Saturday, July 26, 2008

JEHADIES of South Asia / Ponder?


The recent riots in Kashmir engineered to protest the gifting of some forest land to Amarnath Shrine Board is orchestrated by Pakistan but funded by SAUDI ARABIA according to the
state Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. This is a very interesting tidbit.
When Oil was not discovered in the deserts of Saudiarabia, its only source of revenue was the alms provided by the visiting faithfuls to the holy shrines of Mecca and medina. Those days the saudi princes used to be beholden to the purse strings of Nizam of Hyderabad ,Nawab of Arcot ans other Indian Muslim rulers who used to provide most of the facilities for the pilgrims and Saudies used to pay regular homage to the court of Nizam even before the British rule.
Discovery of crude changed all that. When the King was THE Chief guest at India's republic day parade recently , he did not have the courtesy to call on people of Hyderabad. Dollars have changed the roles. Now it is the turn of the Hyderabad virgins to be sold to aged VD/AIDS affected Saudis who come calling in the guise of marriage. Though the Saudis have worse human rights records as far as Domestic workers(imported from South asia) are considered , they go scot free because of the clout they have with western Governments. They are very clever in keeping the fundamentalists and Jehadies happy with various stratagem. They are the principal financiers of the Palestinian authority and also the governments of Lebanon. This in a way ensures the Jehadies only fight in Gaza,west bank,lebanon etc while leaving the Saudi household alone as they are the so called protectors of the Two of the holiest Islamic sites in the world. This honor was bestowed on them only in 1932 by some clever strategy by the British. There was no house of Saad before that and no protectors of the two holiest sites.They practice Islam in their own country in a way which will curtail the rights of women and so ideologically they can never be challenged by the fundamentalists as they themselves are wahabies. But they always kept the Americans in good humour by marrying American wives and keeping their excess oil wealth in US government securities.They are the principal backers of Americans in Iraq war especially as they dreaded Saddam and his Baath party as they used to dread the Egypt's Gamel Nasser in 1960s.. But they kept their options open with Sunni jehadies fighting The Shiite Iraqi regime. In a way this suited the Americans especially the Texan oil lobby and the arms export lobby. Obama is a fly in their ointment.
They also fund the Laskhkar -e-Jhangvi of Pakistan as also the Jaish and LET .In Pakistan the jehadies funded by them are throwing out the Shiites from Prachinaar in SWAT as the fundamentalists have done in Kashmir by throwing out the pundits and other Hindu poor who work in Kashmir valley in tourism industry. The have closed all girls schools and barber shops and CD shops.The Saudies also fund the Muslim separatists in southern Thailand as also in Philipines etc. But they are very CAREFUL IN NOT FUNDING THE MUSLIM SEPARATISTS IN CHINA in spite of prodding from US government. Musharaff the henchman of Saudies in Pakistan took action immediately when the chinese women were assaulted .
What is the gain for Saudies in funding the Jehadies throughout the world except the Chinese separatists. They aim to convert their Saudi sect into a sort of ISLAMIC CALIPHATE to which the SHEIKS and EMIRS of the world will pay obeisance. They know their oil wealth will not last for ever and they think this ISLAMIC CALIPHATE WILL ENSURE THEIR SECURITY AS WELL AS PROVIDE ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE.
South asians must think about KARACHI and BOMBAY and think of the power and fame and wealth these two cities commanded some 60 years back .Today people think of DUBAI,RIYADH,ABUDHABHI as epitome of wealth,economic prosperity and above all PEACE AND SECURITY. Will any investor in right frame of mind invest in KARACHI now or in DUBAI? Why the southasian Muslims should ALONE be the defenders of Islamic honour? I recently read an interview of a Jehadi leader of Pakistan who claimed responsibility for killing about 13 innocent Pakistani clerks and drivers working in the Danish embassy. Does not Danish embassy exist in Kualalumpur, Djakarta,Cairo,Istanbul,Syria, etc etc and many other Islamic countries of OIC? Why should the Pakistani Jehadi alone should be responsible for saving the honour of Islam by killing his own countrymen?
When American predator drones killed some Frontier Constabulary and Army personnel in Kurram( by mistake or deliberately), there was this uproar in Pakistan from Premier Gillani to ordinary Pakistani. They all said with one voice that US will be fought with all their might and patriotism. What i found it funny was that when Bitullah mehsud, or MangalBagh or other Jehadies in SWAT,NORTH, SOTH WAZIRSTAN, FATA kill the Same Frontier constabulary or Army personnel, the same Pakistani keeps quiet. His patriotism doesnot erupt as in the same way as when they face America. Does the islamic CALIPHATE FUNDED JEHADIES HVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN especially the constabulary and army personnel?
Does the Indian Muslim jehadies alone are responsible for protecting the honour of Islam(SAUDIES )by killing idol worshippers in Bombay, Jaipur,bangalore,Ahmedabad etc? Every South Asian Muslim must ask this question to himself and ponder.


veresh said...

