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Nuclear dilemma of India/ some answers

Pakistani military has realized that in case of any future India – Pakistan war, the possibility of either side achieving a clear-cut victory or suffering an abject or total defeat is no more a possibility under the current NUCLEARIZED circumstances. While a clear-cut, decisive or total victory is not conceivable for Pakistan because of the vast differential in conventional military capability between India and Pakistan, the availability of a viable and credible nuclear capability with Pakistan precludes the spectre of an abject Pakistani defeat and thus, a corresponding total victory for India.So the Pakistani military thought of a strategy of sub-limited confrontations or even limited indirect conflicts but ensuring that these are not permitted to escalate to a stage where either of the sides to the conflict is forced to contemplate the employment of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. Kargil is a test case of this strategy.While their hyped-up domestic public opinion(created by media) might go along with their decision to wage a war, the leaders would be required to show some achievement for it when it is all over. In fact, the very survival of the political structure that took the country to war in the first place would depend to quite an extent on the outcome of the war.
Kargil gave General Musharaff the following advantages.
1.The perception of failure was put on the elected civilian leadership Nawaz and he was ousted from power.
2.Then Indian leadership legitimized Military dictatorship of Gen Musharaff by inviting him to Agra under again American influence.
The Pakistan Military was very satisfied by terminating a war against more powerful India with a favorable stalemate. So Kargil in a sense is a favourable outcome militarily for Pakistan with so called irregulars occupying territory across LOC in Indian held Kashmir. But it also proved one thing to Pakistan Military leadership that Indian POLITICAL LEADERSHIP WILL NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT OK FROM USA which includes LAUNCHING OF NUKES or conventional war. So politically also it is gain for their think tanks. Pakistan military knows now that it will have sufficient warning before Nuke option or conventional strike is exercised by India. But its first option and keeping it almost always ready to launch is not only the key to its survival as state but also making the very launching of conventional military strike by India into a question mark for its planners.
The most obvious manifestation of this accepted Indian weakness is the fact that Pakistan, unlike India, has reserved the right of 'first use' of nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s leadership are fully aware that being militarily weaker in the conventional realm, they are far more likely than India to reach their nuclear threshold earlier and as such cannot under any circumstances subscribe to the option of ‘no first use’ as India has stated in her draft nuclear doctrine. Although Pakistan also espouses the desire of possessing a triad-based nuclear force, it currently just like India has only the potential of using either manned aircraft or surface-to-surface ballistic missiles for delivering nuclear warheads, with the third leg of the triad still being developed. It is precisely this realization that Pakistan would be most probably be the first one to resort to employing nuclear weapons using her two-dimensional nuclear potential that has motivated India’s quest for anti-ballistic missile systems such as the Russian Su-300 / Israeli Arrow-212 and the Phalcon AEW13 that she is desirous of inducting as soon as possible. While the former would serve to provide an element of defense against Pakistan’s ballistic nuclear-tipped SSMs, the latter would pose a strong defense against any efforts of the Pakistan Air Force to deliver nuclear weapons, by interdicting these aircrafts in air itself.These very purchases also confirms to Pakistan that India will not strike first with Nukes.
Moreover in my reckoning, a nuclear threshold does not really apply to India(when Pakistan is the adversary) since Pakistan does not currently possess the conventional potential to force India’s reaching a point where she is forced to employ her nuclear weapons.Of course when China or any other P5 become an adversary then the Nuclear threshold can be rapidly reached.From the Pakistani perspective, nuclear weapons are not only meant to deter the onset of a war but rather these are weapons are also required for deterring and possibly averting an abject defeat. In other words India cannot reach that nuke thresehold even when the Indian Army is winning!!!
Deterrence in South Asian environment has to be viewed as a two-tiered concept, especially from Pakistan’s perspective. The massive and almost decisive conventional asymmetry that confronts Pakistan could lead it to view its deterrence policy according to the following requirements.
First and foremost, the purpose of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is to preclude the possibility of India embarking on any military adventure against it, even if it is limited to a purely conventional conflict. This is the traditional form of deterrence that this world has witnessed earlier also. By fielding a credible nuclear force, Pakistan wants to deter the initiation of any military operations by India on the basis of her established nuclear capability that is liable to be employed if India not does abstain from embarking on military operations against it. From this perspective, Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence could be classified as an instrument for deterring conventional war. Pakistan's military thinking could be summed up by saying that she would project her nuclear arsenal to convince India of the futility of embarking on a full fledged conventional war against her by insinuating that the availability of nuclear weapons with Pakistan obviates the possibility of the Indian military achieving any significant objectives during a conventional limited war.
The second tier of Pakistan’s deterrence will come into play once hostilities have broken out between the two countries and the war is not going well for Pakistan. In this situation, with its back to the wall, Pakistan could be forced to employ the nuclear weapons as a weapon of last resort to forestall an imminent scenario of abject defeat. The objective here would be for Pakistan to threaten India with its use of the nuclear weapons unless that war is brought to an abrupt and complete stop. This would be a really desperate situation from the Pakistani viewpoint that could well justify the employment of nuclear weapons against India. In order to keep the Indians guessing, it can be expected that Pakistan would intentionally maintain an element of ambiguity about her 'nuclear threshold' while simultaneously ensuring that it is taken into consideration in the preparation of its war plans by India.
Conversely, India’s nuclear deterrence, unlike Pakistan’s, is not aimed at preventing conventional war. Rather, it is designed to avert the Pakistani usage of the nuclear weapons. This indicates that while Pakistan’s nuclear wherewithal is aimed at preventing a conventional war, India’s is designed to prevent a nuclear exchange. This is a significant difference between the deterrence philosophies of the two South Asian nations that must be taken into account. From this it also flows that while Pakistan’s nuclear prowess has more of a 'first use' connotation, India’s nuclear arsenal is designed more as a second strike or retaliatory option and the draft Indian nuclear doctrine more than amply elucidates these two aspects. The fundamental purpose of Indian nuclear weapons is to deter the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons by any State or entity against India and its forces. In this policy of ‘retaliation only’, the survivability of Indian arsenal is critical.Has India ensured it?This stark difference between the nuclear philosophies of India and Pakistan highlights the point that while Pakistan’s nuclear potential is contributing to the maintenance of conventional stability in South Asia, that of India is essentially instrumental in the maintenance of nuclear stability in the region. While the former is aimed at preventing the break-out of a conventional war, the latter serves to dissuade both the countries from going nuclear. This difference in the nuclear philosophies of India and Pakistan would figure very prominently in any future military conflict in South Asia unless India changes its philosophy due to the games Permanent five is playing in Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan.

