Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SCHIZOPHRENIA/ do you understand?

SCHIZOPHRENIA /Do you understand?

Years ago, pronounced upon me this old affliction
Of not knowing who I am and where I belong
In conflict my mind with its mnemonics and its past
In conflict my mind, with this world and its existence
In conflict my mind, with you and your norms
With Entangled dreams and thoughts, as I speak

As this grows, concept of expansion of mind and thought
Sit there, in my hands, the old tablets and behavior
The question asked: the given gifts and judgments
Stigma of birth, hard to let go as they gather
The evidence- my indifference and my anger
To examine, the relations and its state and impact

No different I am to you and yet these credentials
We cannot bring you the peace, just live and witness
As this pain endows upon itself and its mechanics
Of all those questions, and of all those thoughts
Inside me frozen, forever, as I begin to see this world

Around me, around you, to believe, I still have
The old solace, my freedom, in weariness and in trance
Speak you to me when the world has shunned
The old doors of acceptance, the hands of comfort
Hurled inside upside down, my functions and formation
As they examine, in pieces and in fragmented potions

Leave all what you have, still with me the old warmth
As my soul descends from journeys unknown
Leads me this discovery to discovery and enlightenment
Still there someone, to care, as I take those steps
As I hear those voices inside, as I hear those voices outside

Where am I and what is this place
Caged inside a cage and yet they think the need
To imprison my body and hands, out in the open
As I entertain the need to demolish and comfort
Not many understand, that I am like you
Only difference, I understand and you don’t
Of all these years inside my mind scattered
Frozen in time, my hands and existence
Come and dance, I offer you another world!

ASIM, a Pakistani friend
The following is response by Ibne Idirfa to the above poem

"Come and dance with me
at the Hard Rock Cafe, I offer you another world
Put your head on my shoulders, whisper in my ear
say you love me
dance with me
stand by your man
if you leave me now you take away the biggest part of me
I am suffering schizophrenia
fly robin fly up up to the sky
you will never find another love like mine, you keep searching searching searchin all your life
I am your Man Manly Tun" By IBne Idirfa

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