Thursday, January 17, 2008


The following laws, though for Delhi will apply equally to all other Indian Metros and fast growing towns may be with slight modifications.

  1. Here Are The 15 Rules Or Laws That Delhi Lives By
    1. The Other Side Law:If my side of the road has a traffic jam, then I can start driving on the wrong side of the road, and all incoming cars will be rerouted via Meerut.
  2. 2. The Queue Nahin Rule:If there is a queue of many people, no one will notice me sneaking into the front as long as I am looking the other way.
  3. 3. The Mind Over Matter Law:If a red light is not working, four cars from different directions can easily pass through one another.
  4. 4. The Auto Axiom:If I indicate which way I am going to turn my auto rickshaw, it is an information security leak.
  5. 5. The In Spit Of Thing:The more I lean out of my car or bus, and the harder I spit, the stronger the roads become.
  6. 6. The Cinema Hall Fact:If I get a call on my mobile phone, the film automatically goes into pause mode.
  7. 7. The Brotherhood Law:If I want to win an argument, I need only to repeatedly suggest that the other person has illicit relations with his sister or mother.. .
  8. 8. The Baraat Right:When I'm on the road to marriage, all the roads in the city belong to me.
  9. 9. The Heart Of Things:If I open enough buttons on my shirt, the pretty girl at the bus stop can see through my hairy chest into the depths of my soul.
  10. 10. The Name Game:It is very important for the driver behind me to memorise the nicknames of my children.
  11. 11. Parking Up The Wrong Tree: When I double-park my car, the road automatically widens so that the traffic is not affected.
  12. 12. The Chill Bill Move:When I park and block someone else's car I am giving him a chance to pause, relax, chill and take a few moments off from his rushed day.
  13. 13. The Brrrrp Break:The louder I burp in a public place; the more it helps other people digest their food.
  14. 14. The Bus Karo Law:If I don't stop my bus at the correct place near the bus stop, the city will explode and blow into 6 million pieces.
  15. 15. The VIP Rule:There are only 7 important persons in this city-Me, I, Myself, Main, Mainu, Aami and Moi !

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