Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Awe of Pakistani Ladies

                  I think it was Kushwant Singh who said that whenever he went to Pakistan ladies colleges as guest lecturer he has to really search  for an ugly face while in Indian Girls’ colleges it is the other way around when one rarely saw a pretty face. This created a small furore at that time and being a Madrasi from south it was blasphemy; as for me every north Indian girl looked like apsaras in the streets of Delhi’s Karol bagh. Any how I have never met or interacted with a Pakistani lady except may be during 1971 war when I saw some East  Pakistani refugee women. Now when I comment, posted blogs in Pakistani spectator, I was also able to read some brilliant blogs,comments by Pakistani Ghazala Khan(Blogs  herePakistani spectator), Amna Gilani ,Nazia,Maria ( also use the Pakspectator), Tazeen( hanif (blogs here,Mehreen Kasana ( etc
One common thread I see in all of them is the COURAGE AND HONESTY in tackling issues
concerning Pakistan.
    The subject of Pakistani ladies cannot start without Mohtramma Benazir Bhutto.She knew all along that she will be the target of attack by the establishment but she had that one singular quality COURAGE which even today not exhibited by Military man General Musharaff or MQM chief Altaf Bhai. She could have easily gone back when she survived such a massive first attack but she believed in Pakistani people and almighty Allah and stayed on.
  Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, an American of Pakistani Origin neuro scientist, was convicted by a US Military court for the attempted assault and killing of U.S. personnel in Afghanistan. Must have required lot of courage and ingenuity.
Pakistani  Christian lady Asia Bibi has shown rare guts inspite of Majority of Muslim ladies of her village bullying her at the water point and her profanity might have been blashphemical but did not hold back (
Mukhtaran Mai, the gangrape victim has shown her guts in spite of legal hassles .She blogs here (
MNA Marvi memon is another lady who has shown loyalty and boldness in sticking by her leader President Musharaff who is so unpopular now in Pakistan and also consistently anti-Indian
Sherry Rehman is the lady who started the trial baloon about changing the Blasphemy law(
Veena malik is another Pakistani lady who takes on the clerics with lot of courage and logic. in this must watch video.(
What we see here is the emergence of young new thinking Pakistani ladies who have to show much more courage than our Indian ladies just to survive and voice their opinions. They are doing it without fear and in their own way.All of them are fiercely Pakistani patriots but they are also eager to see TRUTH and explore.I only wish our youth in India interact with them instead of CIA agents from America who mask as Indians and foul mouth venom with Indian names and glorify anything Indian ..These ladies will respect Truth and Honesty from Indians therein lies future of Indo-Pakistan peace which is now held hostage by Pakistani Army and Civil Society fed on brain washed Mullahs. The Americans are desperately trying to win this constituency as their traditional supporters from Pakistani Army General HQ is no more that popular in Pakistan after they sold to Americans on the Raymond Davies affair.  Indians must also remember that there are 1200 females in Pakistan for 1000 males while due to our killing of girl child in womb we have a ratio of 850 females to 1000 males and so we lag behind Pakistan in this Human development Index. These young Pakistani ladies are the future mothers of Pakistan and all south Asians know what role these Mothers play in the life of their sons. So our educated youth should reach out to these Pakistani ladies with TRUTH and Honesty instead of that proud crap that we are functioning democracy, our growth rate is 10% and our software professionals are ruling Silicon valley etc etc.Therein lies peace in the sub continent of future.


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