Monday, April 27, 2009


The track-record of the Afghan people; 2 crushing defeats of the Sikhs, 3 wins against the 3 British expeditions of the past, and one against the recent occupation by the Soviet Union. Both were Super-Powers of their time. Very deep wounds have been inflicted by the Coalition Forces on Afghan civilians (and also by the Pakistan government and its Armed Forces covertly), and now a substantially higher percentage of Afghans (and Pakistanis of Afghan origin) are ready to take-up arms against the ISAF forces, and against the puppet and corrupt regimes which are supporting them in Afghanistan and also Pakistan. “Pakhtun-wali”, or “The Pakhtun Code of Conduct”. This code dates back to ancient history, well before the advent of Christianity or Islam. It was there when Alexander came; it was also there when Changhiz Khan passed-through. It has very little to do with religion, but it has every thing to do with respect. The subject is extremely wide, and covers all aspects of human conduct in Pakthun society; a society which had no police, no courts and no government as such.But it had the code.
The Pakhtuns are spread from the Oxus River (North of Herat) to across the Tribal belt of Pakistan, all the way East to Indus River, then North to the Frontier Province of Pakistan , and West again to Jalalabad, and on to Kabul-Ghazni. All these people now have a stake in what is happening to Pakhtuns in Afghanistan, and in the Tribal-Belt of Pakistan. These fighters are merely honoring the Code when they enter Afghanistan. How Pakhtoonwali got merged with Islam? Taliban movement primarily based on a Religious cause got entwined with political cause when ISI with encouragement from Saudi arabia/CIA did just that to remove Atheist Russians from Afghanistan. After so many decades of war, it was a miracle that Taliban took control over all Afghanistan under single authority, disarmed the country, cleared all drug production and at least made it safe for Afghans to live. They did not get a breathing space of few years so they could evolve a constitution and laws through diplomacy and help of other countries because they were essentially guided by Pakistan/Saudi arabia foreign office.Due to their own national interest, these countries never allowed outside contact as basement of Saudi embassy in Kabul served as headquarters of Alquaeda.

The strict enforcement of Islam (reg prayers, clothing etc) by authorities like Taliban in Afghanistan are actually akin to Mutawwas(religious police) in Saudi Arabia. The mutawwas may be annoying as they had no respect for ordinary Saudies dignity and self respect. In some cities, they were known to just barge into people’s homes and harass them. in Riyadh, apparently they would just barge into the homes of bachelors and drag them to the masjid at prayer times. Many Sikhs ended up in the masjid praying namaz thanks to these mutawwas. They also harassed women who committed the grave sin of possibly having one single hair uncovered in malls but it was fun to see Amreeki female soldiers just roaming around in fatigues during the first gulf war. No mutawwa dared approach and reprimand any of them. They just looked at them with fear and of course lust. In Afghan and Saudi society this unnatural female segregation has resulted in bringing up another parallel culture since adopted for generations for the purpose of sexual relief of male members called as ‘culture of Lakhtaeys’; where young budding beautiful boys are trained to dress up and act as girls. They are made to dance in girly dresses at parties and in intimate gatherings. They are asked to mingle up while dancing and dinning and do all sorts of acts to make a good night outs for the interested ones. They are hired for nights after night by the male members who can afford to pay to avail a pleasure of sexual relief. This ‘lakhtaey’ business in Swat and in the entire Pakhtun belt is an old common phenomenon and a norm in the Pakthun society.It is not sinful because it is almost part of the pakthun code!The suicide bomber instructors actually sodomise the trainees initially and then a sort of make them into a pair who will give their life for each other.

The destinies of Afghanistan and Pakistan have now become inextricably interwoven. Destiny of Pakistan will now be decided by what happens in Afghanistan, between Afghan Taliban, (with very active support of TTB), and the Americans. If it goes in favour of the Americans, then Pakistan can rest in peace, Kiyani and his army can continue to rule with civilian cover of Zaradari and Gillani and extract retribution from the poor tax-payers of Pakistan. On the other hand, if the Taliban prevail in Afghanistan, then it is an entirely different story. In the last 62 years, Pakistani system has failed to meet the expectations of the poor, the under-privileged, and mostly rural, masses. But they get prompt relief and re-assurance from the Mullahs like Fazulallah and in Madrassahs, in this life, and also a seat in the front rows of heaven in the life hereafter. The Taliban ranks are snowballing wherever they take control. The Pakistani Government has nothing to offer them except false promises and continued exploitation and repression. Pakistani Government and its Army only want to “obliterate” them; with the help of infidel Americans, if they can not do this by themselves or by giving bases like Bhandari,Turbat for the Predators.

USA killed over 3 million Viet Namese, injured many more millions, and laid that country to waste. When their own over-58000 soldiers were dead and a couple of hundreds-of-thousands wounded, they threw in the towel. In Afghanistan, the Soviets killed over 300,000 Afghans and wounded many-many more. When their own dead reached over 12,000, and wounded over 150,000 , they also called it a day. American soldiers dead in Iraq so far about 4264, and wounded (they are really badly wounded) are 45583. American security employees/civilians in Iraq, some 3000 dead (they are also Americans, with wives, children, parents), a higher number wounded.So they have a fig-leaf withdrawal. In Afghanistan the Coalition Forces have lost about 1124 (including 674 American soldiers). In spite of the superior numbers and superior weapons, in spite of the armored personnel carriers, tanks, armoured cars, fighter-planes, helicopter gun-ships and transport aircraft,satellite mapping and in spite of the cruelty, torture and massacres which went alongside as the covert operations of regular-forces , history tells us that Americans will throw in the towel.It is a question of increasing the body count of Americans.

So the real problem for Taliban is the PREDATOR. You cannot increase the body count with the predator.It is here we find good Talibans like Zardari,Imran Khan,Musharaff,haqqani,Marvi memon,Prof Shereen mazari, along with bad Taliban like Baitullah Mehsud,Jallauddin haqqani,Fazulallah,Mullah Nazir,Mangal bagh all asking for stoppage of PREDATOR ATTACKS!!!Americans sitting in air conditioned rooms in front of Tv screens at Tuscon are controlling the Predators with joysticks just like computer games.Ofcourse the surge is welcome for the Taliban.

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