Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment guidelines

   I think the following guidelines are exhaustive and useful in disaster management, troops debriefing coming from internal security stress environment. It also can be  an useful  suicide prevention strategy.

PTSD treatment guidelines


Michele Rosenthal said...

Those are great guidelines, and thanks for posting! PTSD awareness and education are important in getting people the help they need. There are several effective treatments for PTSD. And a recent study estimates that 90% of all cases are wholly treated. Good news for all survivors!

captainjohann said...

Dear Michele,
Thanks for visiting and putting your valuable comments.What surprised me is that you suffered for almost 20 years before recovery.
For me a sort of immune system to PTSD is provided by our religious,parental,social systems in our country or society in which we live.For example the 33 Chilean miners showed exemplary PTSD survival when say compared to an European or North American in such a situation. I look at this in my own country where the rural population show much more resilience than our urban population eating better food,staying in better homes etc.
With kind regards.