Monday, November 01, 2010

China's Rare earths policy

EU is slowly learning the might of China's economic diplomacy.
EUobserver / EU concerned by Chinese industrial policy

  India has been a sucker all along with its politicians not knowing much about economic diplomacy. They only know how to smell money. Kudremuckh Iron ore hill is no more with Iran getting it. Bellary iron ore has given rise to a mafia of politicians who can even rule Karnataka. Of course Goa was exploited as also Orissa by Japan.. India did not even know how to play the games which big exporters like Australia and Brazil were  playing. Hope Indians learn to play to their strength instead of blindly following USA.They must learn from China.
The following link tells about China's rare earths policy and how it uses its monopoly.[tt_news]=37141&tx_ttnews[backPid]=25&cHash=312f25a76e

    The following link shows how China can lower the price of Iron ore by just not buying and building stocks of Iron ore through Indian mafia.

   We have monopoly in Sandal wood oil and Mica and we must know how to use our strength to the advantage of Indian national interest..


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