Friday, September 26, 2008


I was told when i joined duty as a young officer in the Government of India that " American Presidents do not lie to their people".The country of United states of America is so powerful that its leaders do not tell lies as they can face the consequences of any TRUTH even uncomfortable truths.We were discussing the acceptance of U2 spy plane being shot by Russians and Eisenhower accepting the incident.
When i heard the recent speech of President Bush about the Financial crisis facing America and recommending a bailout plan of $700 billion, the above quote came to my mind.His speech is not even believed by his party's nominee for Nov 2008 election Senator McCain that he joined his opponent senator Obama and issued a common statement not approving the bailout.Abraham Lincoln,Roosevelt,Truman,Kennedy all had that aura of Truth around them while we know Johnson,Nixon,Clinton and now Bush have reduced that aura of Truth around American presidency.
When Bush told Pakistani Premier Gilanni that Pakistan's territorial integrity will be respected EVEN as the American special forces were inside FATA conducting an operation.He should have told him the truth and faced its consequences.American media also are culpable to a large extant in this creation of lie into truth business for the sake of their Presidency. When he told Indian PM in 2005 about making India a nuke power without need to sign the NPT, now he is coming out that his promises to Indian PM were just "political promises".Of course Iraq and WMD and now recently his warning to Iran and the bluff was called by Iranian President."Talk softly but carry a big stick", was the advise given by an earlier president but Bush has not learnt this important lesson.
Why is it important for American president to speak the truth or keep QUIET when posed uncomfortable questions.
1.He is the most powerful human being on earth leading the richest nation on earth and commanding the most powerful army on earth.If this human cannot speak truth without fear
of its consequences, then which other human can?
2 It is also morally important for American President to speak truth because he is also perceived as leader of a Christian nation.Nobody thinks about Pope Benedict when they talk about Christian leaders.Normally it is the American president who is perceived as a christian leader of the west by third world countries.
Even in India we have this aura around Laloo Prasad yadav,Priyanka Gandhi and Arun shouri but not very many other politicians while in tinsel world Preity Zinta had this aura about her.
Does Obama or McCain have this aura? It is the American people who elect their leader and a man who speaks TRUTH AND READY TO FACE ITS CONSEQUENCES SHOULD BE AN IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR THIS ELECTION IN NOVEMEBER 2008.

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