Saturday, December 01, 2012

Israel's loss to Hamas but Muslim brotherhood is the real Gainer

        This round of Israel/Hamas fight started with Israeli killing of Hamas military chief and Hamas retaliating with barrage of rockets. Of course as usual with complete air superiority Israel pounded Gaza with its bombs and inflicted casualties as usual in the ratio of 100:1 . Soon the chorus from the world and UN started to stop the airwar etc etc.But there was a distinct change this time.Though the Hamas was inflicted untold punishment as usual, the Israelis had to contend with nearly 1000 rockets on its soil with air raid sirens as far as back Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In spite of Iron dome shooting down 80% of the incoming rockets for the first time Israelis in major cities like Tel Aviv etc have to goto  the bomb raid shelters for safety.This was a unique experience for many Israelis.  Entebbe, Yom kippur war,1967 war etc etc and Israel has been the David. Though the world supported the Palestinians by empty talk and also vote at UN(normally vetoed by USA) , the underlying admiration for Israel was always there amongst ordinary people.
      Though only single digit casualties it faced , the daily air raid sirens was something the Israelis could never get accustomed to as they are so used to comfort and security. With elections approaching the ruling Government of Israel wanted a face saving device to stop the fighting as the voting public are not used to this type of insecurity. Incomes Muslim brother hood led by Morsi, President of Egypt.Normally this role used to be given to the Egyptian intelligence under President Mubarak.But today with Arab spring the confident Morsi played his cards well.USA followed suit by supporting this effort  with Obama and Hillary sitting in distant Cambodia.As Hamas trusted Morsi that he will not let down their vital interests, the Sunni league of Arab money bags also stepped in.Now the deal was stitched with abject surrender by Israel that it will
1. Stop the air war
2.It will stop targeted killing of Hamas leaders
3.The blockade of Gaza will also be lifted in a phased manner
   In return Hamas has agreed to stop firing rockets into Israel.
  The most humiliating part may be that Israel is now answerable to Morsi (Muslim brother hood) for sticking to its part of the bargain while Morsi should also ensure Hamas also sticks to its part along with myriad other small factions who also fire the rockets like Islamic Jihad.
    What it has proved to the Arabs and also to the world is that Israel has lost the stomach to fight a long drawn out war.The mobilization it did for invading Gaza was an empty rhetoric.What PLO under Arafat could not achieve; the socalled terrorist organisation Hamas with covert help from Iran has achieved a sort of military parity.Israel's idea that the civilians of Gaza will rise against Hamas after the severe punishment with smart bombs near their homes which are hoarding the rockets did not work at all.
    The Military planners around the world have now to take into account the new Military doctrine of terrorist groups like Hamas which can smuggle or even manufacture home made rockets in large numbers can bring much richer nations like Israel with its sophisticated Iran dome missiles and total air superiority to talk on its terms and accept them.The blockade by Israel of Gaza is a complete failure with tunnels and may be even covert support of Egyptian intelligence the rockets are smuggled in or its manufacturing expertise  was given to the Palestinians with Mossad not knowing anything about it.Indian security planners also must take note of this new phenomenon.
    The cease fire is holding and Palestinians have won the UN vote.But is Israel going to withdraw from west bank and allow an independent Palestine? No way. Is Israel going to allow the Palestinians to return to their land.No.I feel the new regime which comes into power in Israel is going to be hawkish with more settlers and may be even more expansion.It may even use tactical nukes or similar weapon in future war.
     The Muslim brother hood under Morsi got so emboldened by this success that it has given the President dictatorial powers until a Sharia inspired constitution is written This also may trigger another sort of internal trouble in Egypt.
    The USA under Obama may say for the first time Hamas has accepted the leadership of Sunni group of Arabs instead of Iran.The money bags of Arabs who cannot even control their own extremists how can they control Palestinians?
   All in all the world can expect another round when the Israelies have mastered the art of blunting the mass rocket fire from Palestine But then Hamas knows it as well as Iran and its Arab supporters.Personally I feel tactical nuclear weapons is going to be used as a deterrent in the next round.Those  who are interested may also read my post about this issue in 2009. The link is below
.Palestenians , the eternal wailers

