Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The rise of Saudi power in Midleast and corresponding decline of US power is evident in the recent events.
1.Malliki,s days as Iraq head seems to be numbered with Allawi coming to centre stage with support from sunnies and Kurds with Saudi backing
2.Musharraf's defiance of US by sacking the chief Justice of supreme court who is considered as close to US.
3.JMB in Bangladesh ordered to kill both the Begums in Dec 2006 but not carried out due to the emergency. But still both the begums are facing the music of interim administration.
4.Even in Thailand, the Muslim army chief is foraying into southern Thailand.
5. Abbas becoming another Arafat and occupying the space of Arafat who steadfastly refused to accept 90% of the Palestinian territories. Jerusalem becoming centre point of the demand.
6.Putins visit to Saudi Arabia and demanding Iran to accept IAEA demands.
7. The recent demand by Gillani to Pakistan government to get out of Kashmir.
8. the demand by PDP to chief minister of J&K to ask for withdrawal of AF SPECIAL POWERS ACT FROM THE STATE.

This increasing assertion by SAUDIES is not being orchestrated by USA as in the recent past and world powers especially India with the largest Muslim population in the world should take note of it.

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