Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump,Modi and Indian national interest.

  The visit of Defence secretary of USA Gen Mattis to India and the visit of Indian Foreign secretary Vedham Jaishankar tell the importance each country  attach to their own national interest. The Americans want to sell to India American made arms even if they are of inferior quality and aged weapon systems like F 16s. They also want to sell Harley Davidsons, Apple I phones and may be other items without competition  from local or other manufacturers from the world like Samsung or Korean, Japanese manufacturers. The Indians on the other hand are worried about the HIBI visas ,China and most importantly Kashmir insurgency and Pakistan.
     The  India ruling elite accustomed  to the dole dished out by liberal media like CNN and BBC and other aligned India media correspondents like Chidanand Rajgatta  from Washington, they have to face the facts of Trump presidency. He is a businessman and also a clever businessman who knows which side the butter lies. His list of seven Islamic countries in the original list who were banned from entry are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan. Whenever Trump talked about attacks in United states he always mentioned, 9/11, San Borodino  which were carried about by Saudis, Pakistani immigrants etc. But why the seven nations were selected whose nationals never attacked mainland USA.? Though Trump knows in his heart of heart it is the Radical Islamic wahabism which is the root of all attacks and sustains ISIS ; his business and American arm's lobby's connection to the Saudi kingdom and nuclear armed Pakistan , aligned closely with China cannot be taken head on by him.
       Suddenly Chinese leader is welcomed in Trump's private abode but the Chinese are clever and know how to play the erratic Trump to their advantage. They want very badly defanging of North Korean nukes which is much more a threat to them than Japan and USA but at the same time they know the North Korean leader is no pushover and who has understood the importance of nukes for the security of his country as well as his regime. The Chinese were using the sanctions of world body to help themselves of high grade coal of North Korea and other minerals at cheap rate . What can India do here when we have Japan and South Korea as our close economic partners as well as in security matters. North Koreans are not going to step down their nuke and missile programme. The American armada is not threatening them and they are fanatic fighters. But India can play peace maker by initiating  dialogue with North Koreans with Japanese and Korean support...
       Nick Haley has fired the opening Salvo on Kashmir. We may not have the protection of Russian veto anymore and we have to fend for ourselves. Already the Americans have protected their workers in HIBI visa issue through the congress bills and an executive order.. So they have only the Kashmir issue to pressurize India and I think Modi has unnecessarily boxed himself in a corner by harping about Pakistan endlessly. Macmaster the NSA was given audience by Modi degrading himself and Indian nation. The self interest of Americans of Indian origin and Indian national interest are not identical.
     Modi's servile attitude to USA has emboldened even countries  like Nepal who held its first joint military exercise with China. We cannot count on Bangladesh as long Teesta remains on table.     Lankans kill Indian fishermen indiscriminately (which even Pakistan does not do) .By impoting American F 16s if Modi thinks he can win Trump, then he is mistaken. He will be seen as person who can be pushed to do American bidding by using  Pakistan and Kashmiri insurrection which is out of control now..
     His trip in May to USA will be a sell out of Indian national interest.

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