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cancer of Duodenum , a patient"s view of the Diagnostics

   When the duodenal cancer was detected, most of the concern of me and my family was about  the whipple surgery and the strength required  for the Chemo therapy and radio therapy etc after the surgery. My wife was feeding me with Pomengrate juice  and all those vegetables supposed to increase my strength for the surgery. A friend advised me to take some Ayurvedic medications and I consulted a doctor who gave me some medicines to increase my strength and immunity. As I was advised to select the surgeon who has the most experience in this type of surgery I selected some old experienced hands..But as I consulted some young specialists, I found them to be methodical and even in their very first physical they could detect a lump in my left throat which I myself never noticed before as it was painless and not much visible.
   Apart from the Biopsy of the stomach lump, now I was advised to do a FCNA needle biopsy to find about the throat lump. I was advised to do wedge biopsy even if the needle biopsy turns negative.The older doctors advised me to remove the lump altogether. Mean while I was advised to do the PET scan and its report was given utmost importance.This revealed that the tumour has metastasized.The report says "Primary tumour in the D2 segment of the region of the ampulla. 2. Metastasis to peri-pancreatic, mediastinal,left supra clavicular and level III cervical lymph nodes.." The young doctors advised me against going for surgery and also Chemo therapy.They advised me to wait for some symptomatic pain and address the problem as and when it occurs.They also said they can give Palliative chemotherapy just to please the patients as they found this to be normal practice  My wife did not accept this and we have to go for various opinions from outside of my local consultants  and confirm the findings. Ofcourse the older doctors still preferred surgery of the primary as well as secondary tumours.
     All these investigations entailed lot of running around to various hospitals and meeting doctors, getting reports, etc etc.I could not have done it but for a friend who is young and working.He was always there and when he went on tour he ensured one of his colleagues came as my escort. I will say even  sons do not do that much while he was just an old neighbor. I consider these people as angels who come in human form to help people in need. I thank God for these mercies. 
     After lot of thinking ( which included talk with some some cancer patients and families) and prayers I decided to go by my answer to the prayers and not to go for surgery which also had support of my wife.
    Now I have to look for alternate therapies available in India.As i am already under Ayurvedic  medications I decided to stick with it as it has so far saved me from the stomach pain which I was getting recently.Vegetarian diet is rather difficult to maintain for a person who is used to take daily Non vegetarian food.But then one has to survive for the family and also keep away from pain. I have zeroed in on some of the centres in my city and I am providing links to some of the cures as provided by my well wishers.I repeat I have not tested or used their medications to tell the efficacy of them. I am keeping them as alternate when I feel the pain or face some other problem.   ( Tibetan system of Medicine) ( Indore HQtrs therapy )  (Herbal treatment    ( this is a modern Chinese hospital which gives the latest
cancer treatment and also provides Alternate therapy in the form of ancient Chinese therapy where modern cancer surgery or chemo therapy could not be provided)  ( These two doctors claim to cure cancer with Chinese herbal treatment)   ( another Chinese herbal doctor)
    I also got a SIDDA medicine phone number who is from my home district and visits Madras once a month. On inquiry it was found this man is a 'Nattu vaidyar'. But his treatment has worked in some down's syndrome cases.
    All the above alternate sytems are functioning in India without any valid certification from Indian Government's AYUSH  department. Nobody knows whether anybody found any cure or whether they are utilizing the patients and their families view of trying out something as last resort.and pocket some money in the bargain.
    I feel that AYUSH should open a AYUSH CLINIC WITHIN  the confines of Regional cancer centres of Government of India so that they are systematically tried out and found out about the efficacy of the treatments through proper research. I think Indian Government should look at the Asian cancer center of China and how they have amalgamated the Chinese system of medicine with that of modern allopathic treatment. When will India learn?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good Bye or Fare well ?

