Monday, April 16, 2007


What is the connection between Afzal guru and Gauatonomo Bay and Myanmar? Everyone knows that Afzal guru was prosecuted in Indian lower court/High court/ supremecourt with access to his family, best of lawyers and then convicted and given death sentence as the offence committed by him as the rarest of rare cases in which nearly 9 Indian parliament guards lost their lives inspite of its mission not succeding .
Moazzam Begg, one of the nine British citizens caught in Kunduz in Afghanistan in 2002 as they were getting training for terrorism with the consent of then ruling Taliban. This British citizen never had ACCES TO FAMILY, LAWYERS and was kept in solitary confinement in Gautonomo bay from 2002 till 2007 and also underwent torture to gather information about his terrorism activities. This Begg is addressing the European Parliament on behalf of Afzal guru. Why? Because President Abdul Kalam is likely to visit Europe and may be asked to address the EU parliament. George Galloway,Jeremy gorbyn, roger godstiff,John macdonnell , all British MPs who get support from predominately pakistani muslim immigrant constituency are spearheading this mercy for Afzal guru but more important EQUATING THE CONDITIONS IN GAUTONOMAO BAY TO INDIAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM . What a laugh?
Now we have 34 Myanmarese Prisoners from Karen community and Arakans who have been doing not only gunrunning and DRUG SMUGGLING in the guise of FREEDOM FIGHTING against myanmarese military junta. Now suddenly an organisation under the leadership of veteran Freedom fighter Lakshmi sehgal has come up called SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE FOR BURMA'S FREEDOM FIGHTERS(SCBFF) Sehgal 's name being used by the interested partied like Ashok Mitra a former finance minister of Marxist government. This organisation wants these gunrunners/drug peddlers to be released because MYANMAR HAS STRUCK A GAS DEAL WITH CHINA!!!!!!What a laugh?

People may wonder what is the connection between AFZAL GURU AND SCBFF? The case of Afzal guru is being faught in European parliament (which recently passed a kashmiri resolution against pakistan viewpoint) is by an organisation BASED IN UK called SOUTH ASIAN SOLIDARITY GROUP. Both the groups (SCBFF AND SASG)are REPRESENTED BY COMMON LAWYER NANDITA HAKSAR AND may be Sujatha Bhadra.

They also criticise Bush and therein lies another link. FUNDING BY GEORGE SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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