Sunday, February 23, 2014

Condition Serious Hai!!!

      When I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Metastasized to stage III, Well I know the " condition is Serious hai!!!" Of course my friends, relatives also know this and so the visits and prayers  from long lost friends and relatives was soothing. I got Holy water from Lake Manasarowar near MT. Kylas, special vibhuthi  blessed by Shri  Sathya Sai baba when he was alive and even Holy water from Lourdes.There was this friend and colleague who arranged a special sort of prayer for me at Ajmer Dargha at exactly 6 PM on a particular day.Well now I know the condition is really serious Hai but for my daughter it is a time for enjoyment with so many hospital visits as she enjoys the drive with FM blaring. I could tell my friends that I am in the august company of late Stev Jobs.
      But for my wife the condition is really serious as now she has to look after two sick people instead of one she is accustomed to.So this made her I think accident prone that she broke her feet and recently had a major incident when frying vadas with boiling oil bursting on one side of face. It is a miracle that her eyes were saved and we see that as a great gift from God though her condition was serious as per me.As only that morning  I warned her not to take cooking, she tried to hide her burns with serious allergy gimmick.But so many well intentioned advice and now I know blisters are NOT to be cut in burns as they are natural band aid for burns. Also now I know "silver ex" should be a must bor every home medicine chest. My wife has just recovered in flat one month without any scar while some were advocating plastic surgery!!!
    Conditions could be serious but then how one takes it will make your life a far better. A friend sent me this quote . ""What Cancer cannot take from you is It cannot take away your faith shatter your hope or lessen your love. It cannot destroy true friendship. invade the soul or take away eternal life. It cannot conquer your spirit " I think this says it all..
   Well you can be serious outside while being soft inside as the link below shows.


Sakshi Nanda said...

Hi, I hope you have gone to the "Condition Serious Hai" contest home page and submitted your entry there? Putting it in IndiVine is not counted as submission.

Fayaz Pasha said...

Many a serious things can be dealt with a soft nature just like a soft and silky chocolate bar.

Good post and best of luck.

captainjohann said...

Hi Sakshi nanda, I just thought I may get a PC if some one likes it. But your comment shows the concern and it is better than a PC. God bless you.

captainjohann said...

Hi Fayaz, Well in real life it is not so easy, with a disabled daughter and wife who is a stroke victim and just now learning how to use the ATM.But it is love and prayers from so many like you which is great Chocolate bar.