    May be a year or more that I started getting stomach pain which will last a day and then vanish when I vomited. The attack was coming once in three months or so and as advised by doctor I did ultra sound of the stomach and nothing much revealed and everything looked normal. So the doctor after physical declared may be it is a gastric trouble.But then the attack started coming once  a month or so and I have to undergo an endoscopy and the doctor found a tumor located in the Duodenum . The biopsy report revealed it to be
malignant and also the Cat scan which was also carried out.So now I am having duodenal cancer and advised a Whipple surgery  (  I was wondering whether I can withstand this major surgery at this age with my heart problem, When I went for advice the Medical oncologist detected another insignificant lump on my left throat and another needle biopsy was carried out. If this also turns positive, then I am advised chemo therapy as surgery will not work in this spreading case.I am waiting for Monday when the report will be available..The only redeeming part is my daughter who does not seem to understand the issue is happy going to various hospitals and having a cold coffee.
   Now as a carers of a single daughter who is disabled due to Mental illness both me and my wife have this nagging question."After us What  happens to our daughter?" When people fight for the rights of Mentally ill , the activists in our group jump and shout and send email to Ministers and Media etc.But when it comes to caring for homeless mentally ill and wandering, they keep silent.My daughter will not be homeless and she will be entitled to pension whatever the government gives but still who will look after her as is being done in the case of Disabled due to Mental retardation, Autism etc through the National trust act. The Rehabilitation Council of India very cleverly does not even has a training system for the social activists who will do community based rehabilitation for the disabled due to Mental illness as is being done in the case of other seven disabilities.
  For me "blogging', has been therapeutic and I was able to make friends with people whom  I have never met. To discuss, argue,exchange views with strangers who are enlightened  and it was an enriching experience. I do not know what to say.
  For me it is just a wait for "Good bye" or "Farewell" and only God can know that.Love to all those who visit this blog

Friday, August 03, 2012

Google Jam,Olympics and Indian innovation

   Google Jam is a sort of Mental Olympics  contest for Code creators in  software.Nearly 17 percent were Indians during the qualifying stage in 2012. By the third round Indians were down to 0.7 %!!! Though Indians started with highest number of participants just three Indians lasted till round three compared to 83 Chinese,77 Russians,36 Japanese,25 Americans,21 Poles 13 Belorussians and 11 south Koreans etc.India is IT super power, software power house etc according to Media and NASSCOM and then why this dismal performance in Google code Olympics?The big IT firms like Infosys, WIPRO,TCS, etc just created cyber coolies, who worked on orders from foreign vendors, got good pay checks and made money for their companies.But they never were able to INNOVATE and do something original.Not a single Indian  patent in software.The link to Goggle Jam site is below.
     If we look at London Olympics the performance of Indians match that of Google code Olympics which is supposed to be a test of Mental ability while the former is supposed to be a test of physical fitness, strength and stamina.In London Olympics also our athletes fail because their usual grouse is that not enough money,not enough foreign exposure,not enough infrastructure  etc etc.When one compares that even famine afflicted North korea is in 4th place with 3 golds and a total of 11 medals the abysmal performance India as a nation shows off.African athletes do not have foreign exposure, are paid less and have less facilities than India but some football teams beat the world champions Spain and some of their athletes win all strength and endurance events like marathon,long distance events etc We Indians cannot admit that we lack strength,stamina ,physical fitness associated with Physical games but also lack Mental strength and innovation
to adjust, compete in difficult environment instead of blaming ground conditions,weather,umpiring and what not.
    School boys in USA and Pakistan hack into our top secret Government websites of CBI,Navy,Atomic energy  and even that of Congress party etc and we just donot seem to learn from our mistakes.The recent power failure in Northern grid is another example of this lack of Mental innovation to adjust to a critical situation.Just imagine suppose what happened at Agra sub station is artificially created by a commando team from an enemy nation?
    Singapore is providing 32 MB Broadband speed to all its citizens free.Google is providing1000 MB speed on trial basis in USA while we think 2 MB speed is great and 8MB is Turbo!!!In this globalized world only fittest will survive whether physically or mentally.India has a long way to go in both these aspects.The first requires basic health needs like clean water, air, healthy food for all its citizens while for a Mental health we require not rote learning but education which rewards innovation and allows students to commit mistakes and who can question their  parents and teachers views.To conquer fear of the unknown is the basis of
innovation and mental toughness.Hope Indians learn soon enough.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Negative effects of Anxiety and how to combat it

