Thursday, January 17, 2008

GLOBAL WARMING is beneficial to India!!!

Global warming has become the Buzz word in Social science forums across the world. It is even thrust into Corporate Social responsibility(CSR) seminar circuits that money will be earmarked for this huge HOAX
. What is the truth? global warming is taking place and that is a fact. But due to green house gases and man made say some scientists. Of course Al gore got his Nobel for sponsoring this cause. But there is a significant scientific community which believes that global warming is taking place due to SUN IR RADIANCE. They base their theory by taking cognisance of Mars warming in the same proportion as earth. But the global warming camp say it is due to wobble of mars. In olden days the same scientific community used to say that cycles in earth temperature happens due to this wobble of earth. Ice age will come to earth as the wobble happens. Now as the global warming is taken up by western governments, they have become silent. Why?
In what way this global warming is affecting Earth? It is melting some ice mass in western Antarctica and Greenland. But in Eastern Antarctica ice mass is actually growing!!!In South pole this global warming has no effect at all.
In India as per ISRO scientists and those involved in this study have found that in Sikkim which had only 21 glaciers in 2000 has now 84 glaciers. A four fold increase in just 8 years. so actually we in India are having more glaciers and so we will have more water and our water starved country will be benefit ted.
This cacophony of chorus is basically a move by western governments to starve India and china to cut down on their Petrol consumption while they will continue to use their SUV.This conspiracy theory gets reinforced by the vehemence of opposition to NANO a small car. Instead of appreciating a small car which will benefit the poor there was this chorus that it will increase the pollution and co2 emission. But they will not stop using their SUVs!!!!!!!!!

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