Thursday, April 19, 2007

Common foods and their actions/uses

  • apples Protects your heart prevents constipation Blocks diarrheaI mproves lung capacityCushions joints
apricots Combats cancerControls blood pressureSaves your eyesightShields against Alzheimer'sSlows aging process
artichokesAids digestionLowers cholesterolProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarGuards against liver disease
avocados Battles diabetesLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesControls blood pressureSmoothes skin
bananasProtects your heartQuiets a coughStrengthens bonesControls blood pressureBlocks diarrhea
beans Prevents constipationHelps hemorrhoidsLowers cholesterolCombats cancerStabilizes blood sugar
Controls blood pressureCombats cancerStrengthens bonesProtects your heartAids weight loss
blueberriesCombats cancerProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarBoosts memoryPrevents constipation
broccoliStrengthens bonesSaves eyesightCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressure
cabbageCombats cancerPrevents constipationPromotes weight lossProtects your heartHelps hemorrhoids
cantaloupeSaves eyesightControls blood pressureLowers cholesterolCombats cancerSupports immune system
carrots Saves eyesightProtects your heartPrevents constipationCombats cancerPromotes weight loss
cauliflower Protects against Prostate CancerCombats Breast CancerStrengthens bonesBanishes bruisesGuards against heart disease
cherries Protects your heartCombats CancerEnds insomniaSlows aging processShields against Alzheimer's
chestnuts Promotes weight lossProtects your heartLowers cholesterolCombats CancerControls blood pressure
chili peppers Aids digestionSoothes sore throatClears sinusesCombats CancerBoosts immune system
figs Promotes weight lossHelps stops strokesLowers cholesterolCombats CancerControls blood pressure
fish Protects your heartBoosts memoryProtects your heartCombats CancerSupports immune system
flax Aids digestionBattles diabetesProtects your heartImproves mental healthBoosts immune system
garlic Lowers cholesterolControls blood pressureCombats cancerkills bacteriaFights fungus grapefruit Protects against heart attacksPromotes Weight lossHelps stops strokesCombats Prostate CancerLowers cholesterol
grapes saves eyesightConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerEnhances blood flowProtects your heart
green tea Combats cancerProtects your heartHelps stops strokesPromotes Weight lossKills bacteria
honey Heals woundsAids digestionGuards against ulcersIncreases energyFights allergies lemons Combats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy limes Combats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy mangoes Combats cancerBoosts memoryRegulates thyroidaids digestionShields against Alzheimer's
mushrooms Controls blood pressureLowers cholesterolKills bacteriaCombats cancerStrengthens bones
oats Lowers cholesterolCombats cancerBattles diabetesprevents constipationSmoothes skin olive oil Protects your heartPromotes Weight lossCombats cancerBattles diabetesSmoothes skin
onions Reduce risk of heart attackCombats cancerKills bacteriaLowers cholesterolFights fungus
orangesSupports immune systemsCombats cancerProtects your heartStraightens respiration peaches prevents constipationCombats cancerHelps stops strokesaids digestionHelps hemorrhoids
peanuts Protects against heart diseasePromotes Weight lossCombats Prostate CancerLowers cholesterol
pineapple Strengthens bonesRelieves coldsAids digestionDissolves wartsBlocks diarrhea prunes Slows aging processprevents constipationboosts memoryLowers cholesterolProtects against heart disease
rice Protects your heartBattles diabetesConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerHelps stops strokes
strawberries Combats cancerProtects your heartboosts memoryCalms stress sweet
potatoes Saves your eyesightLifts moodCombats cancerStrengthens bones
tomatoes Protects prostateCombats cancerLowers cholesterolProtects your heart
walnuts Lowers cholesterolCombats cancerboosts memoryLifts moodProtects against heart disease
water Promotes Weight lossCombats cancerConquers kidney stonesSmoothes skin watermelon Protects prostatePromotes Weight lossLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesControls blood pressure
wheat germ Combats Colon Cancerprevents constipationLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesimproves digestion
wheat bran Combats Colon Cancerprevents constipationLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesimproves digestion
yogurt Guards against ulcersStrengthens bonesLowers cholesterolSupports immune systemsAids digestion

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