Very informative , I hope jihadis are reading the article , I hope saudis run of gas and I hope Mumbai gets it lost glory.

Saaki said...

Good write up captain. I would say you have a keen interest and good knowledge of the S. Asian politics. I also feel that your understanding of the situation may not entirely be away from the reality.
I am a Kashmiri, a Muslim, though not a Jehadi, yet couldn't help myself reading your post.
I only have a few observations about the content of your post that I felt only appropriate to put forth before you in order.

1.Your write "The recent riots in Kashmir engineered to protest the gifting of some forest land to Amarnath Shrine Board is orchestrated by Pakistan but funded by SAUDI ARABIA according to the
state Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad."
Living in Kashmir and having all the contempt in the world for Pakistan (as do a majority of the populace)I can tell you with a fair deal of confidence that Pakistan is in no position to fuel Kashmiri passion. Not anymore. I also don't understand the word 'funded' - How do you fund a 500,000 gathering? Wouldn't every politician in the world want to know. Mr. GN Azad is the last person to know the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and is only trying to wash his hands off the matter. In his political career (spanning over 30 years) he had not fought a single election from the state, the only one he did was as the Chief Minister of the state (even I will win if you make a CM first). Even if what he is saying is true, how does this money reach India and then Kashmir. I hope you remember the famous (nay notorious) Jain brothers. Most of their beneficiaries were politicians. Thats another case that our leaders have buried six feet under.

2. "Now it is the turn of the Hyderabad virgins to be sold to aged VD/AIDS affected Saudis who come calling in the guise of marriage" You know why that is because the Muslims of India are illiterate and poor. Many allege it was an undeclared policy of GOI (even some recent commission has found discrepancies in the representation of minorities at all levels in the Govt.) to keep Muslims below par. I would not like to think that democratic India professes such a policy but would it not be prudent to root out this menace because its these two things that have let to the exploitation of Muslims at hands of extremists.
3. "Does the Indian Muslim jehadies alone are responsible for protecting the honour of Islam(SAUDIES )by killing idol worshippers in Bombay, Jaipur,bangalore,Ahmedabad etc?"
Say you are a devout Christian (I guess from your name you are a christian) and your brother is not. Would you kill him!!! or even think of harming him. No we don't. When pandits left Kashmir I lost all my friends but one, and believe me till that day I had no relisation that all my friends (except one) belonged to that particular community. My religion does not ask me to kill innocents, leave aside people I know, people whose good I have seen and whose love is etched on my heart. The reactions you see are only vindictive and fueled by anything but religion and morality.
Dale Carnigie in his book 'How to win friends and influence people' claims that even the worst criminals he talked to considered themselves to be but public benefactors. So thieves, robbers, murderers think they are Robin Hoods. How on earth would you convince a person infused with revenge or religious misinterpretation to think anything he is doing is but appropriate.
You need to address the real concern, that our power hungry politicians will never see. Its time that people in India rise, like they have in Kashmir and talk to each other and find a way out for us. A way towards progress and peace.
I hope you keep on writing and sharing your views. But I also hope you and your readers see the obvious and are not biased by history.

captainjohann said...

Dear Saaki,
Thanks for the beautiful and also the comment from the heart.We know that almost all Kashmiries want independence from India and pakistan while GOI due to its foolish pollicies has converted into ProPakistan sentiment.
Can Independent Kashmir survive?What will be its effect on Indian Muslims and majority Hindus.I expect asecond partition killings on much bigger scale.
Regarding Saudies, one must see what these maulvies and Mullahs are preaching in every Mosque in India. almost all of them get aid from Saudies.You must hear Dr.Zahir naik,Bukhari of delhi and all those MIM maulvies in Indian Hyderabad.Please give your input and i value them.