If a train of events is set in motion by India opting to commence a limited intensity campaign disregarding the threat of a Pakistani first use of her nuclear weapons possibly on the premise that the limited end-objectives of this campaign would not warrant crossing of Pakistan’s nuclear threshold. The COLDSTART theory of 8 independent action Brigades comes out of this premise.It is quite possible that India's hand could be forced into using them by an increased involvement of Pakistan in the Kashmir or an attack like that of Mumbai(which was meant to deny its own involvement) Planning for this phase of operations has to be very carefully articulated keeping mind the perceived nuclear threshold of Pakistan and would have to be integrated with a massive media campaign aimed at convincing not only the domestic populace but also the entire global community that India’s hand was forced by the prevailing situation and the adoption of a military option being warranted, India was justified in adopting this extreme course of action. India would also have to ensure that the objectives stipulated by it for the military offensive are so limited in nature and magnitude that these preclude any overstepping of Pakistan’s nuclear threshold.
Having been unable to deter India from embarking on a conventional conflict, Pakistan must be following a two-pronged strategy – a diplomatic offensive aimed at heightening the concern of the international community simultaneously with the adoption of a higher state of readiness of its nuclear forces. The second step will signify Pakistan’s resolve not only to India but also to the other interested parties of the world like USA, UK and China.
that India’s persistence to violate Pakistan’s nuclear threshold will involve a nuclear strike by Pakistan. If India does not get dissuaded by the danger and possibility of a Pakistani nuclear first strike and continues the conventional conflict, this might put Pakistan in a corner with no option but to go nuclear.It is this type of argument which the west is lapping it up and Pakistan laughing all the way.
Pakistan by keeping its nuclear decision making option from its elected political leadership has kept the prying eyes of USA from deciding the security of state of Pakistan unlike Indians. Though President Zardari is head of their Nuclear command authority every one knows the true picture.
Perhaps the most widely quoted statement of a Pakistani official on the issue of nuclear thresholds surfaced after an interview that Lt. Gen. Kidwai, the Director General of the Strategic Plans Division gave to a group of Italian social scientists. In this statement, General Kidwai was quoted as having said, It is well known that Pakistan does not have a "No First Use Policy". Pakistani nuclear weapons will be used, according to Gen. Kidwai, only “if the very existence of Pakistan as a state is at stake”. This has been detailed by Gen. Kidwai as follows:
a. India attacks Pakistan and conquers a large part of its territory (space threshold)
b. India destroys a large part either of its land or air forces (military threshold)
c. India proceeds to the economic strangling of Pakistan (economic strangling)
d. India pushes Pakistan into political destabilization or creates a large scale internal subversion in Pakistan (domestic destabilization)
He also made it very clear that his weapons are directed against INDIA only.
Our reaction to Mumbai attacks has convinced Pakistan that
1.Cold start of the 8 independent brigades have no autonomy.
2.The Indian political leadership has no S.O.P for a situation like that of Mumbai in which
our Military leadership is given autonomy to retaliate quickly without waiting for political permission in any place of its choosing in J&K OR even across international border.The recent Poonch encounter must have convinced Pakistanis of this perception.
1. UK suddenly linking the solution of Kashmir problem as the root of all Jihadi problems between India and Pakistan and also Afghan stabilization .
2.The new US ambassador to UN is talking about Kashmir as an international problem along with Palestine?
3.The attempt to nominate Richard Holbrook as special ambassador for India/Pakistan on Kashmir.
4.The recent Haqqani media blitz in USA could NOT be carried out without wink from Obama security team.
Indian leadership has by now known
1. That UK and USA are both coordinating their strategy to denuclearise not only Pakistan but also India.
2.Their national interest is more attuned to getting a fig leaf of a deal with TALIBAN(mullah Omar) in
Afghanistan with power sharing.They just want to protect the illegal drug trade being carried with connivance
of ISI and some elements of Afghan government who are beholden to SAUDIES.
3.Indian largese to Afghanistan in the guise of infrastructure is not helping in any way Indian national interest while weakening our real friends the northern alliance
.The following statement by General Kidwai of SPD on 13th january 2009 should also be taken with
lot of care by India.

