Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memogate of Mansoor Ijaz and Lessons for India

A Memo purported to be written by Mr.Mansoor Ijaz on the instructions of Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA and delivered to General Mullen has already claimed the head of the ambassador.What is intriguing in the whole affair is the denial by both the principal actors about their own role and both trying to prove their own versions by showing their Blackberry phone records( controlled from Canada by RIM).Now if according to Mansoor Ijaz the memo was prepared immediately after the Osama operation in Abbotobad and fall out in Pakistani army due to that, then why he is releasing it now?Why he kept it secret all these months and what was the need now to expose Ambassador Haqqani?
I think for this one must know more about Mansoor Ijaz.His father was one of those Nuclear engineers who fashioned early Nukes of USA.Mansoor himself qualified as a Nuclear Physicist from Cal tech.But he founded and chaired Crescent Investment Management LLC in 1991, an entirely a new genre.Who provided the seed money for this venture that he could appoint Lt.Gen James Alan Abrahamson (USAF RTD), a former director of President Reagan’s star wars programme and also James Woolsey (Director CIA RTD) to his board.The focus of his company was high technology,telecommunications,oil and gas investments and infrastructure development.
Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein was also on the advisory board and this shows that black money and Hawala transactions of the subcontinent must be also his forte.All those Big fat cats of sub continent from Politics, Business, Media etc etc who have their ill gotten wealth stashed away in Liechtenstein will be known to Mansoor Ijaz. A powerful tool for blackmail and doing their bidding especially as their career in Politics becomes untenable in case of exposure.
Another interesting thing is that Mansoor IJaz is also one of the directors in a company registered in Isle of Man called Crescent Hydropolis resorts LLC which has also German connection.This company has under sea resorts built in Dubai,Monaco,Las vegas and Oman.All areas where the Super rich of the third world squander their wealth along with Super rich of the west.
StratCom International, a firm headed by Lt Gen James Abrahamson, the first director of the US Star Wars programme, was seeking India's partnership in the stratospheric airship project for its expertise in vehicle design, payloads and control systems.Though the Airship developed for USA will hover at 70,000 feet high above the civilian air traffic and had ballistic missile sensor , interceptor platforms (Metal storms Ltd developed)and in effect an AWACS.But the Indian offer was for a platform at 50,000 feet to monitor LOC and LAC of Indo/Pakistan and Indoa/china border.ISRO’s Amtrix and Devas deal in which it sold S band to Devas comes to my mind at this juncture.
Mnasoor Ijaz has strong Turkish business connection and they jointly bid for Pakistan PTCL privatisation cake but ultimately won by UAE based EITLISAT .
Mansoor tried to make Pakistan government to recognise Israel when Benazir was ruling and again when General Musharaff was having his Military dictatoship. Both the times he could not succeed.But he did succeed in making Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to meet General Musharaff at Agra inspite of his Kargil Mis adventure and taking over as Dictator from Nawaz Sheriff. Mansoor being an Ahmediya was not much respected in Pakistani Army circles. But he had the ear of Musharaff. He also had the ear of Vajpayee shows the tremendous clout he had with US government and also amongst Indian Business class who support right wing BJP.
The Memogate is lapped up by the Pakistani people as a betrayal of their country and Armed forces but none seem to think it could be a CIA job as was the Gulf of Tonkin,Iraq WMD or the recent Saudi ambassador assassination attempt by Iran. Everybody seem to think it could be a Zardari job in which Haqqani was made the fall guy.
With American business interests entering big way into Indian privatisation as also Indian Arms purchases, the Military Industrial complex of Americans have a vested interest to exploit the Indian Democratic system which has many cracks in the form of regional parties who show rare interest in Global issues and Military matters.
The recent Koodankulam agitation against a Nuke plant being built by Russians by villagers who are guided by foreign vested interests, the concerted effort against Indian Home Minister P.Chidambaram( one of the best we had in recent times),the closure of Bhopal tragedy cases against the DOW chemical and the various other ways the western nations benefit at the expense of ordinary Indians are all related to these types of operatives like Mansoor Ijaz who use every tool in their kitty to get their way especially blackmail involving foreign accounts of Indians .Indian scientists from ISRO,DRDO,AEC etc must be warned about these operatives and they normally use SEMINARS in 5 star hotels to trap our lowly paid Scientists and Bureaucrats.Every one in Indian strategic community who deal with any foreigner for that matter must be given instructions about these sophisticated operatives.


shashi purwar said...

nicely written .....like your blog sir .

captainjohann said...

Hi Sashi,
thanks for visiting and encouraging comments.

captainjohann said...

I saw this article by Mansoor and I think everyone in India must read this. His writings against Military establishment of Pakistan sound hallow as his actions have always helped them( General Musharaff) as in Agra and now removal of Haqqani.It is worrying he might be involved in Indo/US nuke deal and non proliferation.