Saturday, August 01, 2009

Private Airline operators strike / Is it actually a bailout for Air India?

A group of well heeled Private Airline operators led by Mallayya of King fisher and Goel of jet Airlines gave a statement that they will go on strike from Aug 18 if government does NOT bail out their losses in curred due to inefficiency. Mr.Anil Baijal who was once Secretary in the Ministry of Civil aviation read out the statement of Association of Private operators.
Immediately a rejoinder comes from Minister of Civil aviation which exposes the hollowness of the claim of the private operators.
Of course the private operators know their demand is outright ILLEGAL and contrary to all right thinking capitalists. I can even demand as a private citizen whose money they are asking as gift ;how come Mallyya is having his own private jet? How he uses them?Does Kingfisher support the maintenance of his private jet? How come he splashed money on F1, a sport not even played in India?How he wasted money of 400 crores on a test team of Royal challengers instead of T 20 team? But these decisions are business decisions and he can throw his money. But when he wants my hard earned tax money to bail out his inefficiency, i can question his policies.
But i see in this circus a deeper game being played by American Plane makers like Boeing to which Air India, Indian and also the private operators owe money as they placed orders by foolishly anticipating growth where none existed due to faulty business dealings and analysis. Then why this foolish demand on government? Actually Air India is asking for a bailout of rupees 10,000 crores for their own foolishness due to inefficient management,ordering aircrafts where no demand existed( 3 Boeing 777s) and plain over staffing. Instead of closing this airline as wisdom demanded, the bailout is being justified by this socalled Private operators strike.Basically most of this 10,000 crore bailout will go to USA plane manufacturers.
I see a game in this proposed strike and so called tough talk by Mr.Praful patel.

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