Friday, August 03, 2012

Google Jam,Olympics and Indian innovation

   Google Jam is a sort of Mental Olympics  contest for Code creators in  software.Nearly 17 percent were Indians during the qualifying stage in 2012. By the third round Indians were down to 0.7 %!!! Though Indians started with highest number of participants just three Indians lasted till round three compared to 83 Chinese,77 Russians,36 Japanese,25 Americans,21 Poles 13 Belorussians and 11 south Koreans etc.India is IT super power, software power house etc according to Media and NASSCOM and then why this dismal performance in Google code Olympics?The big IT firms like Infosys, WIPRO,TCS, etc just created cyber coolies, who worked on orders from foreign vendors, got good pay checks and made money for their companies.But they never were able to INNOVATE and do something original.Not a single Indian  patent in software.The link to Goggle Jam site is below.
     If we look at London Olympics the performance of Indians match that of Google code Olympics which is supposed to be a test of Mental ability while the former is supposed to be a test of physical fitness, strength and stamina.In London Olympics also our athletes fail because their usual grouse is that not enough money,not enough foreign exposure,not enough infrastructure  etc etc.When one compares that even famine afflicted North korea is in 4th place with 3 golds and a total of 11 medals the abysmal performance India as a nation shows off.African athletes do not have foreign exposure, are paid less and have less facilities than India but some football teams beat the world champions Spain and some of their athletes win all strength and endurance events like marathon,long distance events etc We Indians cannot admit that we lack strength,stamina ,physical fitness associated with Physical games but also lack Mental strength and innovation
to adjust, compete in difficult environment instead of blaming ground conditions,weather,umpiring and what not.
    School boys in USA and Pakistan hack into our top secret Government websites of CBI,Navy,Atomic energy  and even that of Congress party etc and we just donot seem to learn from our mistakes.The recent power failure in Northern grid is another example of this lack of Mental innovation to adjust to a critical situation.Just imagine suppose what happened at Agra sub station is artificially created by a commando team from an enemy nation?
    Singapore is providing 32 MB Broadband speed to all its citizens free.Google is providing1000 MB speed on trial basis in USA while we think 2 MB speed is great and 8MB is Turbo!!!In this globalized world only fittest will survive whether physically or mentally.India has a long way to go in both these aspects.The first requires basic health needs like clean water, air, healthy food for all its citizens while for a Mental health we require not rote learning but education which rewards innovation and allows students to commit mistakes and who can question their  parents and teachers views.To conquer fear of the unknown is the basis of
innovation and mental toughness.Hope Indians learn soon enough.