Monday, October 07, 2013

Preparedness of Indian Army

    The Indian Army chief said to the reporters """Asked whether terrorists, had occupied any Indian village, he said nothing like that had happened, and no Army post or bunker was occupied by the terrorists or their suspected Pakistan Army accomplices. “We are dominating them from all sides, and the terrorists are holed up. It is a broken ground. It is difficult, treacherous terrain. They are stuck in that, and we will take them on. It is a question of time.”  When the reporters asked  Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne agreed with Gen. Singh that it was a “localised” operation, which would be completed soon. “We all monitor such incidents. If the Army asks for any assistance, we are there. There is no need to become hyper.” Then again today 6th oct 15 corps commander said “We are in total control of the operation. The reports of our posts being captured by the infiltrators are absurd,” 7th Oct paper report says ""General Officer Commanding in Chief, Northern Command, Lt Gen Sanjiv Chachra and General Officer Commanding of the 15 Corps Lt Gen Gurmit Singh have visited the area to review the situation on ground," Officiating Brigadier General Staff (BGS) Colonel Sanjay Mitra said. "
       What is curious about the whole Keran operation is that a max of 40 terrorists have infiltrated which everybody seem to admit.Army Chief says they are holed up in a broken ground and Army is dominating them from ""ALL" sides. Then it should be a simple operation for the Brigade which is  facing this situation but why then the Airchief is offering help? Army has its own attack helicopters and they could have easily used it to neutralize the enemies holed up in a open broken ground.But it is NOT using them may be due to fear it could be shot down as it happened in Kargil. Air chief's offer of help means only one thing aerial fighter bomber support. Does our company or battalion commanders are so in competent  that Corps commander himself is staying   put and seems to be overseeing the operation.
      What the Indian Army is conveying to the world and especially to its enemies? Mere 40 guys however well trained they may be (one can call them anything from BAT to Jihadies) are able to hold on for the past 13 days a brigade of troops while  staying in a open broken ground which is dominated by Indian Army in all sides. How are these Jihadies being supplied ammo and fed? How they are relieving themselves?Why the Army is showing in major news channels some footage wherein our soldiers are shown to crawl and move forward. Where? The news channels may give a good  impression to the ordinary viewers but it does not fool our enemies as well as knowledgeable viewers. The recent claim by corps commander that 12-15 militants have been killed but no arms or ammunition or bodies recovered does not show us in good light to the enemies.How this number is arrived at?
      It was some months back 5 of our Jawans were killed and beheaded. Then the Samba attack wherein 3 Jihadies killed 4 J&K constables at Hira nagar PS and commandeered a truck to take them to Army Public school. It took them more than two hours but as they could not find the Public school in their GPS, they just chose randomly an officer's mess inside Brigade HQtrs  guarded by a single guard and killed the OC. This also raises disturbing questions about Army's preparedness as well as communication links between J&K police, Para Military forces and local Brigade HQtrs. Why nobody from Hira nagar PS informed the local Army Brigade about the attack through a mobile or state communication? Was the Samba attack a diversionary tactic to take children of Army public school as hostages for a later or ongoing Jihadi operation at Shala Batu village?   
        What was the purpose of Shala Batu operation by the Jihadies? They do not come to infiltrate and hole up in open broken ground wherein they can be surrounded on ALL sides by the Army? They must have ensured some supply route for for ammo and food and even replacement for the Jihadi fighters. As this area is within our area why this supply route is not being able to be choked by our massive and superior force? Was there a TUNNEL already dug by the Jihadies?
         The Las dutt forests at LOC has stories which is yet to be told. But some lessons in preparedness can be learnt especially when it comes to change over of Army inits at LOC. It cannot be done in a routine manner as one does in peace station.The SOP has to be changed so that the posts are never left empty even in very peaceful atmosphere. Also some soft targets of Army like wives and Children could be taken hostages by Jihadi groups operating in India for which one must be prepared.

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