Monday, October 05, 2009

INCLUSION is the new slogan of disabled due to Mental illness in India

INCLUSION is the new slogan of disabled due to Mental illness
The world remembers 10th oct as World Mental health day. In India in spite of Supreme court of India's directive after the death of 25 odd Chained disabled due to mental illness persons at Erwady vide their order in case no W.P.(C). 334 of 2001 on 5th February 2002 to include Disabled due to mental illness in THE NATIONAL TRUST ACT 1999 as it is the only Act which caters for the following:-
The objects of the National Trust shall be - (chapter III)(a) to enable and empower persons with disability to live as independently and as fully as possible within and as close to the community to which they belong;(b) to strengthen facilities to provide support to persons with disability to live within their own families;(c) to extend support to registered organisations to provide need based services during period of crisis in the family of persons with disability;(d) to deal with problems of persons with disability who do not have family support;(e) to promote measures for the care and protection of persons with disability in the event of death of their parents or guardians;(f) to evolve procedure for the appointment of guardians and trustees for persons with disability requiring such protection;(g) to facilitate the realisation of equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of persons with disability; and(h) to do any other act which is incidental to the aforesaid objects. None of the state governments have established institutions to cater exclusively to mentally ill like NIMHANS as per supreme court order.
Nor the central government has bothered to include DISABLED DUE TO MENTAL ILLNESS ( NOT Mentally ill who come to hospitals for treatment) who donot recover after admission and treatment even in hospitals like NIMHANS. THE national trust is discriminatory in the sense that it does NOT include ALL THE DISABLED PERSONS AS PER PWDEA ACT 1995 WHO SATISFY THE ABOVE CRITERIA. So disabled due to mental illness are abandoned in streets or abandoned in CHENNAI at the Banyan.(
I request all who believe in the above objectives of the trust, please visit the following web page of the National Trust and vote for inclusion of Mental illness in the trust. The vote is taken at the bottom left hand of the Home page.
All those who are interested in families of Mentallyill can view the following podcast.

A very rare case of 7 year old schizophrenic.Watch the Oprah show in the following vedio


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