Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Negative effects of Anxiety and how to combat it

  The above link provides the 10 most important of the Negative effects of Anxiety .It also provides solution for the negative effects.
1.Daily dose of Fresh air and Sunshine
2.Sound nutrition
3.Various Yoga techniques along with Aroma therapy and Massages to relax.
   I will add to this Music therapy and a Positive attitude to Life.Even hobbies which interest you
like gardening ,helping people in any sort of way and just about liking  children near you and interacting
with them. Many people tend to take SSRIs like Prozac,Setraline etc as it may provide some immediate  relief..But these drugs also in the initial stages  induce suicide which normally the prescribing doctors do not reveal to the patients or their carers.
   I can say with conviction about Yoga as even simple breathing techniques has helped me tremendously
in fighting Brain fatigue.

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