Friday, September 26, 2008


I was told when i joined duty as a young officer in the Government of India that " American Presidents do not lie to their people".The country of United states of America is so powerful that its leaders do not tell lies as they can face the consequences of any TRUTH even uncomfortable truths.We were discussing the acceptance of U2 spy plane being shot by Russians and Eisenhower accepting the incident.
When i heard the recent speech of President Bush about the Financial crisis facing America and recommending a bailout plan of $700 billion, the above quote came to my mind.His speech is not even believed by his party's nominee for Nov 2008 election Senator McCain that he joined his opponent senator Obama and issued a common statement not approving the bailout.Abraham Lincoln,Roosevelt,Truman,Kennedy all had that aura of Truth around them while we know Johnson,Nixon,Clinton and now Bush have reduced that aura of Truth around American presidency.
When Bush told Pakistani Premier Gilanni that Pakistan's territorial integrity will be respected EVEN as the American special forces were inside FATA conducting an operation.He should have told him the truth and faced its consequences.American media also are culpable to a large extant in this creation of lie into truth business for the sake of their Presidency. When he told Indian PM in 2005 about making India a nuke power without need to sign the NPT, now he is coming out that his promises to Indian PM were just "political promises".Of course Iraq and WMD and now recently his warning to Iran and the bluff was called by Iranian President."Talk softly but carry a big stick", was the advise given by an earlier president but Bush has not learnt this important lesson.
Why is it important for American president to speak the truth or keep QUIET when posed uncomfortable questions.
1.He is the most powerful human being on earth leading the richest nation on earth and commanding the most powerful army on earth.If this human cannot speak truth without fear
of its consequences, then which other human can?
2 It is also morally important for American President to speak truth because he is also perceived as leader of a Christian nation.Nobody thinks about Pope Benedict when they talk about Christian leaders.Normally it is the American president who is perceived as a christian leader of the west by third world countries.
Even in India we have this aura around Laloo Prasad yadav,Priyanka Gandhi and Arun shouri but not very many other politicians while in tinsel world Preity Zinta had this aura about her.
Does Obama or McCain have this aura? It is the American people who elect their leader and a man who speaks TRUTH AND READY TO FACE ITS CONSEQUENCES SHOULD BE AN IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR THIS ELECTION IN NOVEMEBER 2008.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Schizophrenia/ A father looks at drugs: TERRORISM/ Free training

Schizophrenia/ A father looks at drugs: TERRORISM/ Free training

SCHIZOPHRENIA/ do you understand?

SCHIZOPHRENIA /Do you understand?

Years ago, pronounced upon me this old affliction
Of not knowing who I am and where I belong
In conflict my mind with its mnemonics and its past
In conflict my mind, with this world and its existence
In conflict my mind, with you and your norms
With Entangled dreams and thoughts, as I speak

As this grows, concept of expansion of mind and thought
Sit there, in my hands, the old tablets and behavior
The question asked: the given gifts and judgments
Stigma of birth, hard to let go as they gather
The evidence- my indifference and my anger
To examine, the relations and its state and impact

No different I am to you and yet these credentials
We cannot bring you the peace, just live and witness
As this pain endows upon itself and its mechanics
Of all those questions, and of all those thoughts
Inside me frozen, forever, as I begin to see this world

Around me, around you, to believe, I still have
The old solace, my freedom, in weariness and in trance
Speak you to me when the world has shunned
The old doors of acceptance, the hands of comfort
Hurled inside upside down, my functions and formation
As they examine, in pieces and in fragmented potions

Leave all what you have, still with me the old warmth
As my soul descends from journeys unknown
Leads me this discovery to discovery and enlightenment
Still there someone, to care, as I take those steps
As I hear those voices inside, as I hear those voices outside

Where am I and what is this place
Caged inside a cage and yet they think the need
To imprison my body and hands, out in the open
As I entertain the need to demolish and comfort
Not many understand, that I am like you
Only difference, I understand and you don’t
Of all these years inside my mind scattered
Frozen in time, my hands and existence
Come and dance, I offer you another world!

