Friday, October 21, 2016

Modi and Re-hyphenating Bharath with Pakistan

      Suddenly all those channels which used to be critical of fundamentalism and  favouring Aman ki Asha started hailing Modi and his brand of foreign policy.Any body frothing expletives against Pakistan becomes darling of the Media. Why this sudden change after LEMOA signing with USA?
India has been trying to dehyphenate itself from a failed state Pakistan for a long time while the US government was bent upon keeping the two countries in one orbit  in every aspect while at one stage the US government  even wanted to make a triangle   of India,Pakistan and Afghanistan.
       Now all these efforts of somany years have gone waste with every channel in India foul mouthing Pakistan, cross border terrorism and lauding surgical strikes.One can see the trolls in Whatsup, Twitter facebook etc finding our PM as the best PM as decided by UN!!! Suddenly we find Nawaz sheriff occupying lime light in Indian media  along with General Shareef the villain of the piece. Anyone voicing contrary opinion is forced to shut shop as they are being branded as anti-national. While all this is happening the Pakistani establishment which controls their state must be smirking with satisfaction as this free re  hyphenating occurring without any effort on their part.

     The real villain of the piece, one can easily see is the US Government with little help from Modi whom they clearly understood is gullible for flattery if only praise him as the leader who thinks out of Box solutions to complex issues. The following are some of the out box decisions taken by Modi sacrificing vital national interest to please western MNC interests
    1. Signing the climate deal
    2.Signing LEMOA with USA
    3,Signing Rafale deal discarding years of negotiations to get best terms bypassing Defence Finance experts
    4.Going to Nawaz. birthday party and not following up on that and giving the GHQ of Pakistani army to sabotage the initiative which should have been expected.
    5.Almost complete alienation of  PDP and national conference leadership in Kashmir
    6.  Allowing chest thumping by Defence Minister
    7.  Politicising of Defence forces
    8.Gifting $1 billion to Afghanistan's Ghani who was elected with Pakistan help while the world's richest 35 nations at Brussels pledged only $ 3 billion which may fructify or not. As the Kunduz operation shows the emerging power may be Taliban.
    9. Pushing Russians to do business with Pakistan by disregarding FGFA deal and other aviation deals which are vital for IAF.
   10.  The withdrawal of petition by American government regarding declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state is a clear sign of Modis NRI friends stupidity. as most of the signatures came from India.
   11.Alienating China By talking against CPEC. Media highlighting diversion of some small river which will not affect the flow in Brahmaputhra, while talking about Indus water treaty. Venturing into South China sea without getting ASEAN concurrence. USA will not fight China even on behalf of Taiwan and Japan as it can never send  soldiers into countries with WMDs.
        There may be many more. But what one finds is Media fatigue with Pakistan occupying disproportionate space. The re hyphenation of Pakistan was complete at BRICS SUMMIT which also had heads of Government from BIMSTEC Countries. In his single minded attack on Pakistan at these august conclaves Modi was isolated except may be support from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh which were also qualified  But Modi was lectured in open by Myanmar Premier about not clubbing a nation with terrorism as only a few indulge in it. Modi lost an important opportunity to high light BRICS BANK achievements, talk to China about balance of payments, currency reform, inter  BRICS trade and ofcourse terrorism which should not have fixated on Pakistan and Mullah Azhar alone but could have been done  in a clever way BIMSTEC  was the worst case scenario  where trade was uppermost in their minds.
       Whether this chest thumping is going to win elections in UP has to be seen .Defence Minister Parrikar who seems to have unlimited kitty to splurge on weapons and not on make in India weapon systems like Tejas fighters or Indian DRDO  missile defence systems. Surgical strikes could have been milked in a sophisticated way.Just because Congress has Rahul, does not mean  BJP can take things granted with Mayawathi is expected  show strong results.

       Now one can see Indian foreign policy is dictated by NRI interests and how these will affect in the long run is to be seen as American boots come calling in Indian bases and Indian neighbours loose respect for India. If only instead on harping on CPEC Modi looks at the map of India and allows Chinese to construct an Eight lane high way linking China's west to Gujarat coast thus killing CPEC relevance to China. We are actually playing the game for US arms lobby instead of thinking about self reliance

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