Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Nuclear Monkeys and an American fox

Americans know that computer modelling cannot replace actual testing for ensuring upkeep of existing nuke stocks nor for making more robust nukes which may have to destroy deep cave nuclear resistant bunkers. The nukes are for deterrence and the only assurance that they will work is to test them so that the enemies know.
The North Korean underground test was NOT detected by sophisticated satellite imagery, or by sophisticated nuke discovering stations located in USA, China, Russia,Japan or even by South Korea.The noble gases were not detected. It is a Canadian radionuclide station which
detected the Xenon gas.But the North Koreans were not happy because USA will just not accept that they have conducted a test which is meant for deterrence of enemy which in their eyes is USA. Now those who want to cheat can use decoupling the nukes before testing to reduce the seismic signal.China,USA,India,Pakistan,Egypt,Indonesia,Iran,Israel and North Korea have not signed the NPT out of 44 nations which posses nuclear know how. JASONS, a nuclear think tank in US has warned that Stockpile Stewardship of existing nukes may not completely give the workable assurance of the nukes.When the personnel ,silos and other maintenance infrastructure allowed to stagnate, then the second strike capability lacks a credible deterrence to the enemies.Bunker Busters developed by Bush are being tested in Tripoli,Afghanistan and other places.
The very process of nuclear development and testing
enables a generation of experienced, proven designers and technologists; it
necessitates a working nuclear weapons infrastructure; and, it signals clearly to those
nations’ leaderships—as well as to the world—that the government from the top down
supports the maintenance of those countries’ nuclear arsenals and deterrence goals.
US shows to outside world that their nuclear and military goals are peaceful while actually it is anything but peaceful and every other nation must watch what USA does but not what it talks or preaches
Now coming to the two Nuclear Monkeys of the subcontinent. Indian leadership is told by the Seminarists who normally are connected to various American think tanks like Heritage,American Enterprise Institute,Brooklyn ,CATO etc etc that India must talk to Pakistan because it did talk to Pakistan inspite of Kargil. But now as UPA has failed , just like NDA with their old approach of talking,stop talking for a while after a terror strike, and then restart talks because Pakistan is our neighbour till the next terror strike controlled from Pakistan happens. Pakistan keeps giving assurances while the Army/Jihad complex keeps plotting for the next strike and the timing to suit its objectives. This strategy of keeping India off/balance should not be acceptable any more and India must convince the Pakistani Army/Jihad complex that there is cost attached to any strike which is controlled from Pakistan like the Mumbai 26/11, or the Indian Parliament attack. India must openly support Balochs, Sindhies etc etc as the Pakistan is doing in Kashmir,Northeast,Assam or Punjab.In short treat Pakistan openly as an enemy country.While the US government has been involved in the Headley interrogation and the Rana trial in Chicago, most of the stories about Pakistan’s perfidy in GWoT and the machinations of its military-jehadi complex have been broken by the international media. Proliferation of the internet and web technologies means that these stories are now easily available to most of the Indians. The political price an elected Indian government has to pay must now decide future of India/Pakistan talks and the cost which India should inflict on Pakistan for their low cost Jihad.
So why not test the Paksitani nuclear first strike thres -hold by striking at the 57 Terrorist training camps in Pakistan along with houses of Hafeez Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim and the fake currency printing press.. Will this trigger the Pakistani nukes to be armed? So goes the argument of the western backed Seminarists.
Ofcourse the Pakistani state controlled by Military /Jihad complex from the time of General Zia-ul-Haq to Musharaff does not need any education in hating India or testing the socalled the thresehold of Indian nukes as they know everything depends on the Political leadership and that especially now is under the control of Americans. The Jihad complex is remotely controlled from Saudi arabia through ISI, Dubai,Dacca,and the location is revealed as per needs. Once a major terror strike like the one in 26/11 is organised and casualties are ensured then the Indian public opinion will be conditioned to pressurise Indian Political leadership to do something. I think the present Mumbai attack is one such pin prick and many more are likely to take place as per the preparation of the Jihadies and their handlers.I expect one in Delhi,Bangalore and even in Tamilnadu and West Bengal.
The assesment by US/Russia about a dirty bomb attack is published and it says
“”The assessment examines potential terrorist pathways to a nuclear attack, among them buying or stealing an existing weapon, or getting highly enriched uranium or plutonium and fashioning a crude nuclear bomb of their own, which the study warns is distressingly plausible.
All stocks of nuclear weapons, highly enriched uranium, and plutonium must be protected against all plausible terrorist and criminal threats, and the number of locations where these stocks exist must be reduced as much as practicable.
Coordinated U.S.-Russian leadership is vital for this international effort because the two countries hold the largest nuclear stockpiles and are most experienced in dealing with nuclear security. This joint effort should promote and support enhanced intelligence and law enforcement by the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and international police organizations.”””
Meanwhile the Americans with leadership help from Australia have launched Asia pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Disarmament and non/proliferation.General Karamat and Murshid Hassan from Pakistan are supplemented by Jaswant Singh of BJP and Mr.Man singh, ex Indian Chief de mission in Washington are assisted by two high profile diplomats from China and 30 others from Japan,Korea,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia etc.led by the Australians.
While defanging of Pakistan is the immediate goal, it follows that Indian and North Korean nukes are also on priority list. China will play a significant role in the defangment of south asia and North Korea as it knows its neighbourhood should be nuclear free zone for its own security.
What role USA has assigned Russia and China in this defanging is not clear but their national security interests converge in this is apparent.
So a small skirmish along Indo/Pak border will suit the trio but how the Jihad complex functions under their handlers will decide the scale of this skirmish and also the forcible nuke elimination of both countries
Clinton is bringing with her Nuclear experts who I think are going to assess the Kalpakkam Indian nuclear complex which is housing the fast breeder and also the Military Nuclear complex which is not in the list of entities which India will throw open to IAEA inspection. India must watch the actions of western powers but not their slogans if it genuinely wants to be a world power.

The first priority in the above certification given by Hillary to the Congress shows the priority and national interest of USA. Indians must not be carried away by the Media controlled frenzy and look at actions of USA carefully.

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