Monday, August 12, 2013

A tribute to the new World champion INTANON

     When India’s Sindhu entered the Semi final after her upset victory over world no 2, I was very eager to watch her semifinal match against Thai teenager Ratchanok Intanon who is also only 18 years old like her.But there was no mention about the time of the clash nor the channel in which it is being shown in any of our national media newspapers or in the visual media. So it was by sheer luck that when I was searching I could get the match in one of the channels as normally I donot sleep in the afternoon.Well as much as I wanted Sindhu to win, she was no match for the tiny Thai girl in tactics nor in  court coverage. A better player won but I became curious how this tiny girl will take on the Olympic Champion from China in her home ground.
   Fortunately I could see the final and what a treat it was.But what endeared this Thai girl to me is her Indian namasthe whenever she got her old shuttle changed from the umpire . She also smiled whenever she lost a point, yes smiled!!!When she won a point there was no chest thumping nor clenching of fists as our cricketers and tennis champs do but a serene of calm.

In the final she was in arrears 12 to 19 against the Chinese Olympic champion Xuerui. The way she clawed back and when it became 16 points to 20 in favour of the Olympic champion, she was calm and determined and saved 6 game points and won that game.But the Olympic champion will not give in and she played a clever game by playing to the forehand of the Thai girl and won the second game.But the  decider was a tactical game of superb thinking, clever drops and occasional shots to finish the rally. A real winner for the game of Badminton who has such impeccable court manners for us Asians to emulate. Kudos to her coach . I wish her reign continues.

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