Thursday, July 30, 2009

YouTube recreats love at TWILIGHT

I went for my routine GLAUCOMA checkup recently and the doctor asked in panic "Are you putting your drops regularly?" I said 'Irregularly". Your left eye nerve is damaged almost 50% and that too permanently. Then i found one can loose ones eyesight even with normal IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure) in certain cases. My eye pressure never exceeded 20. After drops now the pressures are below 12. Mild strokes can also damage the optic nerves. I reflected about the innumerable pleasures our eyes have given us during our life time. As I near the end of the life's journey suddenly i find that there are so many things which gave me innumerable pleasures especially the films, their music and the beautiful heroines. I was addicted to pictures and books. I saw almost all Tamil movies and we had brilliant Telugu imports like A.Nageswara Rao,NT Rama rao,Ranga rao. But the most important thing was the voice of Ghantasala whose songs in Pathala Bhairavi still rings. Ofcourse we had MK Thiagaraja Bhgwatar,NS Krishnana,MK Radha , Raja Kumari,Bhanumathi etc who are not only versatile actors but also singers. Gemini's "ChandraLekha" revolutionised notonly Tamil picturisation but also Hindi movies with Gemini foraying into Hindi cinema .Then in 1950s Tamil cinema had a social revolution with "Parashakthi " penned by M.Karunananidhi, "Velaikari" penned by CN.Annadurai. This not only revolutionised Tamil cinema but also changed political landscape of Tamil nadu by eliminating Congress which is yet to change even today.
It is this time one of my friends advised me to take a look at Hindi picture "Ek do theen" with buxom Meena shorey in lead. At this time my Hindi pictures were restricted to Hunterwali movies of Nadia and John gawas along with English movies like Captain marvel,Flash garden and captain America etc. Next came the first Hindi colour movie "AAN" with Dilip Kumar,Nimmi and Nadira , and Awara followed and i was hooked though i never understood a line of dialogue or lyrics in songs. For a budding adolescent along with beautiful heroines the music scored. I just loved watching them along with Tamil and English movies. I had a crush on Shakila of CID and soon Madhubala,waheeda rehman also became favourites along with Dev anand. Ofcourse i could not see much movies when i joined duty at Delhi but one heard songs at Binacca Geeth mala of Radio Ceylon and I just liked the voice of amin Sayani. Our IB minister Keskar at that time ensured Indians didnot have the benefit of good film songs because he felt Indians must hear only classical singers like bade Ghaulam ali Khan or Chemmangudi iyer of carnatic music as film songs corrupted the pious Indian citizens! He must be turning in his grave seeing our present lot of films and hear the songs!!
So when i got posted in Ladakh, our only companion was a transistor ( a very costly item during 1960s for rupees 800) though batteries used to be a problem at 14000 feet. But it helped me to learn a workable knowledge of spoken Hindi (I was paying a price for the burning of Hindi school books during my school days!!) My posting at Jaipur and falling in love and marrying a Jaipuri girl might have been influenced by Hindi movies. So when our neighbour hood Senior citizens gossip turned to old Hindi Music, the mere word of Shakila lighted up the entire evening. The mole on Shakila's jaw, the hairstyle : WOW we all turned teen aged adolescents and some even sang. For me Aishwarya of (BPL advt) and Kajol continued my midlife romance and continues today with Ganelia, and so many smart TV heroines!!!
When this YouTube revolution occurred, i was already hooked on to General Hamid gul,Baba Ramdev etc. I never expected that one can even bring back those fond memories of yester years or even see missed episodes of"Kitni mohabbat hai","Aap Ki Antara" ,"Bandini" etc etc!!!
I am posting my favourites and expect my friends who visit my site to post their favourites. (CID Shakila, Dev anand,CID) ( Vijanthimala Amrapalli) (Pehla pehla pyar CID Shakila) Babuji deere chalna) (waheeda rehamn, cobra dance) ( Chnadralekha dance in Tamil by Gemini) ( dil ek mandir) (dev anad,Sadhna, Hum dono) ( Razia Sultan Dil e nadan, Hema malini) (Dil apna preet, Meena kumari) (Madhumathi Bichuah) (Raat per dard. Gaman Smitha patil) ( Love in Tokyo, Asha Parekh) ( Gori tera gaon, Amol Palekar, Zarina wahab) ( Likho kath tuje, Sashi kapoor, Asha parekh) ( Laga chuneri Daag Dev anand) (Hoto mei aisi bath, Jwel thief Vijayanthi,dev) (Sharmila tagore, Anupama, Aisi bhi batein, Geetha dutt) ( He malik tere ,do ankhen Bara hath) (tumsa nahin deka) (KL Saigal) (A.nageswara rao, Anjali devi,Swarna sundari) (mera nam shabnam) (Bindiya chamekigi) (chalte chalte Pakeeza) (Reshami zulfein sharbathi ankhen) (Phir teri kahani yadd ayi) (Heart chakra meditation by Karunesh) (Dev anand ,Waheeda, Apna dil Solwa sal) (SD burman Sujatha) (More of Johann's favourite music) Picnic Kim Novak,william holden (Que sera que sera Doris day (Dr.Zhivago,Lara's theme) (morning raga) Gayathri mathra by dev permal (Dance is music with your feet?) (Dance competion Vijyanthimala ,Padmini Tamil) (Benhur chariot race) (Sindhu Bhairavi song Tamil) (Dharisanam ;alaigal oaivathillai,Tamil) (NTR, and Jamuna Ghantasala Telugu) (The good,bad and the ugly)

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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.