Wednesday, July 08, 2009


It was about 10 years back when i first started learning the basics of email; when one day I got a chat message from a stranger. I responded out of curiosity.That person thought I was some sort of councilor due to my advocating mental health issues. He said he is a gay person and that his parents have fixed marriage with a girl and he wanted to know my view on the matter.He was able to tell me how when he was a young boy of 10 or 11, he was seduced and sodomized by a friend of his father and he has never confided it to anyone. As he grew He has to learn karate to regain his manhood. He also had to seduce some boys and sodomise them to regain his scarred manhood. Throughout he felt guilty but he continued and started believing he is born gay.He was afraid of marriage to a woman and that he will not able to live a normal life. He was also emotionally entangled with a male.I somehow convinced him that his perversion is not something natural but a reaction to his child hood abuse. He married and soon he was blessed with a daughter and he said the joy of father hood is the greatest blessing he had. I asked him whether he felt the urge to seduce the boys again. He said he felt it but then he also suddenly felt the same with other unmarried girls. It is the same old human urge of conquest. But his feelings for that special male person still lingers but then he knows that he is slowly learning to love his wife while loving his daughter is natural and easy.

The decriminalization of Sec 377 has raised some questions. Why this criminal action is suddenly overturned by Delhi High court? A law of the land can be only changed by the parliament and we find here two judges of high court of a small state suddenly coming out with a new law of their own.This has set a bad precedent in that any judge can call a law as bad even if it is in force for centuries. As our Parliament of India is either sleeping or in hibernation the two so called learned judges have taken on themselves to judge an issue which is prohibited by Christian and Islamic ,Sikh holy texts .Even Baba Ramdev has opposed this decriminalisation.
Who are Gays and lesbians and where do we find them in India.
1.Normally we find them in cities amongst child hood sex abuse victims
2.Among clergy of Catholic Priesthood,,Jain Munies,Hindu priesthood, Buddhist monks etc which demand CELIBACY.
3.Prisoners in jail where there is forced celibacy.
4.Foreigners Pedophiles
In foreign countries this is practised covertly mostly in Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries while it is legalised in USA and some western countries.In Pakistan the Taliban Mullah who trains child suicide bombers almost always rapes the boys so that they are forced to aspire for heaven out of shame by suicide bombing.
The Delhi High court also has put in place another dichotomy in the law which it has created by making the age of consent for "Penile non vaginal sex" as 18 years. The IPC still stands as age of consent for "penile vaginal sex" as 16!!!. A woman can give consent for sex at 16 while a male boy can give consent for gay sex only at 18!!!Of course age of consent for a married woman is 15!!!
Who is driving this law change? Though the first group is vocally active, there is an unseen hand which seem to be at work. The UPA government even had a sitting of three Ministers involving Health,Law,home to decide on this matter.They never showed the same alacrity with regard to nearly 198 laws which are pending in the parliament sub committees which are crying for attention especially the archaic Indian Lunacy act of 1912(1987 Mental health law is same as old one in that it even claims Mental illness is CURABLE!!!)
"CONSENTING ADULTS' doing an act which is prohibited in law in private has not been punished in any court of law in India. I know some child getting sodomised being punished.But i do not KNOW a single case in which GAY SEX BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS BEING CHARGED AND PUNISHED IN A COURT OF LAW. FOR EXAMPLE EVEN ADULTERY IS BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS and is cited mostly as an evidence but not FOR PROSECUTION when an aggrieved wife or husband brings up the case for divorce. Then why the hurry for decriminalizing this act of GAY SEX.WHO ARE BEHIND IT?
My view is those MALE RAPISTS WHO SEDUCE AND SODOMIZE YOUNG BOYS IN HIGH SOCIETY ARE THE MOTIVATING FORCE BEHIND THIS along with influential Pedophiles of west. MALE RAPE is a crime which is almost never reported due to the psyche of male whose manhood also gets demolished by the act of sodomy.A weaker sex can always report it if she can overcome the stigma associated with it as she is always overpowered by a tougher male.In male rape the raped boy finds his psyche is also destroyed along with his physical scar. So the powerful Gays who seduce young boys used media to highlight the protest by Jamaat-e-Islam-Hind as one of Muslim theocracy while as per ancient Khajuraho sculptures Hindus practiced homo sexuality and so they are LIBERAL. Of course this 377 is a section created during British times and so the liberal opinion must support the change of this archaic law and so the argument goes. Does this has anything to do with PROHIBITION OF RAGGING? Ragging is actually male rapes in most of the south Indian professional colleges.
This law could not be complete without permission for GAY MARRIAGE and as such soon it will have this clamour by the jilted gay boys.
When Delhi High court decriminalised the homosexual behavior it has raised some fundamental issues in our society. Section 377 of the IPC reads -- "Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with [imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment
of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine. Penetration is sufficient to constitute the carnal intercourse necessary to the offence described in this section".
LET THE above section remain as decriminalization of the above behaviour will damage our social fabric. Let this sexual behaviour between" CONSENTING ADULTS' remain behind closed doors as adultery is.