"What Kidwai is very keen to do is reassure the international community that as things sort of get worse and worse in Pakistan in terms of terrorism and Taliban and all the rest of it; still the Pakistan military can be trusted to keep these weapons safe and secure," said Shaun Gregory, director of the University of Bradford's Pakistan Security Research Unit.

Kidwai has been trying simultaneously to dissuade India and the United States that they could somehow destroy or remove Pakistan's nuclear weapons in a time of crisis, according to another expert.

"The first point would be, if you think you can target our weapons, India, they're secure, forget it. If you think you can find out where our weapons are, the United States, they're secure, forget it -- and we're not going to give you that kind of access, no matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars you give us. These are two very important messages that any patriotic Pakistani logically would want to emphasize," said Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Education Policy Center.

"They're very concerned about the possibility that there will be a commando attack against their infrastructure, if we knew enough, in a crisis, and that at the end of the day they would end up with no (nuclear) weapons. And that's their worst fear," agreed Ken Luongo of the Partnership for Global Security.

Luongo said Kidwai's public relations efforts were suspect because Pakistan has not allowed the United States or others to see the nation's security measures firsthand.

"It's all coming out of the SPD officials, and there hasn't been any way to independently verify what exactly it is that they've done, or how they've instituted the (security) improvements, or how they're working. They won't let anybody close enough. This is all being done on kind of an arm's length basis," he said .

Pakistan army is not a fool that they will expose their nukes to aerial attacks by Indians or Israelis even in case of conventional war between both of us.But they are capable of bringing in surprises.The size of Individual nukes is the key and whether they have miniaturized enough to fit in torpedoes of submarines or missiles.Whether missiles could be neutralized before their launch is the key.The Indian mujaheddin,naxalites could be used by Pakistan to sabotage Indian launch pads of our missiles and we must prepare our self for this eventuality and then only think of launching a conventional strike.Also SWAT and Wazirstan and Saudi arabia are the places the Pakistan bomb could be hidden by UMMA Tameer-nau.

1. India must change its strategy into Nuke first option with regard to Pakistan and announce its openly.
2.Talk with Pakistani security establishment especially the Army Chief,foreign Ministry, etc and address their security concerns instead of going through western interlocutors.They want deactivation of our forward airbases and also movement back of Army.

3.Never allow richard Holbrook to visit India and Pakistan together.

4.Give Bangladesh all credit for a successful transition to democracy and also have frequent interactions with CITIZENS of that country through west bengal.

