Sunday, April 29, 2012

Killing of a Bangalore lake

         It was in the year 2010 august there was this exotic birds which came to our lake Iblur and we were all thrilled as the park nearby was also cleaned up and a walking track laid.Papers talked about Lake development Authority and crores being earmarked for fencing,cleaning and rejuvenating Bangalore lakes.We saw some fencing being laid at Agara lake. But smaller Iblur lake held its own with a small circular parisal boat and some odd 5 0r 6 fishermen doing their living by catching fish.I donot know whether fishing was illegal or not but the Lake was tolerably clean inspite of immersions of giant idols of Lord Ganesha and Durga during the poojas.I think these small band of fishermen kept the lake clean so that fish will thrive and they can make a living.There was this Forest Department which will not allow a metalled road to come up surrounding the road on western side which would have benefited immensely as the main Outer ring road was on the eastern side of the lake.I am posting the Youtube links below when the exotic birds were swimming in 2010.
    Iblur Lake with Exotic birds 
    Iblur lake and black ducks 
      This happy situation changed and I think it is because fishing was stopped by the authorirties may be due to lack of bribe or legally some body wanted it to end.Now this has created the Parthenon weed to envelop the whole lake in a matter of just 6 months.The you tube links to the situation as it looks now is better than words.
       Iblur lake with weeds covering

      Iblur Lake with weeds
       Whom to blame for this killing of a beautiful lake in just 6 months.? Was the removal of Ex Chief Minister Yediurappa responsible for this paralysis in administration? Politicians,babus,Forest officials who are responsible for this?


Prasad N said...

This is happening every where, here in Hyderabad one by one the lakes are being systematically killed. At some places they are simply sucking the water out through bore wells and at others filling them. Sad but true.

Prasad N said...

This is happening here in Hyderabad also.At some places they are just sucking the water out with Bore wells and at others filling the lakes with construction waste...

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