Tuesday, October 23, 2007

JIn SSBN chinese NUclear Sub

There has been the photographs of Google earth showing two docked submarines in a chinese nuke base. But what is intriguing is this clear photogrph of two subs with their 12 launchers clearly visbile. This could be taken only from inside the base. Why then the chinese are releasing this photo?
The sub seems to be noisy as per its above the water look. Well below the water capablity is another matter.
Gen Liu Yan don is slowly increasing the missile depth of its forces with DF 31 A ICBM which can hit mainland USA.DF 11, DF 15 DF 4 are already deployed.
China is actively pursuing the Iranian oil and gas as India has withdrwn from the IPI pipeline by offerring to Pakistan to increase the Gas quantity from Iran which can make it financially viable by diverting the gas from pakistan to china via Gwadar land route! India is going to loose out as with Myanmar gas as also Bangladesh gas. I think USA and China are working in tandem in this especially in indo/us nuke deal as it will help china to have a non/nuclear India on its border like non nuclear North Korea.

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