Saturday, June 14, 2014

COMMONALITY in terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistan.

 The recent terrorist attack aimed at Karachi airport,  The Indian parliament attack, The 26/11 attack against Taj hotel  in Mumbai, PNS Mehran attack in Karachi, Bagran base attack etc have one thing in common.
   1. The  attackers numbered always TEN.
   2. They always wanted to take hostages and negotiate
   3. They try to setup a mini control room once they have the hostages in their control.
   4. During the attack they split into small teams of  two each or five each depending upon the operational needs and try to occupy the high point in the area and set up a small attack post so that they command the access points of  opposing the Government  security forces from a  vantage point. The high point can be one or two or more depending on the needs of the situation of the attackers.Basically this gives them time and also Media exposure which they always try to have.
   5.Invariably the JUD chief Prof Hafeez saeed  comes out with dissemination of false propaganda blaming  India for attacks inside Pakistan . But the recent Karachi attack which was blamed on India is now accepted by Uzbek front while even the TTP accepting it has become diversionary. Prof Saeed stands discredited even before his own diehard supporters. In India  there are Seminarists  who blame Pakistan for attacks inside India.. This is invariably picked up by so called security experts in both countries who spew venom against the other without any logic or proof. For this  normally proofs sited or some Indian or Pakistani ID cards or uniform or grenade markings etc which is available to each other in plenty. In recent Karachi attack, some Indian Army medicines and syringes were cited as proof of Indian involvement!!!
    6.  The identity of the attackers is never revealed and invariably all are from Pakistan once meticulous  investigation is done as in the case of 26/11.
      India must be on guard for similar type of attacks taking place. But this may not be directed against   Airports only. This can be against Nuclear or other power projects, Air or naval bases or other security related bases of DRDO,ISRO etc etc.This also can be any soft target like schools, Government buildings etc etc. The recent discovery of Sri Lankan Muslim nationals whose mother tongue is Tamil is being infiltrated by Pakistan' embassy in colombo should be an eye opener.That They ried to infiltrate through Malayasia shows the sophistication of the ISI of Colombo. But now that it is exposed also is a good sign for Malaysia also is now very careful aboutISI operations from its soil. Sri Lanka media students are given $2 million by Pakistan embassy as scholarship shows the importance Pakistan attached to this relationship.
     Now once we read the press statement of PIB and the decision taken by the honourable Home minister is what a typical bureaucrat will do to save his skin. when the attack actually happens. I hope the new Minister of home applies his mind more.  The number of QRTs is increased  to serve what purpose? I remember the last Mmubai attack and the  Commando team from Navy called MARCOS was called in to help neutralise the terrorists holed up in Taj. The MARCOS numbered nearly 200 but their training was so poor that they gave the number of terrorists holed ups as minimum of 30 while it could be even 50 while actually it was only 4!!!. But the MARCOS team just did not know what to do except to come in front of Media covered with black handkerchiefs and give their account.
    Finally it was Maj Unnikrishnan led NSG team from Delhi which neutralised the terrorists.In Mumbai itself we have the ATS of State police, MARCOS OF Indian navy, QRTs of Indian airforce and now QRTs of Airport security of CISF. Do these guys trained on par with NSG commandoes just like cobra force of Hyderabad police? Do they have bullet proof vests of heigher quality? do they have better quality NVGs as the recent attack in Karachi has shown that the terrorists are equiped with NVGs of very good quality. So do the  CISF QRTs trained to fight at night and practise constantly? It is the training which finally gives the force the self confidence to fight.


Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
09-June-2014 18:55 IST

Shri Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister held a meeting here today to review the security arrangements for airports in the country, especially in the light of the terrorist attack on Karachi airport, Pakistan on June 08, 2014.

The meeting was attended by heads of all concerned security agencies, including National Security Advisor (NSA), Director Intelligence Bureau, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), National Security Guard (NSG), Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, as well as the Secretary, Civil Aviation, the Union Home Secretary and other senior officers.

Government of India has put all airports on heightened alert to guard against any terrorist attack on any Indian airport. The number of CISF Quick Reaction Teams has been increased and all security personnel have instructed to enhance their level of alertness. Steps to tighten access control at the airports and to strengthen perimeter security have been taken. Anti hijacking units at the airports are carrying out mock exercises. It was also decided to complete the security audits at all airports with a view to strengthen the security at the airports.

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