Wednesday, September 16, 2009

INDIAN LIVES are cheap

Tamilnadu Government has pardoned 9 prisoners who were convicted in Coimbatore blasts cases and released them. What is rather ironic is that one of the pardoned prisoners could not be released as he is accused in a case threatening jail officials which is in trial stage!!This shows how the Tamilnadu Government has applied its mind to the whole issue of pardon.It is pure and simple political but NOT due to GOOD BEHAVIOUR in Prison which is what called "reforming prisoners"in Criminal justice system. In India a terrorist is rarely caught. Rarely convicted if caught.But when punished by courts is pardoned due to political reasons.This shows how we treat LIFE IN INDIA AS CHEAP. The UPA government is demanding that Prof Hafeez Zaeed of LET/JUD ibe punished. In India we could not convict Abdul Maudany of PDP whose bail was refused by Supreme court of India twice in Coimbatore blast case.But Prof Hafeez of LET is a venerable man indulging in charity along with giving religious sermon to "Freedom fighters" who go on suicide missions into India.Prof Hafeez Saeed will not be convicted in Indian courts if one goes by Maudany's acquittal.Preaching JIHAD is not an offence.

Now can these prisoners be released when an appeal against their less sentence is pending in court?

The recent evidence obtained by Kerala and Karnataka police in the Kashmir killing of 3 Kerala youths point to disturbing trend of Maudany getting bold enough by his acquittal and political connection with both CPI(M) and Congress’s-terror-links-surface-again.html
This also shows poor coordination between various state police forces about criminal/terrorist acts in neighbouring states where corroborating evidence is not shared.

It was in 1996 Al Umma started its campaign by killing a jailor Bholanathan and putting fire in DIG(Prisons) office in Coimbatore.Nobody was convicted in that case. They then killed a traffic constable Selvaraj which caused a communal riot in which some 12 people died.Nobody was caught.Now they became bold enough to target then Home Minister LKAdvani with car bomb and suicide bombers.This caused death of 58 innocent civilian lives. This opened the eyes of DMK which banned the outfit Al-Umma.Jayalaitha government was voted to power and she could crack the case and arrest Maudany and other conspirators.But now we see the present DMK regime following a policy by which they assume mollycoddling to convicted terrorists will get them votes from Muslim masses. If this true, then it is dangerous for unity of India.I only hope DMK assessment is untrue.
Now we see how the UK government treats its religious preachers and terrorists. These guys have not killed one single UK citizen.They were just planning an attack and also interacting with Pakistani handlers.The electronic eavesdropping evidence will not stand scrutiny in Indian court.Also confession in videos and before police officers are not admissible as evidence.. These guys could never be convicted in India .

But the chattering class will talk about inefficiency of pot bellied Indian police. But they never will ask why

1. A Muslim locality is called SENSITIVE by local media and local police.Why?

2.Why should there be special security during Lord Ganesh immersion ceremony.Dusserrah celebrations,Ramadan period, etc etc.Why fridays are considered sensitive by local police?Why Ganesha idol has to follow a particular route.Why cannot Muslims bear with sound and noise of processions once a year?Being a christian, I find it annoying sometimes when loud marriage processions or other noisy processions pass during the time of worship. But that is India and we are full of noise and we have to bear with it sometimes.

3.Terrrorists donot become saints once inside the jail when convicted.They TERRORISE the jail staff by bribe,blackmail or by sheer terror of their followers outside.The jail staff face the wrath of terrorists 24/7, all through their stay and this is not at all understood by the ruling elite of India.

During a recent TV programme, senior diplomat and security expert Shri.G.Parthasarathy lamented that 26/11 case should have been filed in US court as some odd US citizens also lost their lives and this would have made Pakistan to pursue the case of Prof Hafeez saeed with more vigour and thereby implied that US lives are more valuable in the eyes of Pakistanis.When Indians do not value INDIAN LIVES and treat it cheap how can we expect Pakistan to look at our lives with value


Swabhimaan said...

You have a great blog and great insight. Liked your impartial analysis very much!

Salute you!

captainjohann said...

hi swabhiman,
thanks for visitng and commenting.A subinspector was killed in Jharkahand yesterday and 18 constables in Mahrashtra.Our political leadership is dithering whether to use airforce etc.Why not drones if they think Naxalites have connection to Trianamool.