  The above link provides the 10 most important of the Negative effects of Anxiety .It also provides solution for the negative effects.
1.Daily dose of Fresh air and Sunshine
2.Sound nutrition
3.Various Yoga techniques along with Aroma therapy and Massages to relax.
   I will add to this Music therapy and a Positive attitude to Life.Even hobbies which interest you
like gardening ,helping people in any sort of way and just about liking  children near you and interacting
with them. Many people tend to take SSRIs like Prozac,Setraline etc as it may provide some immediate  relief..But these drugs also in the initial stages  induce suicide which normally the prescribing doctors do not reveal to the patients or their carers.
   I can say with conviction about Yoga as even simple breathing techniques has helped me tremendously
in fighting Brain fatigue.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strategic Defiance of Pakistan ;What India can do?

                                     Strategic Defiance of Pakistan/ What can India do?

             When the Senate of Pakistan passed the 14 point plan(40 Point sub plan), many thought it will be a sort of white wash to open the NATO supply route and give fig leaf
to the ruling establishment  for getting some green packs.What came out of the exercise which was started on November 2011 by the Defence committee of the Cabinet (DCC) and also
by the Parliamentary committee on National Security (PCNS) which was also whetted by the Defence,Foreign affairs,Law,Finance Ministry bureaucrats of the Government and finally was placed before the Pakistani Parliament was a show of Defiance by Pakistan to USA. Senator Prof Kurshid Ahmed did not approve of the final recommendations though he signed the draft.The PCNS consisted of the following members.

1. Senator Miam Raza Rahhaai. Chairman
2. Senator Dr. Zaheer-ud«Di|1 Bahar Awa1| Member
3. Mr. Nadeem Afzal Condal, MHP; Member
4. Senator Mohammad lshaq Dar Member
5. Sardar Mehtah Ahmad Khan,  Member
ü. Senator Wasim Sajjad Member
T. Syed Haider àbhas Rizvì, MNA Member
E. Mr. Asfaadyar Wali Khan, MNA Member
9. Meulana Faza1­¿ur-Rahman, MNà Member
11]. Mr. Munir Khan Ürakzai, MNA Member
I1. Senator Pref. Kbursbid .äbmed Member
12. Mr.  Ahmad Khan Sherpae, MNA Member
13. Senator Abdur Rahim Khan Mandbkhel Member
14. Senator lsrarnllah Zebri, Member
15. Senater Shahid Hassan Bugti Member
lń. Senator Afrasiyab Khattak Member

The most important directive is that the Foreign policy of Pakistan be conducted as per
the principles of an independent foreign policy to be grounded in Strict adherence
to the Principles of Policy as Stated in Article 40 of the Constitution
of Pakistan, the UN Charter and observance of international law.
Pakistans'nuclear programme  and assets including iTs safety and
security’ cannot be compromised. The US-Indo civil nuclear agreement has significantly altered the strategic balance in the region therefore Pakistan should seek from the US and NSG similar agreement. The strategic position of Pakistan
Vis-à-vis India  on the .subject of FMCT must not he compromised
and this principle be kept in View in negotiations on this matter with USA.
  Use of Pakistani Airspace and Military bases will now require Parliamentary approval
and not the approval of the ruling Government establishment. No verbal agreement with any foreign power should be made and they must be reduced in writing if at all made.
   The territory of Pakistan shall never be used to stage attacks on any other country and all foreign fighters shall be sent away and expelled.
  The focus of Pakistan’s foreign policy should be peaceful environment in its neighbourhood which includes India and Afghanistan; economic progress and social progress should be the main focus.
While maintaining traditional link with allies ; the country is directed to diversify its source of economic,military and political support. To implement this policy the country is directed to engage India in a continuous process which is result oriented which will have the final solution of Kashmir as per UN principles.While strategic partnership with China should be deepened, further strengthening of relationship with Russia and also getting permanent membership of SCO should be prioritised. 