ASIM, a Pakistani friend
The following is response by Ibne Idirfa to the above poem

"Come and dance with me
at the Hard Rock Cafe, I offer you another world
Put your head on my shoulders, whisper in my ear
say you love me
dance with me
stand by your man
if you leave me now you take away the biggest part of me
I am suffering schizophrenia
fly robin fly up up to the sky
you will never find another love like mine, you keep searching searching searchin all your life
I am your Man Manly Tun" By IBne Idirfa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

World Suicide Prevention day

Today is world suicide prevention day. A sort of CELEBRATION for leading seminarists to prepare papers, discuss, give advice and find reasons etc.Bangalore where i live with the best mental health institution in India NIMHANS still it is called SUICIDE CAPITAL OF INDIA with 25000 attempts every year.
Parents are advised not to put stress in the lives of students, IT experts who wow the world are told to see warning signs, behavioral changes,lifestyle changes etc. IT professionals are asked to go to Psychiatrists for counseling when they see the warning signs. I used to wonder what more stress these IT professionals face which is not faced by our soldiers in borders or ATC controllers who control aircraft's in bad weather or a surgeon who conducts a pinhole surgery etc etc?
What i find still more intriguing is the utter lack of concern by mental health professionals when it comes to SUICIDE OF OUR FARMERS which at last count was 5 lakhs in Maharashtra alone!!!Why it is STRESS in case of our IT professionals becomes a social issue in the case of farmers which is caused due to politicians of greed,bureaucratic in efficiency,drunkenness,failing monsoons,bad planning by our food ministry and of course the activities of loan sharks etc etc.No HELPLINE for these farmers. Why?
It is also intriguing that in India we have the most suicides in the most PROGRESSIVE STATE IN INDIA KERALA WITH HIGHEST FEMALE LITERACY and way ahead of Bihar in every social development index.Kosi doesnot induce suicides in Bihar and PTSD for them!!!
I hear JAPAN which is a member of G8 and RICHEST COUNTRY IN ASIA is having the highest rate of suicides in the world. DOES WEALTH PRODUCE Suicides?
It is rumoured that Japan even has advice for suiciders NOT to Kill themselves in front of bullet train as it involves lot of cost to exchequer and so they are advised to kill themselves by just walking to jungles surrounding their holy mountain!!!The same Japanese talk to India about human rights!
I know i might have killed myself when my dad didn't send me to a excursion which he could not afford in which my childhood crush was going! He gave me a rope and asked me to try. I just could NOT though i acted with a covert eye that they will also keep watch on me! Again i felt like walking into sea when i was unemployed for nearly two years but those giant waves were realy fearsome.But when my only daughter became schizophrenic and now i want to live more because i FEAR for her security after my death and how India treats their psycho social disabled.It is this poor condition of Indian social security system which makes me to yearn for more life!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008



"Forgive my trespasses as i forgive those who trespass against me" This is part of our Lord's prayer and we Christians say it by rote, that when i became an adult i found it increasingly difficult to say it without having a guilty conscience.So i admire those Christians who can forgive those who trespass against them. When Gladys Stains could forgive or Pope Paul asked for forgiveness of his attacker this normally gave raise to admiration.That is why Gandhiji was admired by most of the christian world .As a person who stayed in orissa for nearly 17 years i found them to be the most simplest of Indians. We never felt discrimination,insecure etc during our 17 years of stay. In fact Orissa was tolerant of Muslims also as i know Dr.Khan was a revered figure in our chowdwar area.So it came as shock when one Stains and his children were burnt alive by Dara singh. But His wife's reaction was admired by all.It was considered an isolated incident.
So when one Mr.John Dayal started frequenting Orissa and later became head of ALL india christian council and was nominated as member of Minorities commission, i could anticipate some sort of DISAFFECTION being created amongst Christians of India.He as member of Minorities commission was not promoting brotherhood amongst all religions but was working as a sectarian leader and was promoting even unethical issues like reservation for Dalit Christians.
Dr.PAUL opposed reservation for Indian Christians offered in 1931 round table by Indian national congress.He said that Indian Christians will work,die and live like his Hindu brothers in an Independent India.If today Antony,George Fernandes or Rajashekahar reddy are considered congress or NDA leaders but not Christian leaders ; one must thank the vision of Mr. Paul.
Kandhmall was waiting to happen with Swami Lakhsananda taking up the work replicating what christian missionaries used to do before.He being a VHP leader must be getting funds from Hindu NRIs as is the case with christian NGOs LIKE WORLD VISION.The problem i see with many of my RSS friends is that they feel "PATRIOTISM IS THE MONOPOLY OF HINDUS". For christian evengalists, this is a new type of challenge. An 80 year old Hindu Swami is practising what they were doing before all these 200 years. Instead of taking up this challenge they were resorting to RESERVATION as a cure for their challenge. Even if Ranganath Mishra commission report is accepted, the challenge posed by late Swami Lakshmananda is going to haunt the christian evangelists.This challenge is going to face them throughout India especially in Tribal regions where RSS is sending its pracharaks with funds from NRIs.
But was this situation exploited by our enemies? Like the Anjumaan did in Bangalore to malign BJP by throwing grenades in churches on instruction from ISI.Only the capture of real culprits will reveal the MOTIVE behind this murder.
Indians throng Ajmer Urs,Velanganni shrine when they are faced with insurmountable personal problems. I got special flowers offered at Lakshman Jhoola of Jammu,Vibhuthi from Saibaba,apart from water from St.Lourdes,and sand from river Jordan.I even got the famous Leper Baba of Choudwar Orissa to perform Puja when my only daughter was afflicted with Schizophrenia.I didn't feel any dichotomy in doing these things while being an Indian Christian. The VHP people must think that these Hindus going to Velanganni shrine or perform Ajmer Urs in the light of their personal problems.Basically they shop for Gods as they do systems of medicine HOPING FOR A MIRACLE.

