Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Brain health is health of the body

As one grows old , one thinks of the health of the brian and how one can avoid the dreaded alkhazemier and how one can keep one's faculty functioning.
Some useful tips have come which can help in brain health and corresponsingly general health also.
1.Get plenty of sleep. This is the most important step as brain regenerates itself during this period. It is also the first sign of mentalillness when the person is sufferring from sleeplessness.
2. Brain healthy diet. This must contain Fish, sea food, folic acid and all those food which contain Omega 3 fatty acids, anti/oxidants etc. Leafy vegetables,fruits and food rich in carbohydrates also must form part of your diet.
3. Stay mentally active. A game of bridge a day keeps the alkazhmier away is a saying worth following. But you can have your brain ticking by playing chess, crossword puzzles, suduko etc.
4.Physical exercise is a must. Anything which strengthens your heart helps your brain also
5. Stay social by using carer groups, ORKUT, email, and all those social functions like marriages,parties etc.
6.Learn to manage stress from the beginning in your school,college, workplace,marriage etc.One has to understand that stress is part of life and also part of progress. But one must know how to manage it. confiding in peer groups is also a stress buster.
7. Brain is protected by skull and one must protect it from injury by using helmets, driving carefully and all one can do using ones commonsence.
8.Avoid the standard drill of smoking, alcohol,drugs.
9. One cannot fight ones heridity and ones genes. But one must not fear it. Both my parents sufferred from diabeties and my mother never allowed three of us going near sweets. But i think it is my fathers relaxed attitude to discease which helped all of us in the long run. Uric acid and gout has got up with me but it can be faught by diet alone. Brain disceases also follows this same pattern.
10. controll all addictions. i am unable to control this addiction to internet surfing for the last 2 years. But i think i can manage if i realy want to .

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