I think the biggest significance of the new emerging China/Russia partnership , may be that it establishes an obstacle to western monopoly and protects the rights of the non-westrn world, including the independence of the national interests and diversity of political systems.
ASEAN must be another area of priority for both.

   The Iran/Pakistan Gas pipeline project should be actively pursued.
     The process of evolving this 14 point plan a long drawn out one and the ministries involved and then the main points makes it an interesting document which has wide acceptance in Pakistani society including the fringe elements.Was it a strategic defiance or a “chaal” in the poker game.The Americans have already acting as the deal to be countered with their own moves and concessions which can be extracted from the sucker India in the form of Siachen withdrawal without AGPL.This withdrawal is linked to NATO supply line reopening and so the urgency shown by Pakistani Army and Hillary Clinton.But the patriotic Indian Army is already showing signs of defiance in the face of American pressure.
    With regard to Afghanistan, what India can do to calm the Pakistani nerves.I think the hearts and minds of ordinary Afghans are the best answer to that.
    With regard to Kashmir, the American fox is laying the line of independent Kashmir which has wide acceptance amongst all sections of Muslim society both sides of the LOC but not liked by the Budhists of Ladakh and Hindus of Jammu.
   I think India and Pakistan can jointly enter SCO and also ASEAN.
   With regard to nukes India has not gained but lost only the friendship of Iran. If Pakistan wants same type of relationship, India has not objection as long its own independent deterrence is protected.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Killing of a Bangalore lake

         It was in the year 2010 august there was this exotic birds which came to our lake Iblur and we were all thrilled as the park nearby was also cleaned up and a walking track laid.Papers talked about Lake development Authority and crores being earmarked for fencing,cleaning and rejuvenating Bangalore lakes.We saw some fencing being laid at Agara lake. But smaller Iblur lake held its own with a small circular parisal boat and some odd 5 0r 6 fishermen doing their living by catching fish.I donot know whether fishing was illegal or not but the Lake was tolerably clean inspite of immersions of giant idols of Lord Ganesha and Durga during the poojas.I think these small band of fishermen kept the lake clean so that fish will thrive and they can make a living.There was this Forest Department which will not allow a metalled road to come up surrounding the road on western side which would have benefited immensely as the main Outer ring road was on the eastern side of the lake.I am posting the Youtube links below when the exotic birds were swimming in 2010.
    Iblur Lake with Exotic birds 
    Iblur lake and black ducks 
      This happy situation changed and I think it is because fishing was stopped by the authorirties may be due to lack of bribe or legally some body wanted it to end.Now this has created the Parthenon weed to envelop the whole lake in a matter of just 6 months.The you tube links to the situation as it looks now is better than words.
       Iblur lake with weeds covering

      Iblur Lake with weeds
       Whom to blame for this killing of a beautiful lake in just 6 months.? Was the removal of Ex Chief Minister Yediurappa responsible for this paralysis in administration? Politicians,babus,Forest officials who are responsible for this?

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ladies Public toilet

What is the one issue which I will like to see implemented in India? This question was posted by a blogger group.I thought over it for some time and came to this idea of "Ladies Public toilet" as the one area which is deficient in modern India.One can always see on the highways when one travels by bus or train, village ladies getting up from relieving themselves.As my mother was diabetic i know her need for frequent urination and so the need for a Ladies urinal and various ways my father used to become a screen along with young me on the highways.Now when my only daughter being on heavy dose of anti/Psychotics, she also faces this problem and I am an expert in finding ladies Urinals at unlikeliest places in Bangalore.The Mushrooming malls around Bangalore are a great help but when I think of ordinary village women folk and others especially senior citizens suffering from diabetes or Prostate problem then the issue becomes one of public nuisance for other Citizens while it is a life and death issue for those sufferers. To solve this issue one has also to find water in and around highways and so water is a major issue of resource to solve this problem.When Indians do not have clean germ free drinking water throughout India, the question of ladies toilet takes back seat. As a village boy who grew up among the Temples of Tamilnadu, I wonder now how royal ladies of yore could control themselves as it is normally the custom for royals to worship along with commoners in Temples (No ticketed VIP darshan those days).We have a Temple pond called (Teppa kulam) in the center of almost every temple where everyone takes bath before going for worship which is a daily routine amongst Tamils in village.We young kids are not allowed to bathe in the pond and those who know swimming might have urinated in the pond itself.Most of the Temples in North are located on the banks of the river while Tamilnadu does not have so many rivers and so the Teppakulam is the answer for washing before worship. When i visited Hampi ruins recently I was fascinated to see a Toilet seat amongst the ruins (carved out of black stone) which is exhibited in the Hampi national museum.
I do not know where and at what location this was excavated but shows that at least royals had this type of toilet.In Bangalore infrastructure development means flyovers which are not normally used as most of the traffic goes by the side or below the flyover. Signal free corridor to Airport is the Manthra but none talks about Signal free corridor to Kempegowda Bus station or City Railway station or to even any major City Hospital. They talk about ambulances on Highways and so many new fascilities and I hope ladies Toilet for the Public also forms part of the thinking amongst the Indian Highway planners

