Saturday, December 05, 2009


President Obama has delivered the most important war speech of his presidency. But the surge of 30,000 of American troops along with 5000 of other allies; will it make any difference to the AFPAK theatre of operations? If numbers alone are the matter, then Obama would have provided another 100 thousand or even more whether General Machrystal wanted it or not. Then what is the war aim? The war is not going to be fought in the battle fields of Helmand, Kandahar,Kunduz or even on the mountains of Tora bora.
The battle field is the hearts and minds of AMERICAN STREET in mainland USA. Yes this is the battlefield.
That is why the deadline is July 2011 to cater for spillover upto 2012 American election. His speech very clearly put the onus of winning this war in America on Pakistan Army. The less body bags, and you get your crowns which may even include Mullah Omar in Kabul in place of Karzai! Zardari and Karzai have already been expended.
The take is on General Kiyani and GHQ of Pakistan Army. But the General himself made one very significant statement as Obama was talking in front of West point cadets.He told the Frontier constabulary that "Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam and MUSLIM UMMA and the religion can Never be expelled from the country" . Why he made this significant statement when Pakistan and Afghanistan are both Islamic republics? Therein lies the concept of MUSLIM UMMA. Americans rarely understand this or care to understand .It is Muslim Umma which is protecting Osama in spite of nearly $ 1 billion price tag on his head or Sheikh Omar , the killer of Daniel Pearl or Dr.AQ.Khan from being extradited to USA or which allowed Ilyas Kashmiri of Brigade 313 or Rauf to escape. This is what made General Musharaff , Zardari and MQM's Altaf Hussein to flee Pakistan while General Hamid Gul(rtd) of ISI , AQ Khan has no fear about their life in Pakistan. It is this Muslim Umma which killed Benazir and also ordered the killing of both Begums in Bangladesh and continue to order selective killing of ANP leadership inside Pakistan along with some Brigadier Generals who might take over as Army chiefs in due course. Islamic bomb could never be in the hands of any Pakistani Army man who is even relatively close to USA.
Obama promised " a partnership with Pakistan that is built on mutual interest,mutual respect, and mutual trust". He also highlighted the fact that USA is the largest donor for those IDPs who are displaced in SWAT and South Wazirstan. Nobody in the world including Pakistani Army now believe in Obama's take on Democracy after he ditched Nobel Laurette's Aung sung chee of Myanmar and Dalai Lama of Tibet . They know that they have the remote to control the American 2012 election. Already the American body bags in November is less than October though the whole year count is the biggest of 8 year war. During second Bush election the Obama tape manufactured by ISI was a big help to him in his reelction and now also the Haqqani group,Gulbudin Heketmayers Hizb-e-Islami and Quetta shura are all watching how General Kiyani will play out the demand for betrayal of MUSLIM UMMA. General Musharaff didnot betray them and i donot think General Kiyani will either.
Coming to Afghanistan war theater, Karzai is made to keep CIA/ISI asset Mohammad Gulab Mangal as Governor of Helmand whom Karzai brothers do not trust.The cosmetic deployment of extra troops will take
atleast one year with logistics being a nightmare. NATO convoys will be targeted by Tehreek Taliban while the Quetta Shura will take its orders from Pakistan Army. General Gul is already gloating and telling
his Afghan Taliban followers to keep patience so that when Americans head home with a fig leaf provided by ISI, they can take over. General Gul is already promoting Imran Khan as the acceptable civilian face for Pakistan Army and Maleeha Lodhi in place of Haqqani at Pakistan Washington embassy.
Central to Muhamed Ibn al Wahab's message was the essential oneness of TAWHID(GOD). They follow the cause which is known as AHL AT TAWHID or MUWAHHIDUN( Unitarians). Wahab's instructions in the matter of extending Islamic teachings by force were strict. All unbelievers ( Christians,Hindus,Jews as well as those who did not accept Wahab's interpretation of Islam and Holy Quoran is more supportive of him) were to be put to death. He viewed votive offerings, praying at saints tombs and at graves, any prayer ritual in which suppliant appeals to a third party for intercession with TAWHID as objectionable.Even celebration of prophet's birthday,Shia mourning ceremonies, Sufi Mysticism of Indian Muslims are particularly abhorring for his followers.
Whether Pakistani Army supported Taliban and fighting US forces in Afghanistan or Tehreek Taliban of Pakistan which is fighting the Pakistani army inside Pakistan as well as NATO convoys to Afghanistan will inherit MUSLIM UMMA is the question which policy makers of the world should watch with interest.

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