Friday, December 16, 2011

Indo/Pakistan war of 1971, a view by a Pakistani Army officer.

As 18th December approaches, the Indian Media goes gaga over exploits of Indian Army while Pakistani media talks about RAW and how Indians played a clever game. But the following account by a Pakistani Army officer who took part in that conflict and was decorated should be an eye opener for Pakistani people. They tend to blame everything on the Civilian government and how they betrayed the nation while Pakistani Fauj stood rock like to save their country.Now also it is the elected Civilian government which is facing the flak for Shamsi airbase lease,drone attacks by USA or NATO supply line etc. They conveniently ignore it was General Musharaff and GHQ under him who were solely responsible for all this.
The link to the account by col Nadir ali is below.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

KFC contest on FIRE!

For me KFC is an escape hatch because My daughter is addicted to its large Pepsi with Chicken wings while I can always take their combo meal with two chicken pieces.So their new introduction of chicken popcorn is welcome as also opening of their outlets near my home at Total Sarjapur road and HSR layout.As my daughter does not talk much, it is our endevour to make her speak independent of our effort.The KFC outlet makes her go there on her own and buy that large pepsi combo puts us we old carers on fire. A young couple may be on fire for different reasons while our reason is rather mundane.