5. Cut down on aid to Afghanistan and increase it to Bangladesh.
6.Pay more attention to Chinese military and prepare for deterrence against that neighbour.It should be credible to them.
(chinese Nuclear policy is given below:--

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Nuclearisation of Pakistan
The following You tube Programme called YAUM-E-TAKBEER is very interesting from the view point of India and Israel. How the CIA was fooled by the Pakistan ISI and national security establishment is really absorbing. One does not see any improvement in the level of CIA ASSESSMENT even recently. Pakistan establishments' dependence on Dawood Ibrahims smugglers network in getting it's nuke deterrence and acknowledging it openly must be an eye opener for all Indians and why he is such a precious asset for Pakistan He is just not going to be repatriated at all due to this reason.This also must make every Indian to think about the connection and blackmail terror this ruthless don can bring upon the Big cats of Indian industry.
It is also an interesting acknowledgment that Pakistan air force was worried about Israel Airforce and not Indian Airforce to protect its nuke assets shows the level of Pakistan's knowledge about our preparedness.
The photos of the nuclear enrichment plant with thousands of centrifuges working, missiles in its silos,the mathematical tables stolen from US are all very fascinating photographs.
The underlying Fanaticism involved in the nuclearisation of Pakistan must awaken our so called seminarians who follow the lead of western think tanks.
The collapse of the BCCI and the drug money involved in it with leading US policy makers of that time like then Defense secretary Ramsey Clark should make Indians wary of the present American leadership which can be also black mailed or threatened.


The following link about General Hamid Gul's views on Taliban's demands given in october should also
be viewed by Indians .
The Islamic Caliphate being promoted by some in USA ruling class under the leadership of Saudi arabia with active connivance of Zalmay Khalizad, Prince Bandar, some in Pakistan army and ruling class should wake us up.This class is actively promoting a war between Iran and Isreal so that the region controlled by it
UAE,Saudi arabia escape with much better clout from the mayhem.They also want to see a war between India and Pakistan so that they benefit from this financially and can rule this area after the mayhem.
We must work for reconciliation between Iran and Israel.
Indian nukes must also have as its target UAE and Saudi arabia as most of the wealth of the Pakistan ruling class and a portion of Islamic nuclear asset is likely to be hidden there.

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Palestinians/ the Eternal Wailers

As an Indian Christian i had this admiration for Israeli David who felled the giant Palestinian fighter Goliath with his catapult. So when Indian government favored the Palestinian state over Israel I used to be emotionally aligned with Israel till i read the Arnold Toynbee's article about the history of Israeli/Palestinian conflict which explained the injustice done to Palestinians very lucidly.Still the Munich Olympics,Laila khalid hijacking of 3 planes and burning them in desert of Jordan,Black September and Entree raid all were moulding opinion of Indians like me.
Thousands of Arabs , ranging from wealthy ABSENTEE land lords to fellahin small holders sold land to Zionist organizations during British rule.Many sold land for money while many sold land to improve their life amongst their clans.Many Arabs also collaborated with Zionists due to their intense hatred for Amin al_Husayani whose role is very important in Palestinian history.His role as Grand Mufti of Al haqsa Mosque, collaboration with Nazi Germany and so many other activities at that time are folklore of Palestinians.Many could not fathom his rejection of white paper of 1939 in the Balfour Declaration which promised Jewish Homeland along with Palestinian Arab majority rule and independence.

Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948. On 15 May 1948, the British Mandate officially expired and, in an official cablegram, the seven member Arab League, including Lebanon, publicly proclaimed their aim of creating a democratic "United State of Palestine" in place of the two-state solution proposed by the United Nations. The League soon entered the conflict on the side of the Palestinian Arabs, thus beginning the international phase of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, and Iraq declared war on the new state of Israel. They expected an easy and quick victory in what came to be called the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Lebanon army joined the other Arab armies in the invasion. It crossed into the northern Galilee. By the end of the conflict, however, it had been repulsed by Israeli forces, which occupied South Lebanon. Israel signed armistice agreements with each of invading neighbours. The one with Lebanon was signed on 23 March 1949.As part of the agreement with Lebanon, Israel forces withdrew to the international border.
By the conclusion of that war, Israel had signed ceasefire agreements with all its Arab neighbors.As between itself and the area set aside for Arabs under the United Nations Partition Plan, Israel's territory was greatly beyond the borders allocated to it under the Plan.Out of 1.8 million Palestinians nearly 0.8 million Palestinians became refugees.The 1956 Suez canal crisis created by President Nasser of Egypt and also the 1967 Arab/Israeli war produced different borders for Israel.Israel had completed its final offensive in the Golan Heights, and a ceasefire was signed the day after. Israel had seized the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River (including East Jerusalem), and the Golan Heights. Overall, Israel's territory grew by a factor of three, including about one million Arabs placed under Israel's direct control in the newly captured territories. Israel's strategic depth grew to at least 300 kilometers in the south, 60 kilometers in the east and 20 kilometers of extremely rugged terrain in the north, a security asset that would prove useful in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War six years later.
THE 1973 Arab-Israel war gave Arab states (and Egypt in particular), healing of their the psychological trauma of their defeat in the Six-Day War .In many ways, it allowed them to negotiate with the Israelis with some honour. However, given that the war had started about as well as the Arab leaders could have wanted, at the end they had made only limited territorial gains in the Sinai front, while Israel gained more territory on the Golan Heights than it held before the war; also given the fact that Israel managed to gain a foothold on African soil west of the canal, the war helped convince many in the Arab World that Israel could not be defeated militarily, thereby strengthening peace movements. The war effectively ended the old Arab ambition of destroying Israel by force especially after the separate treaty of peace with EGYPT.
What one sees from the beginning of Palestinian /Israel conflict in the modern times is that OF A VICIOUS CYCLE
1.A deal is offered to Palestinians and Arabs.
2.they reject the deal offered by international community as they find it unjust from their point of view.
3.They go to war or indulge in guerrilla warfare.
4.They get a wallop and loose territory and now ask for the the very deal offered by the International community in the first place.Now Israel rejects their demand as it has gained TERRITORY.
5.Palestinians vow revenge and continue their fight for the elimination of occupation by Israelis.
6.Again a deal is offered which is much worse than the number 1 and so the rejection by Palestinians as unjust and so the cycle continues till they loose more territory.
The Palestinians are unable to understand that now they are the suckers just like the global Jehadies for the rich playboy Arabs who wear black goggles,have American wives,play golf in Texas ranch but also fund them so that they slog,build homes,grow food and get ready to fight for the next round of sacrifice for MUSLIM UMMA.
This suits the Permanent five of UN also.
My Air-India pilot friends used to say that a layover in Beirut used to be heaven and it used to be called the
Switzerland of east. They used to say that it is the Palestinians who are the brainy hardworking lot and who slog and do all the work while it is owned by Saudies . Lebanon had a peculiar political setup with Muslims,Maronite's,Druzes all having an equal say in the governance just like Jammu Hindus and Srinagar Muslims used to have equal say in the governance of Kashmir kingdom. But then Terrorism of Muslim Umma and the folly of joining 1948 Arab/Israeli war killed its uniqueness.
GEORGE HABBASH of the Popular front for liberation of Palestine was more dreaded by Israelis than even Fatah for its uniqueness in fighting and its secular following. But then Saudies have to intervene with wink from USA/UK and they supported Arafat and his Fatah through which the secular appeal of Palestinian resistance was changed to one of MUSLIM UMMA's resistance.
Today as Israel pulverises Gaza the MUSLIM UMMA IS DOING THE FOLLOWING.
1. Saudi Arabia , the richest nation and so called protector of two of Islam's holy sites is blaming Hamas for the conflict. Saudies never acknowledge their own role in the scuttling of a reasonable deal between Arafat and Ekud Barack which is the at the root cause of the present conflict.Iran continues to be their main enemy.
2.Pakistan the only Islamic Nuke power and the second largest Muslim nation whose General Zia-ul-haq killed Palestinians in aid of King Hussein of Jordan will not send its troops or its nukes. (It sends troops for Jundollah or LET).It threatens India with first strike of Nukes but not Israel. It even organized a demonstration in support of Hamas in Kashmir and even in India!!!!
3. Indonesia and Bangladesh also are organizing demonstrations.
4.Iran which is the main sponsor of Hamas is afraid of US power and can give only verbal support through its President as it fears it can be attacked by US itself in the guise of Nuclear ambition( a false reason)
5.The only Arab nation which can be of any help is Egypt and it has closed its Rafah border even for refugees and
humanitarian help.
So the Palestinians continue to bleed.

It is for Palestinian leadership to think about their history and achieve for their future generations what their forefathers blundered.In 1911 a Palestinian maths teacher named Mustafa Effendi Tamr predicted
"You are selling the property of your fathers and grandfathers for a pittance to people who will have no pity on you, to those who will act to expel you and expunge your memory from your habitations and disperse you among the nations. This is a crime that will be recorded in your names in history, a black stain and disgrace that your descendants will bear, which will not be expunged even after years and eras have gone by."

