Monday, March 19, 2007

Ms.Asiya andrabi's interview In Kashmir Observer on 19th march

In a recent interview in the Kashmir Observer dt 19th march, the leader of Dhuktharan -e-Millet Ms.Asiaya andrabi expressed an opinion that her son should kill George Bush and this will give her an opportunity to meet her son in Heaven.
She is a very patriotic kashmiri.
She has been fighting human rights violations in the Srinagar valley by Indian army, though sometimes her methods were not within the constitutional limits.
I want to ask her some simple questions.
1) How she is so sure that she will reach Heaven along with her son. Is not path to heaven in the hands of Allah the almighty?
2) How come killing George Bush by her son is so important to her than even killing of Indian leaders ;when George bush has not killed even a single kashmiri by himself or through his troops?
3) Is killing of Iraqies more important to her than killling of Kashmiri Muslims?
4) She is happy with the Kashmiri leader Gillani but not Mirwaiz Farooq.Why?
5) she is blaming the condition of kashmiries under indian rule is not good. What she means by good condition? Is the condition of Saudi woman who cannot drive a vehicle or vote is better than Kashmiri woman according to her?
6) KSM who owed alligiance to alqueada and claimed by his own admission as its media director , slit the the throat of daniel pearl just because he happens to be Jewish spy to satisfy the needs of Kashmiri Mujahadeen. Does she approve of it?
The problem with leaders like Asiya is that they fight for independent kashmir because the pakistani ISI told them to do it.But they will not look at the conditions of people in socalled Azad kashmir? They cannot make a TRUTHFUL ASSESSMENT. Pakistan's Zia ul haq started the war in Kashmir through its ISI to bleed India covertly and he has succeeded in this. But at what cost? Once Kashmir,s independence is obtained from India and Pakistan, then Asiyas will wail for woman of iraq,afghanistan,southern thailand,southern philipines,chechenya and all those places where some Muslims live in MINORITY.
The REAL PROBLEM IS THE MUSLIMS INABLITY TO LIVE AS A PEACEFUL MINORITY, OBEYING THE LAW OF INDIA,THAILAND,PHILIPINES ETC. She will say Sharia is supreme but why should sharia be supreme only with regard to 4 wives, triple talaq but not when it concerns the theft, interest income ,woman's mauintenance etc. Selective reasoning ,occupying government lands for prayers illegally and then demand rights for that land are some of the other issues which makes muslims to feel always VITIMISED AND LIVE IN GHETTO SYNDROME.
Patriotic Indian muslims must show the way.


Mehtab said...

answering your questions:

Bush has killed millions of muslims around the world and is still murdering innocents in Iraq everyday. For muslims, it is not nationalism thats important, but the muslim ummah. we show solidarity for all fellow muslims equally. killing a murderer would be a service to millions of muslims.

killing of any muslim is painful to all muslims whether kashmiri, iraqi, palestinian or afghani.

women in saudi arabia arent allowed to drive because of CULTURAL REASONS. this ruling has no PRECDENCE IN ISLAMIC LAW. i is NOT ISLAMIC. india has occupied Kashmir and kashmiris have all the right for freedom. the land belongs to them. and havent you ever heard about the blatant human rights violations indian army commits against kashmiris everyday?

you people are intolerant..not muslims. i suggest you gain knowledge before making some comments.

and yeah why dont you go screw yourself before making ignorant comments about muslims..

Anonymous said...

Well I am not a supporter of Kashmiri leaders. I believe they lack knowledge as well as common sense or lack of faith. that is sad for the people of kashmir to have weak leadership. Second who so ever you are who made the comment about Aasia. I would say you are sponsored by your masters where ever they are. You write what they have fed you subconciously or consciously. Kashmir is was and will be a disputed territory, not between India and pakistan, but Kashmiris themselves will one day decide what they want to be and i am sure they will choose freedom rather than India or pakistan. Read history, Kashmir was independent from Before Christ. When we could live independly for centuries why cant we live independent now. The annexation of kashmir is not a political imperialism but an imperialism of Kashmiri culture which is getting depleted by Urdu and Hindi languages and the ways that are not Kashmiri origin. It is a subjugation of culture and traditions. And by the way why India and pak want Kashmir, both ceded kashmir to china, I say fuck you both countries for dividing our country into three or more pieces for your personal benefits. Kashmir is of benefit to India and Pakistan both because of its strategic location between India, Pakistan, Afganstan, China and Tajekistan. Kashmir is valley of Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh, baltistan, aksai chin and azad kashmir.
I wont talk of Islam or human right violations, or Islam or hinduism. that is deviating from the core matter. Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris. And by the way Kashmiri Pandits are also Kashmiris and belong to Kashmir. We will want India to have them. Imagine how much we suffered as a society when they fled. All becaus eof India and Pakistan.

captainjohann said...

Hi Mehtab,
" Muslims it is not nationalism which is important but the Muslim Umma". Where werre your Muslim Umma when General Zia (brigadeir then) killed 10,000 Palestinians in Jordan under orders of USA who even today mourn it as "black septemeber"?
India has not occupied Kashmir but it was occupied by Sikhs, Britishers etc.When in 1947 the Kings were given the right to decide on their future.It was King Hari singh of kashmir and Travancore maharajah who wanted to be independent while Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to join Pakistan.As this option was not avaiilable Hari singh opted to join India after consulting Sheikh abdullah.
Human rights violations!!!!Our army do not kill People with helicoopter gunships as Pakistani army does in SWAT,balochistan or allows foriegn drones to kill their fellow Muslims for dollars.
Saudi arabian culture. What joke man. It doesnot even allow its women to go unescorted by husband,brother etc.No saudi man who is not relative can escort them. But it allowsIMPOTENT SOUTH ASIAN PAKISTANI AND INDIAN AND BANGLADESHI MEN TO act as Drivers and escort them!!!!!
Hi anonymous,
I agree with most of your views. But the option is not there for decide man fairly.

Anonymous said...

this is anonymous agaian ...i meant about Kashmirri Pandits that they are a part of Kashmir and they belong to us not to India. See how disputes are created by a small edit between will and wont.

Time will decide what is best as it always does what is best and just.

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