I received the following email from a Veer Savarkar fan Dr.Godbole of Pune and i found the analysis of Orissa problem quite revealing. I may not agree with his comments on Gladys Staines but otherwise
he expresses the fears of Hindus about conversion very well as well as its political connections.

The gruesome murder of 84-year old Swami Laxmanananda in Kandhamal, Orissa, has exposed the ease with which evangelical groups can access guns, grenades, and other murderous weapons in the pursuit of their agenda to impose their own religion by annihilating local faiths and cultures everywhere.

No one takes seriously the administration claim that the murder is the handiwork of Maoists. It is another matter that in Kandhamal there is little to differentiate Christians and Maoists – the cadres reputedly overlap, and both share the common goal of uprooting Hindu dharma. Indian media followed the Western media in raising a hue and cry over the murder of evangelist Graham Staines, but did not show the same respect to the octogenarian Swami who devoted his life to the welfare of the most downtrodden tribal communities.

The media gave space to the asinine remarks of Australian evangelist Gladys Staines, who has no locus standi to comment on the internal affairs of India , and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was quick to give audience to well-organised Christian leaders after the Bishop of Rome expressed displeasure over native Hindu reaction to grave provocation. The Italian origin and Roman Catholic faith of Congress party president Sonia Gandhi cannot be overlooked in this context – it constitutes a sub-text to the Christian vociferousness, which seeks to drown out the fact that the Krishna Janmasthami murders in the ashram premises was an exceedingly well-organised and premeditated crime.

The tremendous and spontaneous Hindu reaction – paralleling the upsurge over the Amarnath yatra land issue in Jammu – has taken the nation by surprise. But the root causes of the Orissa unrest have been completely glossed over by the media.

Kandhamal is part of the erstwhile undivided district of Phulbani; it was carved into a separate district on 1 April 1994. It derives its name from the Kandh (Kondha) tribes who dominate the area, comprising approximately 51.96% of the 6.5 lakh population of the district. Kandhs are Hindus and enjoy Scheduled Tribe status.

The other community with a significant local presence is the Panas, a Scheduled Caste, who constitute about 16.89% of the district population. The Panas are overwhelmingly Christian and are educationally, economically and politically more advanced. They were the prime targets of the pioneering Christian missionaries who settled in Katingia village of Daringibadi block of Kandhamal in 1883. The Kandh tribe led by Chakara Bisoi, Dohara Bisoi, Dina Kondh and Lochana Kondh valiantly fought the British in 1857, and it was only in 1884 that the British finally managed to subdue this region with the help of converted Panas from present-day Ganjam and Nayagarh districts bordering Kandhamal.

Through untiring efforts spanning four decades, Swamiji succeeded in awakening the Kandhs. This in turn posed a major threat to the political and economic hegemony of the Church. The converted Panas are highly placed in Government and politics. Rajya Sabha MP Radha Kant Nayak is a converted Pana and a blue-eyed boy of the Congress president. He doubles up as chief of the local chapter of World Vision, a highly energetic Christian outfit. Nayak is also connected with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). He uses his MP’s fund to distribute largesse to converted Panas through his own NGO called ‘Nishwas’. His alleged role in the murderous attack on Swami Laxmanananda on 24 December 2007 has not been probed to the satisfaction of the local populace.

Christian bureaucrats like Issac Behera and retired IPS officer John Nayak, Lok Sabha MP Sugrib Singh, and former Steel and Mines Minister Padmanabh Behera are other heavyweights who are hand-in-glove with missionaries. The Church reportedly gets massive funds from USA , Italy , Australia and several European countries, and Swami Laxmanananda’s demand for an enquiry into the quantum of foreign funds flowing into the region and their utilization should in the fitness of things be accorded the status of the last testament.

There is a long-standing dispute between converted Panas and Hindu Kandh tribals. Under the law, Panas cannot own forest land as they are not Scheduled Tribes. Throwing legality to the winds, several converted Panas have illegally grabbed forest land. Kandhs who have been rendered landless are forced to work as farm labourers on lands illegally occupied by Panas. Seething discontent over this state of affairs first manifested in the 1994 Kandh-Pana clashes that left 50 persons dead.

