Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Racist Australia,China and Casteist India

Is Australia a racist country? It was Officially a racist nation as recently as 1973.It allowed immigration of white coloured humans only due to the Immigration restriction act 1901 authored by Alfred Deakin.He authored this act because he feared HARD WORKING JAPANESE AND CHINESE will immigrate and outperform the whites who were mostly felons from UK. The Lambing flat riots in which lot of Chinese were massacred as they normally found the Gold due to their hard work happened in 1857.Then as recently as 2005 Cronullah riots happened in which Lebanese were targeted in the beach and attacked by white Australian skin heads called Volksfront and Patriotic youth league.But the government of Australia woke up to the venom of their citizens and enacted Racial discrimination Act 1975 and Human discrimination act 1986. Any person can lodge a complaint with Australian human rights commission.
The link to their web-page is Human rights commission of Australia
Now is India a Casteist nation? Yes. We are casteist in that it is not only Hindus but also our Sikh,Christian and Muslim converts also follow casteism and demand reservation in Government jobs!!! Whether untouchability,discrimination exists which is associated with casteism? No in cities but does exist in villages. Government of India is against casteism as we have special laws to counter this phenomena. But what i find abhorrent is equating racism with casteism by vested interest groups funded by racist countries. We are slowly removing this casteism from our system but social change is slow to come by.But if today we have a lady Dalit Speaker presiding our elected parliament and our Apex court is headed by a Chief Justice who is a dalit, it shows Dalits have come off age by openly competing.Our largest state is headed by a lady Chief Minister who is a dalit.
Now the question here is can our students who spend their own money and study in Australia can be assaulted there just because their country is practising casteism.The stupidity of this argument is obvious. It is like Americans can be attacked in India due to their racial feelings towards blacks and hispanics !!!!!
Now coming to Australia as a nation. Is it a friendly country ? NO. It doesnot sell uranium to us while it sells it to China in spite of Indo/US nuke deal. It sells iron ore
to China by undercutting India's miners(Forestane Metal group) and also it has vested interest in trading with China as it exports also copper Ore,wool and fish roe. It is also trying to act as a bridge between west and China as Kevin Rudd,its Prime Minister knows Chinese language fluently and his daughter is married to a mainland Chinese .He opposes the view of containing emerging China as he views rise of China as a soft power and wants west to accommodate China on equal footing by forming C2( a view expressed by Brzezinski of USA who a advises Obama).The Chinese have shown their financial muscle by doing the following three things
China has taken an active role in the international rescue and cooperation effort proportional to its capability. First, China supplied liquidity to neighbouring economies through bilateral currency swaps. Since the start of the crisis, the People's Bank of China has signed currency swap agreements worth RMB 580 billion yuan (€64 bn) with a number of central banks, including those of South Korea, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Belarus.

It has helped restore the confidence of the emerging and developing economies.

Secondly, China actively promotes the multilaterialisation of the Chian Mai initiative, in order to provide financial support for regional economic and financial stability. Within the 10+3 framework, the parties involved have signed 17 bilateral currency swap agreements worth USD 118 billion (€13 Bn), including the agreements between the central banks of China and 6 member economies such as Japan, South Korea and Indonesia, by which China committed USD 16.5 billion (€12.5 BN) funding.

Thirdly, China has actively participated in the rescue effort of the IMF and other multilateral development agencies. China has supported the IMF by quota funding, purchasing bonds from the World Bank and other international development agencies and reached preliminary agreement with World Bank / International Finance Corporation on purchasing its private bonds for trade finance. The Chinese students community in Australia are more than 1,20,000.Though their student blogs speak of racism, it was not officially published in controlled Chinese press.Even a Chinese whose student brother was killed last year claimed two days back that he was killed because he was mistaken for an Indian and not Japanese or Korean!!!!Indians are used to colonial mentality of English language and Gora education.It is this weakness Australians are exploiting with some colleges giving substandard education .Every college is not Sydney university.

Indians must think about NALANDA AND TAXILA and how students from far away lands came for education to this holy land which has in its bosom the Parsee's(persecuted by Iran rulers for worshipping Sungod),Tibetans(persecuted by Maoist China),SriLankan Tamils( persecuted by Buddhist SriLanka), Jews (who came due to persecution by Romans).The Australian PM is saying that more Australians are killed in India (may be he is referring to Graham Staines) than Indians killed in Australia.He does not say that the killer of Graham Staines is awaiting execution after conviction by a court. Our education Ministry must increase seats in IIM,IITs immediately.Newzealand is also a much safer and welcoming country for Indians. Of course if Kevin Rudd is going to be nasty then India must think of boycotting its Beer for instance.

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this one was a little hap-hazard, still, it helped bring some clarity to my doubts on how to differenciate casteism and racism.