Anonymous said...

u've delivered a brilliant new perspective to the whole issue. ('new' for me)
to think that, just the other day, i was having a conversation about this..
as usual, :)

Anonymous said...

aah and yes.
i could put my views in this manner
[1] i don't support or believe-in gay-ism, so yes, one would generally expect me to oppose the HC's views on this issue.
[2] yet, i guess, for "consenting adults" (and both words are important), i doubt the act should be persecutable
[3] though, surely, if this proves to pave the path to gay-marriages, then the decree is not something i would smile at.

yet, something inside me says that terming gays as criminals was never a correct thing, and needed to be corrected. surely, the implications of the same are widespread, and the path ahead needs to be carefully tread-upon.


Anonymous said...

I can trace my homosexuality back to as early as when I was 5 or 6 years old.
I was never abused and never even came close to it.
I don't feel attracted to "young boys". I prefer men around my age.
Homosexuality is something I was born with. I've been brought up in a very normal and healthy environment, but my sexuality is something I can associate with back to my early days.

I never thought of sex till I was at least 14. Sex is not what homosexuality is all about. It's about love and compassion.

It's tragic to see that a person whose daughter must have faced discrimination at the hands of so many, would happily subject a large community of people who themselves were born different, to similar forms of discrimination.

It's strange that a father of a daughter who deserves so much love, has room for so much hate in him.

It's also tragic to see you ranting off your opinion with absolutely no research on the issue. Read some research. Or at least read the WikiPedia page.
Homosexuality is as old as humanity, as old as life itself and far far older than the scriptures (old dusty books) that you want to live your life out of.

captainjohann said...

Dear unsungpsalm,
Where do you see hate in me? The world's Psychiatric community did think Homosexuality as a sort of mental illness till as recently as 1980s.
You will see in my post my chat friend also thought about his Mental involvement with his gay friend more than the physical part.
Any young couple(boy and girl) above the age of 21 can have sex with mutual consent but it is called fornication.Only Marriage sanctifies this act in a modern society as we know whether Hindu,christian or Muslim or Sikh.It is not only a question of choice but also of Social mores.Humans have values.
The Delhi high court has only allowed gay sex betweeen consenting adults without any restriction.But it doesnot talk about
1.marriage between gays for codified gay behaviour and divorce.
2.Property rights after gay marriage etc
So essentially it has allowed a sexual behaviour which is gay in this case between two consenting adults without any restriction because there is no consequence like child in this case though AIDS may be an unintended cause.Do you feel this is correct for our society?
By the way i may not love you but i donot hate anyone.

Trueman said...

Ur post on gay culture in India has been very informative and bold. With taboos that prevail in oriental countries, your effort is indeed commendable in the sense that u have put the whole problem in its true perspective.
We the community of men who do not indulge in such sort of activity or may not ike the gay or lesbians culture in subcontinental societies cannot close our eyes from the fact that both do exist. The only thing is we refuse to recognize them becaue of social stigmas and the taboos asociated with being gay / lesbian.

In Pakisdtan it is more serious because of reiligios forebodings too.

Nevertheless a very good, useful exercise. Thanks Captain Sahib.

Nayyar Hashmey

Anonymous said...

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