problem esp during long journeys in buses and it's such a pain to go near trees/shrubs

The madrasi said...

a true fact..I remember feeling envy of those boys who are rely comfortable in that case...a roadside or or any place could be their relief ,,but girls are helpless in that case,, I have felt serious need for ladies toilet esp the clean and safe ones during many a journeys

Sammy said...

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Well done yaar..
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captainjohann said...

Dear Madrasi and Sammy,
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