Despite a High Court order to evict encroached land, Christians continue to illegally occupy the land. Being Scheduled Castes, Panas are legally not allowed reservation benefits after conversion. One way they get around this law is by concealing their conversion. Radha Kant Nayak, a 1962 batch IAS officer, is widely reputed to have gained entry into the IAS through Scheduled Caste quota by fraudulently concealing his convert status. The growing clamour for public scrutiny of such cases is said to be behind the setting up of the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, which expectedly recommended reservation benefits for all SC converts.

Another way to beat this law is by securing Scheduled Tribe status. This will enable Panas to enjoy reservation even after conversion, as an oversight in the Constitution did not deprive ST converts of reservation rights. Naturally, Church-inspired organizations such as the Phulbani Kui Jana Kalyan Sangh are clamouring for Scheduled Tribe status for Panas.

Moreover, the delimitation of constituencies has resulted in the reservation of the lone Lok Sabha and all Vidhan Sabha Assembly segments for Scheduled Tribes. The posts of President of the Zilla Parishad, Block Chairmen and majority of elected Zilla Parishad members and posts in Panchayati Raj institutions have also been reserved for Scheduled Tribes. The flip side of this is a loss of political and social relevance for the Christian Panas and the Church. Hence the sense of urgency in the demand for Scheduled Tribe status for Christian Panas.

The Kandhs speak the Kui dialect, which is also known to the majority of Panas. Disregarding the fact that ‘Kui’ is a dialect, not a community, Panas are falsely claiming to be Kuis and demanding ST status!

In 1981, the J.B. Patnaik government bowed to the Christian lobby and recommended that Kuis be included in the list of Scheduled Tribes. The Christian lobby won a major victory in 2002 when a Presidential order included Kuis in the list of STs. The Phulbani Kui Jana Kalyan Sangh promptly filed a writ petition in the High Court claiming that in Kandhamal district, Kuis were wrongly listed as a Scheduled Caste instead of Scheduled Tribe in land revenue records and consequently deprived of Constitutional concessions granted to STs.

Finally, the High Court asked the State Government to take a decision in the matter. Mercifully, the State Government submitted that as the Record of Rights of the Panas did not mention them as a Scheduled Tribe, their demand could not be met. The Orissa Government has consistently maintained that “this demand is not based on historical and anthropological facts.”

Kandh organizations such as Phulbani Kui Seva Samiti, Nikhil Utkal Kui Samaj, Kui Kul Samiti and Kui Sanskritik Parishad are struggling to stave off the Pana demand for Scheduled Tribe status. They have formed an umbrella organization called Kui Samanvaya Samiti to safeguard the rights of Kandhs.

More than anyone else, Swami Laxmanananda was a symbol of Kandh hopes and aspirations. The missionaries knew that the resurgent Kandh Hindus could force them to close shop. With Swamiji out of the way, the Archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar, Msgr. Raphael Cheenath could afford to indulge in some bluster. Speaking after Swamiji’s murder, Cheenath bragged that the roots of the Church in these parts were deep and that the Church would continue to provide light for generations to come.

In Jammu , Hindus have risen in the defence of Dharma, throwing up new leaders in the process. Orissa – land of Jagannath , Lingaraja, Kalinga-Jina – cannot lag behind. It owes this much to Swamiji.

Dr. Godbole is a Pune-based endocrinologist, social activist and author.

Most of the Problem with VHP activists is the leadership of SONIA GANDHI, AN ITALIAN ORIGIN CATHOLIC of congress party.They found to their horror that she gave up Prime minister ship for a Sikh colleague while some of their own are unable to show the kind of sacrifice which is common to Indian ethos.When they get emails from abroad about some 8000 Hindu temples being destroyed by Muslim invaders and how forcible conversion was carried out by them and how Christian missionaries converted the locals, they just fume.They are unable to understand that in spite of aggressive conversion by even Aurangzeb, people chose to pay zizia and stay Hindus in face of SUPERIOR FORCE. 200 years of British rule has left 2% of population as Christians if one believes the allurements of money and force and deception.


As a young recruit posted in chushul and standing in front of the memorial for Maj Shaitan Singh who died in Rezangla, i saw the withering bouquet left by late AirVice marshal Pinto who died along with 4 more generals in a helicopter crash.

The epitaph in the memorial said something similar



Ironically as Kandhmal was burning the body of Col J.Thomas , A KERALITE JACOBITE arrived in Bangalore for burial while the body of NK.Mukesh kumar reached his native place in far away UP.The enemies of India don't see the religion,caste,state of India, they only see INDIANS. WHEN WILL INDIANS SEE OTHER INDIANS SAME WAY AS OUR ENEMIES?