Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"Suzerainty" and "Sovereignty".

When i joined service in 1961 this was the main debate and how Mr.Menon( a descendant of KPS menon)who i think was foreign secretary at that time was responsible for giving away our rights to the Chinese because of his leftist leanings. Basically what i find is the lack of respect by Chinese to an agreement signed with India. In it they were ready to accept the continuation of a consulate in Lhasa for India(in exchange for one in Calcutta) and also accepted our special relationship with Tibet. The special relationship comes out of our Buddhists in India in ladakh and Arunachal pradesh having SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE DALAI LAMA. It is not territorial relationship but a tribute which our Buddhists in these areas have been paying to the Holiness Dalai Lama FROM THE TIME OF ASHOKA MAY BE. But when DalaiLama escaped into India in 1959 and panchan Lama took his place, a sort of dichotomy came into place. But we had terrific international standing at that time WITHOUT MILITARY POWER to go with it . The Chinese pricked the balloon in 1962 and we forget all about the consulates in Tibet and Suzerainty. It is time we look at these issues by dusting and reading the old files in foreign ministry and enforce SUZERAINTY granted by the Chinese.

Also Panchen Lama should be allowed to come out of his house arrest and show his face to the world

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