IT IS FOR PALESTINIAN LEADERSHIP OF HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH,FATAH TO PONDER AND DECIDE OR GET INTO THE CYCLE WHICH I HAVE MENTIONED . Their struggle with Israel predates the of birth of Christianity and Islam and also when Romans (present day US/UK) were worshiping extinct Gods like Zeus and Diana
I saw this letter in a blog and i thought this should be part of this blog.
Open letter from an Israeli to his Arab neighbor in Gaza
Dear neighbor,

My name is David and I live in Israel, thirty minutes (or one minute rocket time) from you, in a beautiful house by the woods. I hope someday to have you over for a cup of tea. We have a lovely view from the balcony. On a clear day we can see our jets bombing your neighborhood.

I think it’s time we had a heart to heart. It’s time you knew the
truth. After all, what are neighbors for? You might have wondered why both you and your parents were born in a refugee camp. Why is it that even though we live only 30 minutes apart, I live in prosperity and you live in poverty and filth? Why you live in despair and hatred while we live in hope and love.

Here is the truth, neighbor:

There really was a Holocaust. I realize you’v e been taught otherwise. I know, that ever since you were a small child you’ve been told that the Holocaust is something the Jews fabricated to justify taking your land. Well, dear citizen of Gaza, it really happened. Not very long ago. It happened. And guess what? It’s NEVER going to happen again. The time in history when Jews were led to slaughter, persecuted, raped and pillaged is over and will never recur. Never. Now we have our own country. Now we have the bombs. We will never forget what was done to our people and you better not either.

We don’t hate you. We don’t hate anyone. Jews are a peaceful people. We do not want your land. We don’t want oil. We don’t want to rape your women or murder your children. We never tried to force our religion on anyone. Our eternal capital, Jerusalem, is open to all faiths to love and to worship. We treat your Arab brothers who live among us as equals. Our hand has been extended to peace with our neighbors since day one. We have proven this time and time again through numerous negotiations and extensive compromise.

We ask only for one thing. Leave us in peace. That’s right. We have no other demands. Just leave us in peace. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t, we will fight back ferociously and mercilessly. We will destroy your homes and your cities. We will make your miserable lives even more miserable. If you don’t want this to happen any more, leave us in peace.

Our soldiers are not motivated by hate but by determination. We embrace life and will do anything to preserve it. However, we will kill and die to protect our land and our way of life. That’s what they should be teaching in your schools instead of useless lies.

A terrorist is a terrorist. Sorry to be the one to break the news, but it’s about time somebody told you that a terrorist is nothing more than a coward. Not a hero. Not a Shahid. There is nothing heroic in blowing yourself up amongst a crowd of woman and children. Anybody can do it. Anybody can hide inside a school or a mosque and blindly fire rockets into cities, hoping to kill as many babies as possible. There is nothing courageous or admirable in these acts of cruelty. To take pride in an act of terror is pitiful and pathetic. I know you’ve been raised to believe the contrary, but it is a lie. I have seen how your children are taught to commit suicide. How your suicide bombers are glorified. This is tragically sad. A real hero faces his enemy and doesn’t hide in schools and hospitals. A real hero protects his people and will die for them but not among them.

Israel exists and it belongs to the Jewish People. I’ve seen your school books. I know that Israel has been omitted from your maps. Contrary to what you’ve been told, the State of Israel really does exist. Look outside your window. We are here and we are not going anywhere. Dear Palestinian neighbor, it’s time to deal with the facts. We love our beautiful little country. We will protect it with our lives. You are not getting it. This was explained to you in 1948. You got your country and we got ours. Your arrogant and stupid leaders promised you that you will get the whole thing. Thousands have lives have been lost for nothing. It’s NEVER going to happen! While you have been foolishly drooling over our land instead of nurturing your own, we have built one of the most beautiful and successful countries on Earth. We have done it not to spite our greedy neighbors, but rather in spite of them. We’ve planted forests and quenched the desert. We’ve drained wetlands and culivated fields. We built universities, opera houses, superhighways, hospitals, skyscrapers and stadiums. We have millions of refugees, but no refugee camps.

You could do the same. Focus on what you have and not on what you will never have. It takes love, hard work and determination. We can help. We have experts and scientists helping developing nations across the globe. Accept the facts, lay down your weapons and join us in making this great region of the planet even greater.

Remember, we’re neighbors.