Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strategic Defiance of Pakistan ;What India can do?

                                     Strategic Defiance of Pakistan/ What can India do?

             When the Senate of Pakistan passed the 14 point plan(40 Point sub plan), many thought it will be a sort of white wash to open the NATO supply route and give fig leaf
to the ruling establishment  for getting some green packs.What came out of the exercise which was started on November 2011 by the Defence committee of the Cabinet (DCC) and also
by the Parliamentary committee on National Security (PCNS) which was also whetted by the Defence,Foreign affairs,Law,Finance Ministry bureaucrats of the Government and finally was placed before the Pakistani Parliament was a show of Defiance by Pakistan to USA. Senator Prof Kurshid Ahmed did not approve of the final recommendations though he signed the draft.The PCNS consisted of the following members.

1. Senator Miam Raza Rahhaai. Chairman
2. Senator Dr. Zaheer-ud«Di|1 Bahar Awa1| Member
3. Mr. Nadeem Afzal Condal, MHP; Member
4. Senator Mohammad lshaq Dar Member
5. Sardar Mehtah Ahmad Khan,  Member
ü. Senator Wasim Sajjad Member
T. Syed Haider àbhas Rizvì, MNA Member
E. Mr. Asfaadyar Wali Khan, MNA Member
9. Meulana Faza1­¿ur-Rahman, MNà Member
11]. Mr. Munir Khan Ürakzai, MNA Member
I1. Senator Pref. Kbursbid .äbmed Member
12. Mr.  Ahmad Khan Sherpae, MNA Member
13. Senator Abdur Rahim Khan Mandbkhel Member
14. Senator lsrarnllah Zebri, Member
15. Senater Shahid Hassan Bugti Member
lń. Senator Afrasiyab Khattak Member

The most important directive is that the Foreign policy of Pakistan be conducted as per
the principles of an independent foreign policy to be grounded in Strict adherence
to the Principles of Policy as Stated in Article 40 of the Constitution
of Pakistan, the UN Charter and observance of international law.
Pakistans'nuclear programme  and assets including iTs safety and
security’ cannot be compromised. The US-Indo civil nuclear agreement has significantly altered the strategic balance in the region therefore Pakistan should seek from the US and NSG similar agreement. The strategic position of Pakistan
Vis-à-vis India  on the .subject of FMCT must not he compromised
and this principle be kept in View in negotiations on this matter with USA.
  Use of Pakistani Airspace and Military bases will now require Parliamentary approval
and not the approval of the ruling Government establishment. No verbal agreement with any foreign power should be made and they must be reduced in writing if at all made.
   The territory of Pakistan shall never be used to stage attacks on any other country and all foreign fighters shall be sent away and expelled.
  The focus of Pakistan’s foreign policy should be peaceful environment in its neighbourhood which includes India and Afghanistan; economic progress and social progress should be the main focus.
While maintaining traditional link with allies ; the country is directed to diversify its source of economic,military and political support. To implement this policy the country is directed to engage India in a continuous process which is result oriented which will have the final solution of Kashmir as per UN principles.While strategic partnership with China should be deepened, further strengthening of relationship with Russia and also getting permanent membership of SCO should be prioritised. 

I think the biggest significance of the new emerging China/Russia partnership , may be that it establishes an obstacle to western monopoly and protects the rights of the non-westrn world, including the independence of the national interests and diversity of political systems.
ASEAN must be another area of priority for both.

   The Iran/Pakistan Gas pipeline project should be actively pursued.
     The process of evolving this 14 point plan a long drawn out one and the ministries involved and then the main points makes it an interesting document which has wide acceptance in Pakistani society including the fringe elements.Was it a strategic defiance or a “chaal” in the poker game.The Americans have already acting as the deal to be countered with their own moves and concessions which can be extracted from the sucker India in the form of Siachen withdrawal without AGPL.This withdrawal is linked to NATO supply line reopening and so the urgency shown by Pakistani Army and Hillary Clinton.But the patriotic Indian Army is already showing signs of defiance in the face of American pressure.
    With regard to Afghanistan, what India can do to calm the Pakistani nerves.I think the hearts and minds of ordinary Afghans are the best answer to that.
    With regard to Kashmir, the American fox is laying the line of independent Kashmir which has wide acceptance amongst all sections of Muslim society both sides of the LOC but not liked by the Budhists of Ladakh and Hindus of Jammu.
   I think India and Pakistan can jointly enter SCO and also ASEAN.
   With regard to nukes India has not gained but lost only the friendship of Iran. If Pakistan wants same type of relationship, India has not objection as long its own independent deterrence is protected.