Thursday, February 23, 2012

St.Mary's Island and Mangalore

My wife wanted to go to a sea coast for a holiday and I selected Mangalore and booked train tickets accordingly.That it entailed three of us (all seniors) to climb the upper birth was a little deterrence especially the return journey was all for three side upper berths. I booked a hotel after lot of feed back from my friends considering the budget etc. But my wife got carried away by a gentleman in the train who advised us to take a room in a hotel which was double our budget once we landed up there. So we were forced to take non ac rooms and soon found to our horror it was really sickening as we are so used to air conditioned climate of Bangalore. Taste ‘Ideal Ice cream”, Eat Fish and Prawn fry at Preira rstaurant were some of the briefings.None seemed to know St.Mary’s Island and then I got to know it was also called Malpe beach we took an auto to St Mary’s island.The ride was pleasant and once we reached the boarding point at Malpe, we found that there are two ways of going to the Island. It costs rupees 485/- per head for a ferry ride in Government ferry while it would have costed rupees 1800/- per head in a private boat.We selected the Government ferry and thankful for the fun in boarding the ferry and also disembarking at the St,Mary’s island.The ferry ride was awesome and also the clutter of so many voices and cries of children. One could see white coral rocks in a island cluster on the side from our ferry.I think In whole of India the auto drivers of Mangalore alone charge strictly as per meter. We found a lone westerner amongst the tourists. From his cap I could see he has served in Afghanistan and was here may be on a holiday. He said he is from a country which I may not even know and when he said he is from Lithuania, I said i know the three former soviet Baltic republics, he was very happy.Christian (that is his name) said he is curious about his country’s language and its connection to Sanskrit.He said none of the other languages surrounding his country has nothing in common while there is plenty of commonality between Lithuanian and Konkani . Why we Indians have this uncanny knack to neglect our own ancient history while we have to learn about our own history from foreigners especially from the west My wife as usual collected some pebbles. There was also the lone Geological survey of India tablet saying that Vas codi Gama landed here first on his way to Indian mainland.Some of the videos which I took are in the enclosed file.The side upper berth return journey to Bangalore did not look horrifying after the delicious Gadbad Ice cream from Ideal. That the Karnataka Government took this St.Mary’s Island to show case the tourist potential got lost in the orgy some of the esteemed young tourists indulged in.The authorities should be commended for this step but then the tourists selected were not upto the Indian sensitivity .The video of Daink bhaskar on this issue is rather graphic. I will recommend all to go to Mangalore and have that delicious Ideal ice cream before going to St.Mary's Island. Video links to some of the clips.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Geniuses who were Mentally ill

The list provided by the accredited colleges has 20 names of Geniuses who were mentally ill and mostly from the west. I tried to think of Indian geniuses who might have been mentally ill but did not come into open due to stigma or just ignorance . I thought about our folk lore and epics and the following names come to my mind. But this is only my surmise and hypothetical .
Sage Vishwamithra.
Lord Parshuram
Among our modern day geniuses there is not much written due to Indian way of keeping anything connected to mental illness secret. Hope the stigma attached to Mental illness goes or the genius himself has got the guts to tell his illness without guilt or fear.
The link to the 20 geniuses is below.