Thursday, April 16, 2009


Gudiyas of Pakistan and India!!!!
When Gujarat Chief Minister Modi taunted Congress as a Bhudiya (old hags) party, there was this immediate response from Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi Vadhera that does her face look like that of a Bhudiya? Modi immediately responded that her face looks like that of a Gudiya!(Baby doll)
When Nizam-e-Adl was put into voting in Parliament of Pakistan, not a single, i mean SINGLE women parliamentarian MNAs opened
their mouth and opposed it in the august hall.None of them voted against this measure.But all along they were giving verbal hell in media to
Taliban for beating a 17 year old girl.They were haranguing the population of SWAT for silently watching the flogging of the girl. Human rights being trampled and these SWAT population was watching in silence they crowed.!!!These women MNAs also said that they are not afraid of FATWAS or MULLAHS etc.But when it mattered most they just submitted to the Mullahs by supporting Nizam-e-adl.Their reason for supporting the resolution are
1.From 1849 SWAT enforced sharia courts and Qazi's writ was recognized.
2.British accepted Qazi courts of SWAT in 1929.
3. In 1969 SWAT was annexed to Pakistan and Pakistan constitution was enforced.
4. In 1979, Zulfiqar Bhutto brought back Sharia courts(PATA SYSTEM) as demanded by People as Pakistani Criminal Justice system
was not delivering justice and only the rich had access to it as in India.
5.In 1992 the lawyers (as in India for repeal of CRPc)found to their horror their income is reduced.So they contested PATA
and High court upheld their contention thought Sherpao of PPP fought for PATA.
6.In 1994 ordinary people again demand Sharia and get it legalised.
7.In 1999 it is PML which passes Nizam-e-Adl in its present form
But ordinary people of SWAT want this regulation as they are not very happy
with Criminal Justice system of Pakistan which is colonial and similar to India loaded in favour of DELAY,DELAY,DELAY
which in turn means it is for the RICH AND POWERFUL ONLY like the feudal chieftains and Army generals.
Now the Gudiyas of Pakistan wanted (mostly related to Army generals,feudal chieftains) to have their cake of public perception that
they are liberal and oppose the Nizam with help from pliable Media for consumption of west. So when Zardari of PPP and
ANP whose leadership are beholden to ordinary public opinion, accepted the deal with Sufi Mohamed, these Gudiyas of Pakistan
were happy. They were pepperring Zardari for selling out to Mullahs.They thought they can impress their western pay masters that but for strong leadership of Army(Musharaff or similar), the country succumbs to Mullahs.But here Zardari, a clever politician that he is; knew this game of Gudiyas and so put the ball
of Nizam_e-Adl into the court of People's elected parliament.The connection of Gudiyas to Army and Mullahs funded by Saudi Arabia (who actually rule in Islamabad through Jamaat) have to come out in open and so they have to vote for the regulation without even any token protest speach inside the Pakistani national assembly!!!Only Ayaz Zamir spoke against the regulation while MQM abstained. President Zardari
scored a clever victory over pseudo secularists of Pakistan. These Gudiyas stood exposed in front of Pakistani citizens.
We see this happenning in India whenever 33% women's reservation bill is taken up.Whether from Congress,BJP or CPI(M) or others
these Indian Gudiyas gang up together.They all look alike with Big Bindies, matching cotton sarees, have some husbands,fathers etc in these parties and may be even have identical taste for quwali songs of some Pakistani singers.But they will not address the fundamental flaw in this bill which only caters to perpetuation of the class rule of these Indian Gudiyas.That is why Mayawathi is a lady who flaunts her bad taste in big diamonds,gaadi salwar suits and cropped hair gets my vote for honesty to herself and to outside world.


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much that i can take home from this !

ps.i dont know why, but this post of urs seems to have been posted twice..

housewife said...

Being a mother I feel for a father,you.Along with other remedies please "Pray", as prayers change fate!

captainjohann said...

Dear Aryan,
I post this in some other blogs which i own.
DEar Housewife,
We do pray and hope.Do think of us in your prayers.thanks

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