Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Schizophrenia ,Suicide Myths

The following post is courtesy Ms.Suzane Smith who wanted to increase her blog's viewer ship
through my blog. The link is below
I do not agree with all her myths especially with regard to VIOLENCE. But still the link is useful for people who are interested.
I got another mail from Ms.Carolyn Freidman with similar link and an article on suicide asking to be posted in my blog for increasing viewer ship. The link is below I donot agree with some of the myths she talks about but generally the article is interesting to those who are interested.
I got another mail from one Ms.Susan White who also wants to increase viewer ship of her blog through my blog.The articles she has given are interesting and only ladies can comment on that.The links are below

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Anonymous said...

Helpful links, truly. I'll be going through them again.