Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS/ISIL/IS a creation of ???

    There was this dictator Saddam Hussein who was ruling Shia majority Iraq with iron hand.  He was covertly helping US interests by fighting Iran but overstepped his limits when he invaded Kuwait.But still he was kept in place as 9/11 has not happened. Then after decimating the Taliban and allowing Pakistani instructors to escape in Kunduz, USA wanted change of regime in Iraq. They brought out a tale called WMD and invaded Iraq. Soon Saddam was ousted and executed. A shia majority regime of Maliki was put in place.
    Then we had a dictator called Gaddafi  of Libya who was also following US orders after the Reagan bombs killed his children.But USA decided to remove him and it did.To day Tripoli is a play ground for all Jihadi elements from Alqueada, Al Nusrah front to some supported by Quatar, etc etc.
   Then there was Assad, another benevolent dictator who was ruling Syria . Then suddenly there was clamor to remove him by Saudies . A redline called chemical weapons was woven but suddenly USA decided not to intervene itself.thus disappointing Saudies and Israel. It is here ISIL was formed by Turkey and covert Israeli support with Qatari money. The man power was coming from early release of Pakistani army regulars who were being recruited in Bahrain and other south asians. The Sunni Iraqi army regulars disbanded by USA and not given honourable rehab formed the local lifeline.The socalled Free Syrian army was also part of the recruitment process along with gifted American arms.
    One thing common about Saddam,Gaddafi and Assad are that  they are without beards!!
    A cursory look at the map of the area will show that IS as it is called now cannot exist even for a day without Turkey's help. the oil it produces in Iraq's captured areas are sold by tankers through Turkish ports.Turkey created a covert action story in which nearly 50 of its diplomats in area bordering Iraq and Turkey were captured by ISIS and held as hostage. and so Turkey will not join US coalition to fight the IS a very laughable story. But then the beheading of US/UK citizens was carried out under whose orders.This is the crux of the question if IS is functioning under Turkey/Quatari control. Is IS turning out to be just like Alqueada created by CIA but turning rogue and carried out 9/11.
    Then there is the curious case of Un peace keepers in Golan heights being captured by Al Nusrah front and was released only now. The Philippine soldiers disobeyed orders of Indian General and faught their way out while the Fijians stayed as hostages..What is curious is the attitude of Israel which has not raised a finger against this capture of Golan heights by a terrorist group.
       I  feel  There is some redrawing of MAPs is going on in which Golan heights will be annexed by Israel while the present Area conquered by ISIL/IS will become a new buffer state between Turkey and Iraq/Syria while Kurds will get their freedom. The new buffer state will become part of Turkey to compensate for Kurdish loss.
     The innocents from India and other nations flocking to middle east to save Muslim Umma  as usual are the suckers in this great game big powers play.


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