Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Why Pakistan is asking for time? Why the delaying tactics? Why suddenly Obama administration backed away from past US objections to potential terms for fissile material inspections? India,Pakistan and North Korea have openly conducted nuke tests.Israel may have an ambiguous programme and it may NOT allow inspections of its CIVIL SITES but still
Obama might have got a deal from Israel which allows the ambiguity to continue.India has got its NSG waiver but then only North Korea and Pakistan are left.North Korea wants a deal which will ensure the continuation of the regime and also allowing it to continue the Arms trade.It is confident of hiding its nuke assets which it had produced covertly.
Here Pakistan is going to play the game of spoiler for India and gaining RE HYPHENATION. The full force of international pressure is what Pakistan wants against India.Its game plan is as old as Pakistan/China/US alliance plan which wanted south asia nuclear weapon free zone.
The Pakistan foreign office is likely to ask for the following from the international community( at the prodding of US/China axis)
1.Signing of FMCT/NPT simultaneously by India /Pakistan
2. To declare South asia as nucler weapon free zone.
3.To ask Indo/Pakistan nuclear non/proliferation treaty
4.International inspection of each and every nuclear fascility in Pakistan/India including India's weapon sites
5.Renounce use of nuclear weapons against each other.
Pakistan wants unambiguous and fail safe understanding regarding manufacture and use of Nuclear weapons with India.Actually Pakistan is following the following advice from US non/proliferation lobby.
The US Nuclear Ayatollahs as they are called openly say that browns,blacks must not have nukes.Nukes are safe only in the hands of USA which has used it against Japan;In the hands of Russia which recently taught Georgia a lesson in neighbourhood;Ofcourse China which has invaded India,Vietnam and threatening to invade southern Tibet.
The Ayatollahs have found that India's present leadership is amenable to anything which it can demand.They found that it can even pressurise India to buy F18 Hornets(rejected by Brazil as it found that it is no match to SU 30MKII which Venezuela possesses in spite of USA ready to transfer full manufacture and technology.Brazil has found that Hornet is an aged plane with some latest blinkers in cockpit not seen by third world pilots. The new nuclear disarmament regime may have some cosmetic reduction by the BIG TWO to some 1000 warheads each while corresponding abdication by France,UK. The computer controlled weaponsiation is permitted and USA/Russia are comfortable that their new RRW warheads will work.
INDIA should ask for similar deal as the one it got from USA for Pakistan also as this will stump the nuclear Ayatollahs while the Islamic followers in Pakistan who hold the nuke trigger will loose their reason to treat India as the main enemy.USA/CHINA axis will be exposed by this manoeuvre and they have to face the ISLAMIC BOMB along with us.

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