Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Osama Betrayal/ Will India be asked to pay the Price


              Now that Osama was eliminated by US Navy seals inside Pakistan ,some hard questions face India. The recent visit of Kiyani to Abbotobad, ISI Chief Pasha’s visit to USA to meet with Panetta (without being arrested in spite of Rana trial in Chicago) and of course Kiyani’s meeting in Bahrain with Admiral Mike Mullen and Pakistan Fauzi foundation being allowed to recruit Baloachs for Bahrain national guard. The covert help provided by ISI with nod from Gillani in releasing  CIA man Raymond Davies through courts. What is the reward Pakistan Army extracted for betraying Osama is the question Indian policy makers should ponder as it involves second term for Obama.
  The secret contact which Mr.Man Mohan singh had with Kiyani through special interlocutors which led to Gillani meeting him at Chandigarh also must have weighed in the mind of Service chiefs of India. Did the Indian PMO ask the Indian Army to vacate Siachen? The pressure on Indian Air force chief to select one of the American planes for the MMRCA contract must have been a red rag for him as he had very bitter experience in dealing with arrogance of Americans after the C5 purchase and usage of its avionics that Air force decided to fore go altogether the avionics pod of C5. In the guise of end user agreement, Americans wanted to have complete control over Indian air force and its usage. The clout they wielded in Indian Political circles showed to the Service chiefs, it is also  time to show Indian Politicians where the lakshman rekha is drawn.
  Arabs/Yemenies consider South asian men  as of inferior breed that they are even allowed to see the face and escort unmarried Saudi girls.The 9/11 operation was given exclusively to saudies  though planned and executed by Khalid shiekh Mohamed.After General Musharaff betrayed the Taliban  due to President Bush’s threat should have warned Osama that anything can happen to him from the south asians but he believed may be in the inner circle of GHQ which dealt with Pakistan’s nuclear policy which also provided security to High value Arabs who continue to stay in Pakistan due to marriage and medical reasons after Afghan operation.  Gen Kiyani is not Gadaffi or even Iran’s leader and he is just like Gen Musharaff.
  The spate of writeups by western inspired media and think tanks in India and the statements coming from Indian politcos blaming Pakistan for harbouring Osama  shows the deeper game of
Pakistan/American alliance. It wants the betrayal to be hidden so that Alquaeda backlash doesnot happen in Pakistan as in the case of TTP after killing of Baitullah Mehsud wherein Pakistan Army provided the GPS coordinates of his father in law’s house.
   Siachen, Sircreek and complete control of Afghan policy after withdrawal of Americans is the price India may be asked to pay by the Americans. The Abbotobad operation might have been carried out by US seals but it had covert Pakistani help in the form of providing exact location of Osama,complete blackout of the city during the raid,asking civilians to stay indoor just before the operation.The Fixed wing aircraft which was flying over the ops area and giving AWACS support could not be without Pakistan’s consent. The airbase from where these seals took off in 4 helicopters was inside Pakistan as per many Pakistani mediamen. The whole operation took 2 hours inside Pakistan and not 40 Mts as claimed.
   The Gates,Patreus removal and also Hillary clinton giving a vague tip off during May 2010 about Osama living in Pakistan show Obama was desperate to have this action carried out before the election and also before it got leaked out to Jewish lobby in America. The Times square and Ground zero celebrations by youth of America show Obama’s second term is assured,
  The question is whether India will be asked to pay the price for Osama betrayal in form of Siachen and also change in India’s  Afghan policy. The booting out of American planes from  MMRCA contract shows that Indian Service chiefs are also incorruptible  and it will be difficult for Pro American Politicians in Indian cabinet to sell this line to Indian people with help from Indian media and Indian opposition.